Rule of Law (July, 2015)

Because all branches of government are incorporated as private, for profit corporations, three men petitioned the West Virginia Government for return to the rule of law thus honoring their oaths that they be government servants of, by, and for the people, not of, by, and for corporations. Gene Stalnaker, Phil Hudok, and Thomas Deegan then filed legal action in the state supreme court of appeals.

This is Thomas’s portion of the live streamed public address that was broadcasted from Thomas’s Parkersburg home on July 24, 2015. Find out why West Virginia’s constitution is unique and why this state now pivotal in the quest for freedom. The webside: has a continuously updated complete explanation of their actions with videos, interviews and all filed documents. We are on the verge of a holocaust every bit as mind boggling as any of the past. Look around at the evil building. What will the people do? West Virginia is in default and dishonor. We’ve exposed their machine. Everyone will answer for what they did and what they didn’t do.

Thomas, along with Phil Hudok, and Gene Stalnaker is at the forefront of an effort to change the current corporate form of government to a constitutional form in West Virginia. Recently Phil was part of an in depth discussion about the rule of law on Battle of New Orleans Radio.  Please check it out in video below.

What follows is from carl alfred Swensson. He and I have become close friends as a result of what is best described as the Rule of Law battle that began for Thomas David House of Deegan, Gene Stalnaker, and I when we petitioned the West Virginia State Legislature on February 22, 2015. It has been a necessary, but very painful process and awakening for all of us. It has been most painful for Thomas and his mother as Thomas continues to suffer cruel and unusual punishment at the hands of a lawless corporate government.

What Mr. Swensson relates is taking the same rule of law battle in a last ditch effort for relief in his home state in Georgia. It says in Scripture, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The foundations are destroyed and the wicked rule and the people morn. We the people, turned our backs on God, allowed it to happen, and refuse to turn from our wicked ways. Is it any wonder that a righteous God is turned our land into Hell?

Phil Hudok

What a mess! The truth about the Court System!

It appears we are rapidly approaching the time for a battle of Athens, Tennessee (1946) redo.

Today, the truth finally reared its ugly head. The truth about the Court System all across this land! Those of us who have soldiered into that domain now have the clearest picture yet taken.

At 9:00 A.M. this day, June 22, 2016, I and three other individuals traveled to the Clayton County Superior Court for the purpose of delivering a message to the currently seated Grand Jury Foreperson. One of those people with me was a former Police Chief and former Judge, Mr. Paul Nally. His superior knowledge of the law was why he was there and why he was chosen to hand-deliver our message to the GJ bailiff who would then be instructed to deliver it directly to the GJ Foreperson. What we have to give this GJ is evidence of crimes being committed in their county by public officials.

As an example of what he brought to the table is this citation:

Established precedence in this matter is clearly defined in:

Cook v Sikes, 210 Ga. 722, 727; “… it was the duty of a Grand Jury to investigate and present county officers for any misconduct in the performance of their official duties. Code (1933) subsection 2-8301. As to the defendants John W. Underwood and the individual members of the so-called Citizens Committee, the petition shows no more than an effort on their part to assist the Grand Jury, as any good citizen should, in the proper discharge of the duties imposed upon it by law.

As can be clearly seen, there is this and other precedence that can be cited showing that Grand Juries everywhere are not the private domain of the courts or the county D.A.’s.

Knowing this and knowing that previous attempts to merely pass a message to the Forepersons of two counties have been unsuccessful, the next steps supposedly available to we the people are with the U.S. Marshalls Service and the FBI. Both of which were contacted by myself and Paul.

We asked for their assistance in affecting citizens arrests against all of those who have violated their own laws as recorded in Title 18 § 241, 242 and 1512. The only thing needed from them was to have them take custody and immediately transport them to the nearest Federal Magistrate where Paul and myself could bear witness to their crimes. Neither the U.S. Marshalls Service nor the FBI would do this and could not cite any law allowing them to ignore such a request. It was at this point that Paul cited ALL the applicable law regarding this and he literally schooled these agents in their duty. Alas, it was all in vain as they merely said they were not going to be of any help.

Now you must ask yourself, if we the people follow and in turn use the very laws we seem to be answerable to, to hold our elected and appointed officials to be in compliance with, why is it that they are immune from arrest or prosecution? The answer is what we have all feared the most. They are not. They are, in fact, operating lawlessly and in defiance of their sworn “Oath of Office”.

We learned, growing up, that government consisted of three branches… Legislative, Executive and Judicial. What was lost along the way has been the missing branch called we the people. The three others are mere creations of ours. Creations, I might add, that have usurped all of our unalienable power to create, abolish or alter our form of government. This is in direct violation of the laws established to keep them in check. Those laws no longer apply and we have now officially been conquered by whatever you wish to call that which masquerades around as government.

Every attempt by Patriots to pierce the veil of this power structure in the attempt to rein in its ever expanding influence over every aspect of our lives remains futile. Peacefully speaking of course. Why? Because this monster of our creation has completely taken control of the Judiciary. the courts no longer belong to the people. They have become “Thor’s Hammer” against us. They have increased their sphere of influence over the other branches by incorporating them and once the other branches realize what has happened it is too late. They cannot escape their involvement with nor complicity in this criminal cabal.

To even think about dissolving the corporate entities they, the elected, must first act in those corporate capacities. As soon as they do that they have violated their Oath of Office and the Judicial Officers can now extort anything they wish through blackmail and bribery. In every case I’ve looked at, every office either elected or appointed has succumbed to this treachery.

This is why so many have looked to their seated Grand Juries for remedy. They are the only place for us to turn. This is also why District Attorneys everywhere now jealously guard their doors, our rights of access be damned.

I watched, last night, as the Henry County, Georgia Board of Commissioners Chairman, Tommy Smith, who now understands this conundrum, tried to traverse these treacherous waters and remove himself from these corporate ties but as he discovered, he cannot. The web of criminal intent has been so expertly woven that the County Attorney openly mocks this Chairman, daring him to act as the corporate officer long enough to dissolve the corporations he knew nothing about to begin with.

“Said the Spider to the Fly”…

Not that anyone gives a rats rear end, since no legal actions will ever be allowed to proceed in their rogue courts, against elected or appointed public officials, but there comes the black and white issue of Perjury concerning the Oath of Office of two of Henry County’s Commissioners. These two were sworn in either in December of 2012 or January of 2013

Please see the Commissioners Oath of Office which ALL Commissioners must sign upon taking office.
(see attached file) Highlighted part is the relevant statement.

See also the State of Georgia official documents from the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission. (Attached)

Money owed the State has been owed since 7/20/2012. Both John B. Preston and Bruce B. Holmes are therefore guilty of Perjury on their official Oath of Office. There are no excuses allowed for this egregious error and it should now be noted that ALL acts undertaken by these two in the commission of their duties since taking office in 2013 are null and void. All votes taken by the Henry County Board of Commissioners must now be reviewed so as to exclude these two imposter’s votes.

But, then again, what does a quasi-Constitutional Sheriff and a Quasi Constitutional Board of Commissioners really care. They will merely say this was a stupid mistake and it changes nothing. Should that be the case, as I suspect it will, it goes to further prove the reckless and criminal nature this and God only knows how many other counties are operating by.

If it is your choice, you can take the word of these criminals but that is not something I’m willing to do.
Please Arnie, distribute this far and wide.

For those who care to look in their own locale, you might be surprised with what you find and when you do ask yourself this… who will enforce the laws? Who, if any, will uphold their sacred “Oath of Office”?

carl alfred Swensson

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