Rupert Murdoch: Ben Carson Would Be A ‘Real Black President’; Twitter Blows Up

(Note: Abel Danger is not endorsing Rupert Murdoch by posting this news.) 

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International Business Times

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch tweeted Wednesday that Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson could be a “real black President.” Reuters 

By Jackie Salo
October 07 2015

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch tweeted Wednesday that Ben Carson would be a “real black President,” and urged his followers to read the New York magazine article that addressed minority community disappointment with President Barack Obama. Critics slammed Murdoch for assuming he could speak to the authenticity of an African-American’s identity.

Murdoch has been active on Twitter with commentary about the 2016 election, and Carson seems to have the Australian native’s support. The media mogul has 630,000 Twitter followers.

In response, New Republic Editor Jeet Heer tweeted, “I guess the +90% of American Americans who voted for Obama don’t realize he’s a fake black man. Thankfully we have Rupert Murdoch.”

Murdoch has made no secret of his dislike of Obama. In 2012, he suggested American voters see the anti-Barack Obama documentary “2016: Obama’s America.”

“Just saw 2016. Truly scary if no answer. Every voter should see and decide for self what future they want for America,” Murdoch tweeted.

Wednesday was not the first time Murdoch took to Twitter to champion Carson. “Everywhere pundits keep underestimating Ben Carson,” he tweeted Friday. “But public understand humility as admirable, listen to the multi-faceted strong message.”

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  • He backed Obaoma in the 1st election , Murdoch is heavily invlved in trhe vaccines his daughter tests them on babies etc in Melb , His x wife was a Chinese spy and he is great mates with Lowry , every candididate is backed by the Jews , they really have taken over USA AND EVEYWHERE ELSE , I BET HE BELIEVES IN CLIMATE GATE . He says all the right things but so did Obama .

  • It is always about the moinorities , the more radical they are the more funding they get , no one ever says anything about the majority anymore.

  • wanted to post here as the most recent evidence of "sloppy" LameStreemMedia delivery of the "news" of Oregon shooting….using the backdrop of sandy hook "shooting" they report on the Oregon shooting. oh boy, what jerks. At .39 sec you see the Sandy Hook welcome sign!! sheesh! the reporters are thicker than a bag of hammers!

  • Thanks for the very revealing vid, man – have reposted it to my Facebook friends. Other than that, keep praying that evil will be exposed, that the "ways of the wicked" can be destroyed!

  • That wrinkled old kosher scrotum Murdoch evidently feels his Jewish Supremacist cronies have Benjamin Carson well under control as one of their "Christian-Zionist" assets, i.e. their brainwashed fools/tools. Maybe they're right, maybe they're wrong – who knows?