Roy Cohn and the Silvermaster Spy Group Connections (It Has Morphed) – “Walking Back the Cat”

Ed.’s note: Some preliminary insights before we get to the material republished below. Granted, this is all piecemeal and there probably isn’t much here that hasn’t already been covered elsewhere from one source or another. However, Matt Drudge recently put a quote up on Twitter by Roy Cohn that indicates the “control of judges and not the laws” are important in order to control the outcomes in legal cases. Look at the judges who were involved in spy cases having to do with Soviet espionage in the US under the big McCarthy “red scare” communist bogeyman theater show.

This all has to do with Soviet spies brought before the courts like with the Soviet spies Elizabeth Bentley (later defected and turned FBI informant), Earl Browder (the Browder name should ring some big bells), Duncan Chaplin Lee (used as a “talent spotter” for the NKVD; descendant of Robert E. Lee), Nathan Silvermaster (that’s not his real name), Juliet Stuart Poyntz and Jacob Golos (that’s not his real name) to name just a few of the more well known Soviet assets who had penetrated every aspect of the American government starting during the time frame of 1943 to 1945 and beyond probably right down to today. Notice when you go to this link there are no public FBI files available on Roy Cohn.

Paperless Archives

It now appears the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg case resulting in their execution was a show trial to take the heat off this spy group known as the Silvermaster Spy Group. They brought Hollywood and Disney into the show. In fact, there is evidence the Ethel and Julius trial was faked. Judge Irving Kaufman who was Jewish, presided over the case (note Roy Cohn quote above on judges). Cohn who was 23 at the time, was a prosecutor in the Ethel and Julius Rosenberg spy trial probably part of running an aspect of the “anti-communist” scare in the US as a massive intelligence operation to gut America of its technology undercover of the “red scare” hysteria. It might have been coordinated by the Silvermaster Spy Group to keep eyes off where the real Soviet espionage was taking place. Back during this period just after 1945, there was guided cooperation between the Soviet Union’s KGB penetration of American institutions through the Communist Party in the US. They used layers and layers of willing naive Americans who thought they were serving the cause of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA).

When the Soviet Union communist regime collapsed around 1989, KGB and FBI archives have been increasingly accessible for scholarly examination. After close examination, it is has become glaringly clear that a large proportion of American spies for communist Russia were Jewish. Nathan Silvermaster (NKVD codename: Pel) himself Jewish, was somehow able to crawl into the United States War Production Board (WPB) during World War II as an economist. He was also inside the US Treasury Department. Drop the pretenses here about being a “communist” and being “un-American” and all that peripheral ideological baggage about having sympathy for workers in the Soviet Union as a lot of these naive American sympathizers were drawn to. It was espionage and they were used as tools. They were ultimately after technology. War Production Board? Technology? Were they after the secrets of scientists like Enrico Fermi and nuclear technology? That’s what Stalin wanted above anything else.

Enrico Fermi Biographical

The people who were members of the Silvermaster spy group were astonishing in their technical backgrounds, experience and intelligence. For example, Virginius Frank Coe worked in the Board of Economic Warfare and later became the Director of Monetary Research in the United States Department of the Treasury. Coe also worked in the Foreign Economic Administration. Important to note Coe ends up working with Mao Zedong in China. In 1958 Coe moved permanently to China to work for the Maoist regime during the Great Leap Forward. The American version of the New Deal.

CCP Chairman Mao Zedong with Israel Epstein (first left), Anna Louise Strong (third left), Frank Coe (second right), and Solomon Adler (first right).

Another member of the Silvermaster spy group was Anatole Volkov. After World War II Volkov moved to Israel and did research at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel and at the Weitzmann Institute of Science in Rehovot located in the central district of Israel. Volkov’s mother after getting a divorce from her first husband, married Nathan Gregory Silvermaster. Volkov’s mother who was from Russia emigrated to San Francisco from Russia in 1923. She was in China when she met Anatole Volkov’s father. Again, we come to China with these people. According to FBI investigations of the Silvermaster spy group, Volkov was allegedly serving as a courier (cutouts) for the group. Courier of what? Scientific papers and documents later carried to Israel?

