Russia Establishes Syria No Fly Zone; U.S. Officials and Pentagon Freak Out

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The Last Great Stand

October 2, 2015

by Voice of Reason

Russian President Putin and top EU officials meet for trust-building summit

To get a true appreciation for how badly Putin has been about 187 steps ahead of Captain Diplomacy (aka Barack Obama), and how awful these last few days have been for Obama, it helps to start out watching Putin shred Obama at the U.N. by publicly blaming Obama for the creation and continued funding of ISIS. What makes this video SO damning, is Putin is not the first person to bust Obama for ISIS. Don’t forget that recently, one of Obama’s OWN APPOINTEE’S, General Flynn Admitted That Obama Knowingly Armed ISIS Committing Treason. Still, Putin lets Obama have it from the moment they arrived.

Putin Openly Declares Obama Armed ISIS 

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  • A lot of what Alex jones says is propaganda Strafor is not to be trusted . Everyone should be onto Rita KATZ . The WMD IRAQ came from her plus every other lie like the fake videos ,she is responsible for many deaths .

  • ONE OF THE MAIN 8A operators Katz, a fluent Arabic speaker, was born in Basra in Southern Iraq in 1963 to a well-to-do Iraqi Jewish family.[1][4] After the Six Day War and shortly after Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party seized power in Iraq in 1968, her father was arrested on charges of spying for Israel.[4] The family's property was confiscated by the state, and the rest of the family put under house arrest in a stone hut.[1][4] The following year, after having been tortured, Katz's father was convicted and executed in a public hanging in the central square of Baghdad to the roaring applause of more than half a million Iraqis; the government offered free transportation to people from the provinces, and belly dancers performed for the crowd.[1][4][5] Katz's mother managed to escape on foot with her three small children to Iran, and from there they made their way to Israel.[4]

    The family settled in the seaside town of Bat Yam.[4] While in Israel, Katz served in the Israeli Defense Forces and studied politics, history, and Middle Eastern studies at Tel Aviv University.[4] As a committed Zionist, Katz was reluctant to ever leave Israel saying, “I believed that Jews belong in Israel”.[6] Nevertheless, in 1997 Katz’s husband was offered a research fellowship in endocrinology at the National Institutes of Health and they moved to Washington with their three children.[7] Katz has acknowledged that at this time she worked in violation of the provisions of her visa. This was disclosed whilst she was acting as a witness against a defendant accused amongst other things of visa fraud.[8]

  • 'Utter silence': Netanyahu stares down UN General Assembly It is a good video on fox .

  • Yeah, that tale of 500,000 cheering Iraqis and belly dancers sounds like histrionic horseshit. Maybe it *should* have happened like that – it's a much funnier telling of what was probably a fairly pedestrian execution of a snooping rat who deserved it. It's too bad Jonathan Pollard wasn't executed in Washington DC – with Congressional pages belly dancing alongside a herd of dancing camels. That would have been quite the extravaganza!

  • Another case Wizard of Oz no attention to the man behind the curtain! The Oct 1st Oregon shooting….. This woman has done her homework. Not saying that people were not hurt, probably were. But you know who marches toward the end of his term the pressure is on to get this mandate of his accomplished.

  • What Netanyahu prompted, as a result of his discontent was what he called "Honor Silence". Then he induces 44 seconds of silence. In the heavily controlled and coded media(especially CNN), numerology is constantly used and 44 is always the "Kill" number. These UN events have some coded meanings and the "silence" was a good example. It appears that 44 second pause was a masonic signal to those in the know.

  • Actually I thought I heard "Honor silence" but it could have been "utter silence". However, for my point I doesn't matter.

