Russian Oligarch Connected to Psy-Group (Wikistrat) to Israel and Into America as Facebook Collapses

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Psy-Group sister company controlled by Russian billionaire

by Scott Stedman • June 26, 2018

A month-long investigation into the corporate structure of the private intelligence company that met with Donald Trump Jr., Erik Prince, and George Nader in the middle of the 2016 election campaign has revealed that a sister company of Psy-Group is controlled by a Russian billionaire.

The shadowy CEO of Psy-Group, Joel Zamel, met with the Trump representatives in August 2016 to pitch his social media strategy to the campaign. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times reported that Nader paid Zamel a fee of up to $2 million after Trump was elected, allegedly for an unrelated venture in which a different Zamel-connected company created a presentation demonstrating the impact of social media campaigns on Trump’s victory. A lawyer for Zamel has denied that anything came from the Trump Tower meeting.

“Not only are you treading over ground that has been well traversed by others to no avail, but your facts are also wrong. You’re chasing ghosts,” Mark Mukasey, Zamel’s attorney said.

Subsidiary of Psy-Group’s parent company controlled by Russian billionaire

As previously reported, Psy-Group’s parent company is registered in the British Virgin Islands, called Protexer Limited. New details about this parent company have been uncovered in recent days, with all roads leading back to Russia.

An analysis of one of the other subsidiary companies of Protexer, MGTM Financial Services Limited has revealed that it is controlled by the Metropol Group in Moscow, a multi-billion dollar Russian consortium. A preliminary investigation into Protexer’s four other subsidiaries is still underway.

A 2016 Disclosure and Market Discipline Report prepared by MGTM confirms that “[t]he company is under the common control of Metropol Group that operates in such sectors as stock brokering, asset management, consulting, commercial banking, non-financial investing, mining, setting up industrial holdings, real estate and running a network of tour agencies”

Additionally, the MGTM website was registered by a Metropol employee, and the two original Directors of MGTM were Metropol’s COO and head of debt instruments.

Metropol is controlled by Russian billionaire Mikhail Slipenchuk, a member of the State Duma in Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party from 2011– early 2016. After Slipenchuk’s offshore empire was revealed in 2016 by the Panama Papers, the businessman decided to not seek re-election to the Duma. Though not considered one of Russia’s top oligarchs connected to Putin, Slipenchuk is well-connected in Russia’s business and political worlds.

Slipenchuk’s control of MGTM raises new questions about Metropol’s relationship with Psy-Group’s parent company Protexer. Two financial experts with decades of experience with whom I spoke couldn’t remember an instance of a subsidiary company being controlled by someone without the parent company being controlled by the same person. At the time of this publication, however, there are no direct links between the parent company of Psy-Group, Protexer, and the Metropol Group.

Trident Trust in Cyprus is the ultimate owner of Psy-Group

The trail of shell companies in the ownership structure of Psy-Group ultimately ends with the Cyprus branch of Trident Trust. Protexer is listed alongside 15 other subsidiaries of Trident in Cyprus, a provider of corporate, trust and fund administration services to the financial services sector. Trident services thousands of companies worldwide, but its branch in Cyprus acts as the sole shareholder for just 16 companies in Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands.

An investigation into all of the 16 aforementioned companies has unearthed connections to Russian banking and/or commerce in every company with the exception of Psy-Group’s parent company, Protexer, where public information is scant.

• Five of the 16 companies are affiliates or Directors of Slipenchuk-connected banks/companies.

• Three of the 16 companies have Directors that are affiliates of multiple large Russian banks.

• One of the 16 companies used the same secretarial service (Inter Jura) as Paul Manafort in Cyprus.

Multiple requests for comment from Trident Trust over a period of weeks were not answered.

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Source: The Electronic Intifida

Did Israeli spy firm help Trump win presidency?

by Ali Abunimah • Lobby Watch • 9 October 2018

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are welcomed at Ben Gurion airport by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sara Netanyahu, May 2017. (Israeli foreign ministry)

A reported in The New York Times this week reveals details of a multimillion dollar scheme by a now defunct Israeli spy firm to use social media manipulation and fake online identities in a sophisticated effort to sway the 2016 election in favor of Donald Trump.

Trump eventually secured his party’s nomination and went on to win the US presidency but it is unclear if Psy-Group, a firm staffed by former Israeli intelligence agents, gave him a boost.

The company’s former CEO Royi Burstien previously commanded an Israeli psychological warfare unit.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Burstien lives in a settlement in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and held several senior intelligence posts with the Israeli government between 2003 and 2013. He now markets himself as an “intelligence-based influence expert.”

Psy-Group has also reportedly been involved in the Israeli government’s covert campaign against the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights.