Soviet asset Anatole Volkov who spent time in Israel researching

If the backgrounds of these people involved with the Silvermaster spy group are examined, many of them had very high positions inside the Roosevelt administration and were involved in the New Deal. They are then in China formulating China’s future economic planning. They all have connections to Russia and Israel. Frank Coe spent time in the Middle East although it isn’t certain where in the Middle East. Could it have been Israel?

Soviet asset Frank Coe (died in China)

Solomon Adler who was Jewish was a member of the Silvermaster spy group and worked as U.S. Treasury representative in China during World War II. Adler was identified by Elizabeth Bentley (Soviet asset who defected) as a Soviet spy and resigned from the Treasury Department in 1950. After several years teaching at Cambridge University in England, Adler returned to China, where he resided from the 1960s to his death in 1994. He worked as a translator and economic advisor. While at Cambridge possibly undercover as professor was Adler picking up intelligence from the Cambridge Five network involved in the creation of Israel? This is a Rothschild project (Cambridge Five: Victor Rothschild was a Soviet agent) coming through the City of London. It was the Soviet asset Kim Philby who was part of the Cambridge Five, who helped set up the state of Israel.

Another Silvermaster spy group member was William Henry Taylor. Taylor secured employment within the United States Department of the Treasury through Secretary Harry Dexter White in 1941. Harry Dexter White was an accused Soviet asset who was passing who knows what “secrets” to the Russians. Here again we see this connection to Russia and China through the Silvermaster spy group. Taylor was sent to China by the Treasury Department. Taylor also worked for the IMF and the World Bank. The impression developing here is that these “spies” were preparing for the eventual de-industrialization of America way back then and handing technology off to China through Israel. The evidence points in no other direction.

Silvermaster spy group member Lauchlin Bernard Currie worked as White House economic adviser to President Franklin Roosevelt during World War II between 1939 and 1945. A Soviet asset inside the White House working next to FDR. He was also at the US Department of Treasury and worked closely with the Federal Reserve as well as the World Bank. Again, we see another Silvermaster spy group member, or Soviet asset going to China. In January 1941, he was sent on a mission to China for “discussions with Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and Chou En-lai, the Communist representative in the Chinese wartime capital of Chungking.” He was working on getting China added to the lend-lease program. He was put in charge of its administration under the overall direction of FDR’s special assistant Harry Hopkins. Once this network started these communist revolts they were hard to extinguish like in China.

Soviet asset Lauchlin Bernard Currie

Although Israel Epstein who is Jewish and is in the image above sitting with Mao Zedong wasn’t associated with the Silvermaster spy group, he was a naturalized Chinese journalist and author. He was “one of the few foreign-born Chinese citizens of non-Chinese origin to become a member of the Communist Party of China.” That Epstein was with the members of the Silvermaster spy group in China, brings us to the realization there is this network working through Russia (then the Soviet Union) and Israel that have created the economy in what is now China. This article linked just below, describes how 85 to 90% of the foreigners helping the Chinese at the time of the Communist takeover were Jewish. This conforms with the Silvermaster spy group membership as well pointing out their were Russian-Jews in China helping set up communist China.

The Sassoon family, known as the “Iraqi-Jewish Rothschild’s,” are probably tied into this nexus at different junctures as the article linked here will demonstrate, that have been bringing Israel and China closer together for years mostly undetected in the west and certainly not reported in much detail. As it stands now, ‘Israeli’-Chinese bilateral trade has reached a whopping $13 billion, about 260 times what it was in 1992 when it was just starting to take off due military and technological transfers.

China Is Jew China: The Disturbing Origins of Chinese Communism And The Deepening Chinese-‘Israeli’ Ties Of Today

Soviet Israel

Moscow’s other American agents too numerous to mention were all equally producing an abundance of offspring and new growth for Joseph Stalin’s newly established KGB. These Soviet spy networks “transferred thousands of pages of political and technical data” to Russia before the Soviet networks in America shut down, or so they thought, during the early 1950s. These networks were not shut down. They are probably still operating today like through such organizations as the BIRD Foundation, only now under offical sounding organizations now that the US works for Israel. It’s conjecture but it is quite possible the Silvermaster networks were brought into organizations such as the Bird Foundation to continue moving technology out of America to Israel. These networks remain in place coming through Russia into Soviet Israel. Want to hear something fascinating? Listen to Richard Nixon in this clip refer to the Rosenbergs.

