Russian Media Educating Its Citizens Responsibly While Sergey Shoygu Shape-Shifts to a Bear

Source: AWD News

Russian TV Exposes Rothschilds & Educates Citizens on New World Order

23 July 2017

Russia’s TV networks are educating people about the Rothschilds and the threat of their excessive global power. Russian president Vladimir Putin is said to be “readying” his people to stand up to the New World Order as the country prepares to separate from the world banking system. TV shows aim to educate citizens on the history of the Rothschild-controlled IMF and why globalism is a threat to the nation of Russia.

It’s a stark contrast to the West (Anglo-Americans) where the mainstream media is constantly shoveling propaganda down the throats of its public. No wonder the Western MSM is so keen to demonize Russia…

Russian TV on The Rothschilds

Zero Hedge reports: Putin is readying his people to divorce from the international banking system altogether, and start over with a nationalistic platform, backed by thousands of tons of gold, and growing alliances with Europe, China and the BRICS nations, the Middle East and several emerging powers. A major attempt to bring Russia under heel could result in the greatest schism the global system of finance has ever seen. Then what? According to Russia Insider, Russia has successfully developed and implemented an alternative should it be excluded from international banking systems, according to a recent report.

As far as western sanctions go, by far Russia’s largest vulnerability is in its banking sector, which for better or for worse is tied to the hip with international banking. If Russia wishes to maintain the status quo, there’s not much that can be done about this dependency. But shortly after sanctions were announced in 2014, Moscow set out to prepare for the worst-case scenario: being cut off from the Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) system. In layman’s terms, SWIFT allows for fast and (allegedly) secure international financial transfers. In fifty years when you are able to use your Bank of America debit card on the Moon (for a low fee of 2,000 moon rubles), it will be because of SWIFT or a system similar to it.


How apropos, in a news story linked below, a bear chases sheep off a cliff. Scientists believe Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu (already reputed to be half bear) somehow shape-shifted temporarily transforming himself into a bear attacking unsuspecting Anglo-American consumers of news sources in the West like the British publication Spectator, also known as “sheep.” The ‘sheep’ that ran off the cliff, were in fact stupid Anglo-American idiot leftist professors, pseudo-intellectuals, students and journalists, who were seen grazing next to Sergey Shoygu when the Russian suddenly decided it was lunchtime:

Bear chases hundreds of sheep over a cliff in the Pyrenees


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  • Roland Edgar Dent




    For those seeking a free life the USA once offered before 1913 and certainly before 1963 when we murdered JFK I suggest you apply for a visa to visit Russia.

    The Russian Federation processes visa’s about 10 times faster than the USA. When you get there all you have to do is announce you want to stay, you have 7 days to make this move. If you have something to offer they will have you.

  • “Karl Marx, Oligarch, Wealthy, Elitist” at

    Marx, a Rothschild cousin and propagandist. Elites found and funded Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao and more to further feudalism and war.

    “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” a 45 min history lesson on YouTube

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    This series of 13 videos enlightens about contemporary Satanic events: to my knowledge this is the best analysis available: There is no question that Merkel, Juncker, Soros, Clinton, Podesta, McCain et al are running a Satanic, criminal driven agenda toward a global coup.

    The dogma is NAZI. The USA and Canada will NOT SIGN the UN agenda to outlaw NAZI dogma and method.

    The ultimate aim is the destroy the USA from within. Meanwhile any kind of violence is acceptable either internal or external. This series is packed full of information..and it ain’t fiction.