Rothschild Leads the Vultures to Prey on India

Source: Cabal Times

The Vultures are Circling India…….Again

April 29, 2018

Thanks to the efforts of Great Game India, the Rothschild Cabal is now being tagged in almost all of India’s recent notable economic woes. A mere 71 years after independence, India is being recolonized……by the same old families, using the same old tactics. As before, the Illuminati is sneaking in, disguised as companies of businessmen and traders. And once again, Indians are looking up to these foreigners (and their trained brown acolytes) as brainy financial wizards, with the same wonder-struck awe they once looked up to the red coats with.

“With a team of about 20 investment bankers, Rothschild and Co. has managed to be part of over 200 deals ranging from one of India’s biggest in the oil and gas sector to automobiles and renewable energy, in 2016 alone.”LiveMint, 27th February 2017

“Rothschild Global Advisory stands apart from other advisers in India in that senior bankers, based in Mumbai, lead each assignment from start to finish. We bring to our clients a wealth of experience, providing impartial, expert advisory and execution services to large and mid-sized corporations, private equity, families and entrepreneurs and the Indian government. Our global coverage allows clients to leverage our full network, connecting Indian clients with overseas assets, investors and sources of finance. We possess an in-depth understanding of India’s regulatory and market environment. As a family-controlled company we understand how India’s successful family businesses operate and the challenges they face.”Official Website of Rothschild & Co. India, 29th April 2018

“Like most places which experience a high level of growth, it is always correlated with some level of risk, 7-8% may be more, that needs to be absorbed in (the) right manner. There are some execution risks along the way. The impression I am getting is quite superficial, but there is a slight impression that the health of the economy and the general health of the banking system where non-performing assets (NPAs) are not at a sustainable level. Should consolidation address part of that to improve the banking system? It will be a very good outcome.”Alexandre de Rothschild, deputy head of Rothschild Merchant Banking, on why ALL YUAR NPA’s ARE BETTER OFF WITH US

Please go to Cabal Times to read how the vultures are moving into India – again.



Crown Agents has worked in India for several decades providing consultancy, financial, capacity building and supply chain services for clients including DFID, the federal government, ministries and other organisations. Project highlights include transforming the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare’s procurement wing, strengthening procurement for reproductive and child health; introducing a GST/VAT system and training officials and providing access to safe drinking water for rural communities by improving the quality of hand-pumps.”


Wherever the British invest weapons and munitions sales incrementally always escalate.

India world’s 5th largest military spender: 7 weapon systems govt is buying


The UK MOD advertises itself – it’s a corporation – as “strengthening international peace and stability.” That is a lie. Crown corporations use a mirror effect: Whatever is stated is precisely opposite of what the crown is doing and India is no different. The UK MOD operating as a private corporation has a sole purpose: create as much chaos as possible for profitable investment in war.

“The UK MOD states that its principal objectives are to defend the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its interests and to strengthen international peace and stability.”



Great Game India



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