Nixon: The Jews Are Born Spies

The connections and evidence Roy Cohn was part of the Silvermaster Spy Group is coming into focus – laser-like focus. Preliminary readings so far into the documents leads us to believe this is the case. This may explain exactly what is going on today with Don the real estate guy. You tell ’em, Don. Did Roy Cohn teach you that trick? Keep America great? Sure that wouldn’t be “make Israel greater?” The ramifications here are staggering when you look at the people who were involved in the Silvermaster spy network and where they worked and where they spent time. How else are we to fully comprehend Donald Trump’s presidency? Set up as an asset by these same espionage networks to pacify America culminating to the point we now find ourselves in with the state of Israel for over 70 years providing American technology to China?

Go to this link to view an image (Getty images have monopolized historically important images) of Nathan Silverstein testifying before congressional hearings on “un-American activities.” Nathan Silverstein was the head of the Silvermaster spy group. Nathan Silvermaster was born into a Jewish family in Odessa, Russia, in 1898. His family was able to emigrate to the United States in 1914 from where he became a Soviet intelligence asset for Joseph Stalin worming himself into American government institutions including having assets inside the US Treasury. Silvermaster worked inside the United States Treasury from 1942 until 1945. Spooks call the resultant reassessment going on here “walking back the cat.” We are going to have to reshuffle our shibboleths here about familiar bad guys and heroes. “Walking back the cat” on Donald Trump and Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn wasn’t just a lawyer, he was an enabler.

Dr. Nathan G. Silvermaster (C, standing) speaking before Un-American Activities Committee

Bringing penetration of the US Treasury up to date, Donald Trump has just released news reported on by The Hill about a possible “investigation into Google cooperating with China.” Google depends on Israel for its R&D, so if Google needs “investigating”, perhaps an investigation to see where this technology is going to in China and how China is accessing this technology is in order? In this following linked article, the US Treasury is mentioned a having looked into Google cooperating with China and found no cause for such concerns. The US Treasury has found no cause for concern because it has been completely penetrated.

Trump hints at investigating Google’s China work over ‘national security concerns’

In 1934 Nathan Silvermaster met Earl Browder during an industrial dispute in San Francisco, so the story goes. But in these Soviet espionage networks running through the CPUSA, meetings were frequent and instructions took place often to seed the espionage networks. Released KGB archives which are hard to find, show that the previous to 1934, Gaik Ovakimyan (kown as the “puppet master”) of the NKVD had recruited Earl Browder as a Soviet agent. Ovakimian earlier in his career was sent to Germany on an assignment “emphasizing scientific-technical espionage.” After being recruited, Earl Browder’s code name was RULEVOY. Browder was the leader of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA), as his grandson William Browder in the TED clip below will explain.

Soviet asset Nathan Gregory Silvermaster

William Browder is the grandson of Earl Browder, so we see possible remnants of the Silvermaster spy group coming down through William Browder. At some point, William Browder having an Interpol arrest warrant put out on him by Russia in 2017 under Putin, will have to be examined more as to what he was doing in Russia besides alleged financial crimes. Earl Browder’s job inside the Silvermaster spy group in the CPUSA, was to recruit Soviet assets for the NKGB and Joseph Stalin. Listen to “Putin’s number one enemy” below with his American spin. Bill Browder’s grandfather, Earl Browder, was probably picked up as a Soviet asset when he visited Russia. If there is one thing Jews are very good at and excel in, it’s organizing and spying. They have a very long history of it coming out of the former Soviet Union into Israel and the US today.

Earl Browder worked closely with Jacob Golos (Yakov Naumovich Tasin). Jacob Golos was born into a Jewish family in Dnipropetrovsk, Russia, on 24th April, 1889. Gaik Ovakimyan, mentioned above, was running Jacob Golos. Gaik Ovakimyan was nobody to mess around with. He facilitated the assassination of Leon Trotsky. No wonder he survived the purges (Yezhovshchina) of the upper echelons of the KGB under Stalin. Those purges ended up forcing out thousands of Russian-Jews many of whom were scientists, engineers and technicians who ended up going to Israel. In 1932, Golos became the president of World Tourists, a CPUSA-financed travel and shipping agency. While working at World Tourists, he “trafficked false passports and facilitated clandestine activities for the CPUSA and Comintern activists” in America.  First recruited in 1930, Golos used a connection in the Brooklyn, New York passport office to provide the KGB with authentic American passports.

