Rodli, Beskar, Neuhaus, Murray & Pletcher Violate SEC Tracer #2640220 Causing Pierce County to be in Violation

Wisconsin Law Firm Ignorant of SEC Tracer #2640220 Implicates County Officials

Three Legal Documents Posted To Internet in Response to Improper Filing by Rodli et. al. AFF 1 AFF 2 3 Improper Communication From Rodli ====================== AFFIDAVIT re: Case No. 15FA178

03 March, 2016 I, Field McConnell, of Plum City, Wisconsin, MAKE OATH AND SAY THAT:

1. While registered at Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii in 1967 I was FIELD MCCONNELL, Christian, U S citizen.

2. In the Punahou School class of 1979 a student was registered as Barry Soetoro, Muslim, Indonesian.

3. My only sibling, Kristine Marcy, has committed serial treasons against the United States of America and those treasons were reported to General Joseph Dunford, USMC, on 29 July, 2015.

4. Senators Charles Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin were advised via hand delivered printed documents, as well as email reports to their Senate Whistleblower email addresses, on Thursday, 6 August, 2015.

5. I have been targeted by a ‘weaponized IRS’ beginning in December of 2014. The targeting could only have been initiated by my sibling, Kristine Marcy, and the person for whom she created a passport in 1994 utilizing the National Visa Center controlled by Serco, a British corporation.

6. The Internal Revenue Service, a private corporation, has threatened to steal or cause harm to my property after I advised them on 22 May, 2015 that I was revoking my election to participate in their fraud. The IRS Corporation failed to comply with the 30 day window to respond to me and has committed mail frauds by continuing to communicate with me though they have been served requisite documents relating to the revocation of my election.

7. I have informed Senators Grassley and Johnson, as well as IRS Commissioners and 13 other officers of the charges of Treason and Wrongful Death and expect they comply with the law or face Misprision of Felony allegations.

8. On 16 October, 2015 I became a Lien Claimant of an international commercial lien. As a commercial instrument it has an S.E.C. Tracer Number of #2640220.

9. On page 40 paragraphs 6, 7 and 8 “Crown Contractors” are to cease and desist and specifically “prohibited from engaging with, detaining, arresting, incarcerating, harassing, coercing, or intimidating any witness.”

10. I traveled to Mt. Vernon, Texas on 2 through 5 November, 2015 and before I left I asked Alison to become familiar with “An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” written by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger. Alison did not become familiar.

11. Prior to travel to Texas I made available to Alison “Affidavit of Obligation, International Commercial Lien dated 16 October, 2015”. Alison did not read it to my knowledge. On Friday, 27 November, 2015, Alison was to meet with our daughter Molly and myself at which time I was going to reiterate the protections afforded me against the “foreign, for profit corporations” claiming jurisdiction over divorce actions. Our marriage license was a fraud upon the two of us and our marriage was a civil contract between Alison and myself sworn before God. She has broken that oath. Alison cancelled that meeting of 27 November with 2 hours and 23 minute notice. I am communicated to the Pierce County Clerk of Court why I would not attend the hearing scheduled for 1130, Thursday, 3 December, 2015.

12. Alison’s attorney has a conflict of interest with me as I paid her previous attorney fees to him. Further, in No. 97-0050 , District 3 Court of Appeals the Judge stated that the attorney had “overtried” the divorce, and it was I, Field McConnell, who paid those inflated fees also. That Decision was dated March 3, 1998.

13. I offered to participate in mediation with Alison but she has not accepted. Further, she said that she felt she could not trust me even though in the offer of mediation I included 13 signed checks totaling $24,400.

14. Without authorization she cashed a check on Waumandee State Bank account 368-307 in the amount of $6533 for a purpose unknown to me.

15. This unauthorized withdrawal represents 5 months worth of house payments for the property she abandon on 10 November, 2015, claiming she was concerned that the IRS might put a lien on the property on 21 November, 2015, as the IRS had claimed in writing.

16. On 17 January, 2016 I communicated with Alison and the 5 children with this verbatim message: Alison, I have not yet paid RE Tax of $5000 or January house payment. I have had a very productive meeting with employees of Waumandee State Bank and USAA Bank. If you get your name off the mortgage, RE Tax, Title to house etc by 31 January that may be in your best interest. Tracy at the bank needs written statement(s) from you to remove your name from documents mentioned. The $6533 check you wrote on my account without my permission or knowledge is equal to 5 house payments and just $1500 more than the Real Estate Tax. You will be receiving an Affidavit Tuesday or Wednesday that repeats these issues and it will be sent via overnight certified mail requiring your signature. I will be sending the Affidavit to each of the 5 kids so we are all on the same page. When you tell me IN WRITING that you hope I can save the farm for the kids and then your actions jeopardize that I think I am correct in saying your actions speak louder than any words. I may reaffirm/adjust mediation offer once informed of what the $6533 was necessary for. You owe an explanation to not only me but the 5 kids.

17. Any mediation will now be postponed until the $6533 is return or the next 5 house payments, Jan 27 thru May 27 are paid.

18. Further, at my option I may elect to forego paying Real Estate tax due Jan 31st if a satisfactory response from you does not occur. A satisfactory response would be your removing names from accounts mentioned, taking over house payments January through May, or returning the $6533 to me which I would in good faith share with my four natural children in the amount of S1633.25 each for Cole, Molly, Amy and Katie.

19. The threat by the IRS of placing a lien on the property has not materialized some two months after their written statement. As a private corporation serving a foreign agency the IRS does not have jurisdiction to do so and never did.

20. Your actions, past, present and future, will speak more clearly than any words.

21. The protections afforded me under SEC Tracer 2640220 are still in effect. That document I provided to you on November 10, 2015, and to Pierce County Clerk of Court on 2 December, 2015 enumerates those protections.

22. While Pierce County Sheriff and Court Reporter are honoring those protections Rodli, Beskar, Neuhaus, Murray and Pletcher, S.C. have violated them now so any further legal paperwork from Daniel P. Murray will result in Daniel P. Murray, Jorv R. Gavic and Judge Joseph D. Boles being added to the International Lien as Defendants/Debtors

23. I demand to see any contract between Field McConnell and any corporate entity such as U S Department of Justice or Pierce County Court or any corporate entity contracted by them. In order for any such contract to be enforceable I would have to have signed it on 2 October, 1967 or thereafter. I have never done so.

24. USDoJ, Wisconsin and Pierce County have no contract obligating me, Field McConnell a living man, to be ward of the court or ward of the state.

25. Contracts must be “in kind” which means only a corporation can enter into a contract with a corporation.

26. Pierce County and Rodli et. al. are attempting to coerce me to appear as a corporation in their corporate courts and I will not do so. As a living man I have provided to Alison, her two attorneys and my 5 children a perfected copy of the International Lien known as SEC Tracer #2640220 where I am indemnified by paragraphs 6, 7 and 8 on page 40. The International Lien was put in place 15 October, 2015, Alison was made aware 10 November, 2015 and Pierce County Court and Attorneys Schembera and Murray have been informed of the SEC Tracer #2640220 and the protective codicils included therein.

27. If Pierce County Court, a corporation, or Daniel P. Murray, a corporate officer, can deliver to me a written contract between Living Man Field McConnell and their Corporate Entities I will respond to that fraud also.

28. Further Affiant sayeth not. SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO ) BEFORE ME, on the ) 3rd Day of March, 2016 ) ) ) ______________________________ ) ______________________________ NOTARY PUBLIC ) Field McConnell My Commission expires: _______________

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