Rothschild’s little French poodle Mr. “Plastique” Macron

Rothschild’s little poodle Macron coming to power based on fraudulent voting and money power in France, not even the majority of eligible French voters, will now set out to reverse everything that has been fought for by the labor class in France. Macron’s power grab financed and backed by the French-based House of Rothschild, will now undermine the working class in France. Sort of like being on a farm where the French working class are being harvested. Our only hope now is that the French will take to the streets to begin open warfare as the reality of Rothschild’s French poodle coming to power sets in. Want to read a fascinating thread? Go to this thread and have a sobering read through destroying western populations by design.

Source: James Petras

President Emmanuel Macron: Reversing Five Decades of Working-Class Power

May 21, 2017

Introduction: Whatever has been written about President Emmanuel Macron by the yellow or the respectable press has been mere trivia or total falsehood. Media lies have a purpose that goes beyond Macron’s election. Throughout Europe and North America, bankers and manufacturers, NATO, militarists and EU oligarchs, media moguls and verbal assassins, academics and journalists, all characterized the election victory of Macron as a ‘defeat of fascism’ and the ‘triumph of the French people’.

Macron and ‘What People’?

First of all, Macron received only 46% of the actual vote. Over 54% of eligible French voters either abstained, spoiled their ballots or voted for Marine Le Pen, the nationalist populist. In other words, 26 million voters rejected or ignored Macron’s candidacy versus 20.6 million voters who endorsed him. This was despite an unremitting push for Macron from the entire French and European mass media, all of the major political parties and the vast majority of academics, journalists, publishers, undertakers and doormen.

In a word: Emmanuel Macron is a minority President, unpopular to most of the French electorate.

There are some very sound political and socio-economic reasons why Macron’s candidacy would be rejected by most of the French people, while receiving full support from the ruling class.

Secondly, there was a phony image of Macron as the ‘novice, untainted by old-line corrupt politics’. The financial and business press busily painted an image of the virgin Manny Macron bravely prepared to introduce ’sweeping reforms’ and rescue France – a sort of banker-Joan of Arc against the veteran ‘fascist’ Marine Le Pen and her ‘deplorable’ supporters.

The reality is that Macron has always been a highly experienced member of the most elite financial-political networks in France. He served as a senior executive in the notorious Rothschild banking conglomerate. In a few short years ‘Saint Manny’ had accumulated millions of euros in commissions from fixing corporate deals.

Macron’s financial colleagues encouraged him to accept the post of Economic Minister under the decrepit regime of President Francois Hollande. Banker Macron helped the ‘Socialist’ President Hollande shed any of his party(s pro-labor pretensions and embrace a radical anti-worker agenda. As Economic Minister Macron implemented a 40 billion euro tax cut for businesses and proposed far-right legislation designed to weaken workers collective bargaining rights.


If you find the thought of Rothschild’s French poodle coming to power revolting and want to read more, why hot head over to James Petras to read the entire article.

Check this clip out, it appears to be Macron yapping at his own reflection.

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  • he’s gotta jew nose on him that scrawny lad Macron…..I mean, do we seriously believe that a former investment banker and multi millionaire has the interests of ‘Le’ people at heart…….hilarious he got there and even more hilarious some folk voted for him…..seems the chemtrails in Europe are working

  • Genies of Death

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

    Rothschild’s are making mistake after mistake after mistake.
    So lets not interrupt them.
    Through DNA testing whole populations they can all be tracked down. Changing names or hiding in populations wont work for them next time they will be rounded up.

  • Macron’s pic reminds me of Weishaupt’s original pose… fact, he may even be a desendant