Who Saved Israel in 1947?

Jacob Golos met Elizabeth Bentley who herself was a Soviet intelligence asset later giving testimony after she defected, at the un-American activities congressional hearings linked above. She was providing Golos with sensitive documents pilfered out of US government institutions running approximately 150 people. Golos was the “main contact for the Silvermaster spy group.” What exactly did the pilfered documents contain, and in 1942 what were on the 59 rolls of film, later expanded in 1943 to 211 rolls, 600 in 1944, and 1,895 rolls of film in 1945 all contain? Films of what exactly? Scientific-technological experiments? And nobody went to prison for this. These Jewish spy networks running the Silvermaster spy group always used non-Jews as proxies for there spy work.

From the readings including a biography, Bentley had “a life of spontaneous sex and alcoholism,” and because of her background she was later easily picked up as an asset for Soviet intelligence operating in the US. It is worth noting considering Roy Cohn’s quote in the Twitter message released by Matt Drudge, is the judge who oversaw Earl Browder’s case. Browder was hauled before the courts for his testimony after he was kicked out of the communist party, and Judge Frederick Dickinson Letts, ordered the acquittal of Browder because he “felt the committee had not acted legally.” Did Letts have a run in with Roy Cohn sexual blackmail services?

Examining these judges we see another judge who was Judge Noonan sitting in for the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals who at first reversed a perjury conviction against William Remington (Soviet asset) charge to the jury had been “too vague and indefinite” in defining exactly what “constituted communist party membership.” Remington was a CPUSA member and was charged with being a Soviet spy passing information to Elizabeth Bentley. Judge Noonan did not touch upon the guilt or innocence of Remington and ordered a new trial to be held. Roy Cohn stepped in “convinced that the next time they would be successful at convicting Remington”:

“He had denied turning over secret information to Elizabeth Bentley – yet she had testified that he gave documents to her and we had produced copies of some of the documents.” – Roy Cohen

Remington received a five year jail sentence and later while serving his prison sentence, was murdered in prison. Listen to this discussion with Cohn below in which the William Remington case is briefly mentioned. When you observe Cohn closely, the thought that he might have been running the coverup aspect of this intelligence operation involving the Silvermaster spy group cannot be ignored. It looks as though after reading through much of the material, Elizabeth Bentley was used as a proxy for Soviet espionage, while later after defecting being run as an FBI informant paid $50 a week.

The FBI was also penetrated and leaked intelligence like a sieve. When you read this the only thing that comes to mind is J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn. Senator Joseph McCarthy hired Cohn as his chief legal counsel, based on the recommendation of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. None of the people who were involved with the Silvermaster spy group were ever indicted including Silvermaster himself with the exception of William Remington. This means this network has continued in place ever since then.

Elizabeth Bentley described to FBI agents “her role as a courier for two Soviet espionage rings, one headed by Nathan Silvermaster and the other by Victor Perlo.” Victor Perlo was Jewish and his parents both emigrated from Russia to America. Perlo was running a parallel Soviet spy ring. Cohn is connected to all of these people at one juncture or another who were accused of being Soviet assets. Ultimately, when reviewing all this about Roy Cohn, one comes to the conclusion Roy Cohn was an “unethical degenerate.” Cohn’s many critics would later accuse him of a host of crimes, including “suborning perjury, obstructing justice, bribing judges, and even committing murder.”


Source: Mining Awareness

Was Trump Lawyer & “Mentor” Roy Cohn a Closet Russian Spy Using the “Red Scare” to Undermine US Democracy?

by Mining Awareness

Was Trump Lawyer and reported “mentor” Roy Cohn a closet Russian Spy whose goal was to undermine US democracy through fear and intimidation? He certainly did undermine American democracy with his witch hunts against alleged communists-Russian spies and alleged homosexuals. He was apparently a closet homosexual who persecuted others through allegations of homosexuality, in a day and age when homosexuality was not acceptable. Was he a closet Russian agent then, accusing people of being communists or Russian spies? It is one logical possibility that would connect Trump’s strange ties to both Cohn, and Putin who was a Russian KGB agent-spy from 1975 to 1990.