Back in May, the Times reported that three months before the 2016 election, Psy-Group owner Joel Zamel and an emissary for two powerful Gulf princes had met with one of Trump’s sons to talk about ways to help the Trump campaign.

“The emissary, George Nader, told Donald Trump Jr. that the princes who led Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were eager to help his father win election as president,” the Times reported.

“The social media specialist, Joel Zamel, extolled his company’s ability to give an edge to a political campaign; by that time, the firm had already drawn up a multimillion-dollar proposal for a social media manipulation effort to help elect Mr. Trump.”

“There is no evidence that the Trump campaign acted on the proposals,” the Times states in its latest report.

Suspicious payment

But the paper notes that Nader and Zamel “have given differing accounts over whether Mr. Zamel ultimately carried out the social media effort to help the Trump campaign and why Mr. Nader paid him $2 million after the election, according to people who have discussed the matter with the two men.”

The special counsel investigation run by Robert Mueller into alleged foreign interference in the 2016 US election has shown “keen interest” in the payment, according to the Times.

“It is unclear how and when the special counsel’s office began its investigation into Psy-Group’s work, but FBI agents have spent hours interviewing the firm’s employees,” the newspaper states.

“This year, federal investigators presented a court order to the Israel Police and the Israeli Ministry of Justice to confiscate computers in Psy-Group’s former offices in Petah Tikva, east of Tel Aviv.”

In May, Bloomberg reported that Mueller’s team was inquiring about “flows of money into the Cyprus bank account” of Psy-Group.

A likely line of inquiry is that third parties, not directly associated with the Trump campaign, paid for Psy-Group to go ahead with its covert influence effort.

Psy-Group owner Zamel, an Australian who settled in Israel, also cofounded a firm called Wikistrat which has been hired by the government of the United Arab Emirates. That firm has also reportedly been examined by Mueller’s investigators.

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The show continues with Joseph Stalin receiving continuing standing ovations from the US Congress after Stalin tells America what Israel is going to do:

Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress interrupted by standing ovations


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Although not recommended as a final reliable source, Wikipedia gives us a brief description of Wikistrat and Psy-Group.

Rather than employing a stable of in-house analysts, Wikistrat maintains a network of hundreds of academics, consultants, journalists, and retired government/military personnel. Contributors are invited to participate in a given project if they have relevant expertise, and each individual is compensated for his or her time. Analysts can accept or refuse invitations on a case-by-case basis.

The company uses gamification to incentivize analyst participation. CEO Joel Zamel, who is also head of Psy-Group, said in 2013, “[Wikistrat’s platform] uses a gamification engine we created that incentivizes analysts by ranking them at different levels for the work they do on the platform. They are immediately rewarded through the engine, and we also track granular changes made in real time. This allows us to track analyst activity and encourages them to put time and energy into Wiki analysis.”

Among the notable members of Wikstrat’s analytic community are Richard Weitz, Daniel Pipes, Parag Khanna, Kenneth R. Timmerman, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Shaukat Qadir, James Joyner, James C. Bennett, Leon Hadar, Michael Rubin, Mark Galeotti and Anne-Marie Slaughter.






Tactics of Israeli Psy-Group, Black Cube Revealed in Canadian Court Battle

Toronto-based investment firm West Face alleges a rival hired both companies to help sway a business dispute

by Tomer Ganon and Orr Hirschauge • June 3, 2018

Two Israeli intelligence gathering firms, Psy-Group and Black Cube, have been at the center of several exposes in recent months. The former pitched a social media manipulation campaign to the Trump campaign in 2016, according to the New York Times. The latter sent its employees to secretly find damaging information on two former Obama White House aides involved in negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, the New Yorker magazine reported. Now, both firms are being sued in Canada in an unrelated case that sheds light on the firms’ cloak and dagger tactics.

A Toronto-based investment firm, West Face Capital Inc., alleges that a rival company called Catalyst Capital Group Inc. directly or indirectly hired the Israeli companies, both of whom have boasted of their ties to state intelligence agencies, to help sway a business dispute over a 2014 bid for a telecommunications company. The connection was allegedly made through Yossi Tanuri, the director of the Jewish Federations of Canada, who states on his organizational bio page that he was a “commander in an elite unit in the Israeli Defense Forces.”

Psy-Group’s Israeli offices. Photo: Orel Cohen

West Face accuses Catalyst and its hired spies and social media experts of defaming the company using shady methods such as sting operations and online disinformation campaigns, according to court documents submitted in December 2017 and May 2018 to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. West Face is seeking damages of $550 million with interest, plus the expenses incurred in the legal battle.

In 2014, the two investment firms submitted competing bids to acquire Canadian wireless carrier Wind Mobile Corp. West Face, which won the bid with a $300-million offer, sold the asset less than two years later for $1.6 billion.

