Russia dispatched troops to Venezuela as U.S. gets a “red line”


Refresher Course: From Panama (1989) to Venezuela (2019)

This Russian General’s Last Name Means ‘Thinskinned,’ and He Just Landed 100 Troops in Venezuela

US Preparing Brazil For Military Assault on Venezuela

US Media Lying Machine on Venezuela

Trump Regime Anti-Government Paramilitary Plot Uncovered in Venezuela

The strategy of introducing paramilitary forces – paid mercenaries – into a targeted country is the precise same strategy the US introduced into Syria leading up to the attack on Syria which started in March, 2011. To prevent this from happening in Venezuela it appears Russia has introduced Russian soldiers into Venezuela who have experience fighting this type of hybrid warfare in Syria.

Venezuela’s Maduro Announces Capture of Colombian Paramilitary Chief

The theft of Venezuela’s assets continues which is ultimately hurting the people of Venezuela.

Over $30 billion seized from Venezuela’s foreign accounts in two months — minister

Updated March 27, 2019:

America’s Version of Capitalism: “Fundamentalist Religious Fanatics”

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