Sen. Joseph McCarthy chats with his attorney Roy Cohn during Senate Subcommittee hearings, 1954, Library of Congress, NY World-Telegram and the Sun Newspaper, UPI:

… there’s a direct link between Ethel Rosenberg’s fate and incoming President Donald Trump: Trump’s longtime lawyer and mentor, Roy Cohn, who was a member of the prosecution team in Ethel’s case, who pressured Ethel’s brother, David Greenglass, to make up false testimony about his own sister. There was reportedly no other evidence to convict her. He also apparently colluded with the trial judge to predetermine the outcome for both Julius and Ethel: the death penalty.” (Nermeen Shaikh, DemocracyNow. org, December 29, 2016)

According to Robert Meeropol, the youngest son of Ethel Rosenberg, as interviewed on DemocracyNow. org (December 29, 2016): “… in the Roy Cohn case, there’s actually a television interview in which he talks about how he coerced David Greenglass into making up this testimony about my mother’s typing. So, that’s—he is—Roy Cohn can be said to be one of the principal architects of my mother’s execution. And he did represent both Donald Trump’s father and Donald Trump, and Donald Trump has said, “This is my mentor. He taught me how to respond to attacks.” Read-watch interview here:

Trump appears to be a Putinphile and Putin was a KGB officer until around age 40. And, his Secretary of State pick, Rex Tillerson, was given Russia’s “Order of Friendship” by Putin and opposes sanctions against Russia. Trump’s former lawyer Roy Cohn was part of Joe McCarthy’s infamous Red Scare Interrogations. Not only did they go after alleged communists, but they went after alleged homosexuals, as well.

In a rare instance of divine justice on earth, Roy Cohn became one of the earlier victims of AIDs, before it spread more widely in the population. Since Roy Cohn was apparently a closet homosexual who accused others of homosexuality, in an attempt to discredit them, was he also a closet Russian agent whose role was to destroy free speech and spread fear throughout America? At least some of those who were young when Ethel Rosenberg was killed were terrified that they, or their spouses, might know someone who was a communist. And, they have spent their lives with their lips mostly zipped, their heads down, and feigning ignorance of the world around them to this day.

Roy Cohn: Russian Agent? Or simply that authoritarianism, nastiness, and deceit trumped all for him?

It may also be an appropriate time to bring up the issue of the Jewish-Russian mafia, past and present. Where there are large construction projects and casinos, mafia tend to lurk. Some love luxury products, as well. Trump may or may not have noticed them lurking. If he was smart, he didn’t notice – don’t ask, don’t tell.

From Wikipedia:

Roy Marcus Cohn (/koʊn/; February 20, 1927 – August 2, 1986) was an American attorney who became famous during Senator Joseph McCarthy’s investigations into Communist activity in the United States during the Second Red Scare. Cohn gained special prominence during the Army–McCarthy hearings. He was also a member of the U.S. Department of Justice’s prosecution team at the espionage trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg…

As an Assistant US Attorney in Saypol’s Manhattan office, Cohn helped to secure convictions in a number of well-publicized trials of accused Soviet operatives. One of the first involved the prosecution of William Remington, a former Commerce Department employee who had been accused of espionage by KGB defector Elizabeth Bentley. Although an indictment for espionage could not be secured, Remington had denied his longtime membership in the Communist Party USA on two separate occasions and was convicted of perjury in two separate trials. Cohn also prosecuted 11 members of the American Communist Party Politburo for preaching the violent overthrow of the United States government, under the Smith Act.

The Rosenberg trial brought the 24-year-old Cohn to the attention of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director J. Edgar Hoover, who recommended him to Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy hired Cohn as his chief counsel, choosing him over Robert Kennedy, reportedly in part to avoid accusations of an anti-Semitic motivation for the investigations. Cohn assisted McCarthy’s work for the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, becoming known for his aggressive questioning of suspected Communists. Cohn preferred not to hold hearings in open forums, which went well with McCarthy’s preference for holding “executive sessions” and “off-the-record” sessions away from the Capitol in order to minimize public scrutiny and to question witnesses with relative impunity. Cohn was given free rein in pursuit of many investigations, with McCarthy joining in only for the more publicized sessions.

Please go to Mining Awareness to read the entire article.



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