Catalyst maintains that West Face engaged in foul play in the lead up to the bid and has turned to the courts for redress. In a 2016 proceeding, an Ontario court ruled against Catalyst and upheld West Face’s acquisition of Wind. The judge in the case, Frank Newbould, who has since retired, became the target of a sting operation by Black Cube, incorporated as B.C. Strategy Ltd.

A story by Calcalist in March revealed some details of Black Cube’s sting, which involved sending an employee undercover to secretly record Mr. Newbould. The lawsuit provides additional information about the encounter.

The former judge, who was working at that time as a private arbitrator, scheduled a meeting with a Black Cube employee who had posed as a potential client. While secretly recording the conversation, the Black Cube agent tried to prod Mr. Newbould into making anti-Semitic comments in order to prove his alleged bias against Newton Glassman, a managing partner at Catalyst who is Jewish.

The lawsuit alleges that the sting operation was part of a larger effort to gather information for a defamation campaign organized by Black Cube and Psy-Group. According to the claim, Black Cube employees also targeted former and current West Face employees, their families, and other relevant personnel with false job interviews and investment offers, often under conditions intended to lower their inhibitions such as jet lag or alcohol.

West Face also claims that Black Cube, Psy-Group, and other defendants in the case provided transcripts of the recorded meeting with Mr. Newbould to reporters working for outlets including Bloomberg News, the Associated Press, and the National Post. One of the defendants named is Emmanuel Rosen, former Israeli journalist and media personality, who was working on behalf of Psy-Group at the time.

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Facebook’s value is plummeting

November 16-17, 2018

Ever since Zukerberg really hit censoring conservatives hard, site traffic and memberships have fallen approximately 40 percent in the United States, and that has hurt the value of Facebook badly. NEVER GO BACK NO MATTER WHAT. Facebook has already shown it’s true colors, as have WordPress, Twitter, and others. I’d like to make something very clear (again) as I have said for many years now:

The entire goal, right from the beginning with WordPress, Facebook, and others was to get the population trapped on their platforms by offering them for free, and then once everyone was trapped, to censor and ban at will, with no viable options. Even Google did this with adsense, where they originally banned anything they wanted gone from receiving adsense revenue. And now, even worse, Google has programmed it’s popular Chrome browser to automatically reject any ad that does not come from Google, even if the ad is only a Gif with a link that could not possibly hurt any computer.

Chrome has been programmed to simply not show any picture that links out to a company web site (to whatever extent Google’s programmers can accomplish that) as well as automatically not serve any ad that is served by an ad company that is not Jewish or Google based, (they will still allow Facebook ads) but outside the tribe competition is banned regardless of whether or not it has any active code that could hurt your computer (as Google originally claimed as the reason for programming Chrome to destroy ads). This is, of course done because any ad not served by Google or other tribe members is served by a scammer that wants to hurt you, no matter who they are. If you are conservative, you are one of the “bad people” and are a scammer that wants to rob, defraud, or do damage and you must therefore perish.

Let’s see how long that business model lasts. It did not do well for Facebook, which, now that it is down by about 20 percent over 3 months is still massively over valued and will fall FAR more, if a year from now Facebook does not fall by 80 percent it will still be worth too much. Obviously they are scrambling to “figure out what happened” but are so arrogant that they will likely overlook the fact that you can’t crap on the silent majority the way they have and get away with it. Google’s approach is a lot more sleazy because their blatant damage is directed against only large fish with a large reach, while they leave 99.99 percent of the general population “perceptibly” untouched and oblivious to the fact they’ve been had. They will leave conservative grandmas alone and instead keep them oblivious to the fact that the search function really does not work for anyone who is similar to them that posts something. And Grandma won’t know that Google starved out the bigger fish that had what she wanted, she’ll just sit there and say, GEE, is everyone out there REALLY a pervert? Holy HELL the world has gone lib!

I’d like to make a salient point here about viruses and crapware:

I have little doubt that Google, Facebook, and other giants are the primary virus writers and primary source of problems for competition that is not Jewish. If you are a competing service you can damn well bet that Chrome is going to be rigged against you and there will be piles of crapware out there that will hinder or destroy you. This was definitely done to Firefox, which suddenly “just did not run all that well” on Youtube and other tribe owned venues. So much crapware that only hurt Firefox was released that it put Chrome on top, just because Firefox did not work as well for some mysterious reason, and now, as a result a majority of people are running a browser that censors ad content from Google’s competition. Very mysterious how that all worked, – NOT!.


Thomas Barnett was released from Wikistrat, why?

Wikistrat’s “The World According to Tom Barnett” 2011 brief, Pt 3 (Flow of Money)






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