  • Pollard is a true spy for Israel. I am Christian but many "Christians" don't realize that Israel has two faces. There are those that believe in God and those that don't. The majority of those that don't have clung to Marxism/Socialism and are the true Zionists that will do what ever it takes to meet a cause, whatever that cause is, regardless of any other values. Our government is filled with hundreds of agnostic or Marxist Jewish Operatives that have worked with the Black Muslim cause since the late 1950's when the affair with Malcolm X- the black radical occurred with Elizabeth Ann Newman-daughter of Dr. Fred Delano Newman a Marxist Radical in New York. Their child was a planned to become POTUS by deceit and contrivance as shown in 2008. Elizabeth worked with Chicago Radical/Atheist/Marxist/Terrorist and agnostic Jew Bill Ayers when Elizabeth bombed the Washington Navy Yard Computer Building and the Pentagon killing many people and LEO's. We are building an alter of worship for Godless murderers, terrorists that fight for a cause that is so evil and twisted that for many it is hard to comprehend. I have been studying many publications written in the U.S. since the 70's that studied Communism in the U.S. during and since WWII and the movement of Communism in the U.S. People like Jonathan Pollard are all of the same background and have a twisted Jewish/atheist/agnostic cause of "freedom" from God's law and cooperation with social order and a twisted dedication to Israel that would sell out American interests for money and power to Israel or any other country. Pollard was a Naval Officer and he took an oath to the Constitution, the U.S., the U.S. Navy and to protect U.S. interests. We have seen 6 U.S. Military Officers illegally arrested/imprisoned/beaten and battered financially and legally to keep their mouths shut while being denied their rights in American courts while people like Pollard are rallied for because they are of "Jewish" background? Their oaths are supposed to come before their ethnicity, religion or beliefs as a Military active duty person. Pollard's oath's were to Israel-not the Navy-not the U.S.- not his fellow Veterans/active or inactive-what the hell is garbage like that allowed to remain in the Military to steal top secret documents and sabotage the U.S. Navy and the U.S. and draw a paycheck for? The Arabs call outsiders "Kufar" or "Non- Muslim" while the Jews call outsiders "Goyim" or Non- Jews. Have you ever wondered about the difference and what is behind that? We have been brainwashed to not talk about Muslims or Jews for many reasons-have you ever wondered why? Have you ever wondered why Christians are not out every day causing damage to others and viciously grabbing for power, money or some other crazed cause base on worldly values that goes nowhere? You will usually find the two groups mentioned involved in all the above operating with a self granted license to run above others, above the law, above God and to whatever "cause" the deem important to their most recent power grab or money grab at all costs. It is an evil that has gone on since the Yeshua was crucified over 2000 years ago. There are good and bad people in every race and group on earth. We are not seeing the "good" people of Israel or Arabia standing out here-we are seeing the worst of the evil that man can assemble. Valerie Jarrett is a Syrian Muslim and SERCO/TOR DNC Ayers family Operative that gives the orders to aka Obama (Barie Malik Shabazz) the name he took from his father Malcolm X. The DNC white Marxist/Jew and Black Panther/Black Muslim radicals have brought American to where it is today add corrupted Judicial and Political members to allow this cabal of coup/usurpation to reach it's mark and now we are seeing 35 terrorist training camps operating in the U.S. border while Federal Agencies "observe" them as they build their Caliphate.

  • They will not be able to outwit this man. He has completely outplayed NATO. If they had any brains they would have made a deal with him at least a decade ago. Unreal.

  • Rubbish that Nobama is the son of Malcolm X; that is surely disinformation, and Nobama is very unlike Malcolm in a number of ways. Nobama is the son of Chicago communist sex pervert Frank Marshall Davis, most likely. Bill Ayers, like Nobama, is a CIA asset. Valerie Jarrett gives off Jewish vibes, not Muslim vibes; her bio has probably been "bleached", as with so many before her (M. Albright, H. Clinton, etc.).

    Lots of self-described Christians went out and mass-murdered (as with the slaughter in Iraq – and remember Viet Nam?), so your point there is weak. No way would Jesus have approved of their actions. True Muslims would not behave in that depraved, vicious way either.