RICO 9/11 and Marine Links British Bankers Libor Projects to Monique Villa’s United 93

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Libor projects sponsored since 1984 by the British Bankers Association, to a ‘United 93’ propaganda film, allegedly scripted by Monique Villa.

McConnell claims the British Bankers Association provided a Libor spread-bet facility to gamers who bet on insured value of a leased aircraft flying as United 93 and hired Villa to help them conceal the conspiracy with a Thomson Reuters’ Wag the Dog story.

Thomson Reuters, LIBOR and Monique Villa Wag the Dog for False Flag Profits

“United 93 – Trailer”

“9/11 United 93 Ending”

“Monique Villa – Thomson Reuters Foundation [N.B. Intergenerational crime: Samantha Cameron’s maternal great-grandfather was Sir Roderick Jones, a Chairman of Reuters]”

“Thomson Reuters Foundation CEO Monique Villa speaks at TrustLaw Awards in London , Dec 5, 201”

“Bill Black Reports: LIBOR and HSBC [N.B. Intergenerational crime: One of David Cameron’s great-great-grandfathers was Sir Ewen Cameron, the London head of HSBC, who arranged Rothschild loan to finance the Russo-Japanese war of 1904]”

“HSBC allowed money laundering, says US Senate”

“British Bankers + Reuters + Obama + Romney + McArthur + Sidley Austin + Dohrn = Disaster”

By this open letter, McConnell is inviting credentialed law firms to help him and fellow American military and commercial pilots to assemble a class action suit against the BBA Libor enterprise for the man-in-the-middle propaganda attack on FAA air traffic control systems which resulted in the wrongful death of Captain Jason Dahl, pilot of United 93 and McConnell’s Annapolis Classmate, Captain Chic Burlingame USNA ’71 who died in W386A airspace under the control of NEADS/Giantkiller commanded by a Colonel Robert Marr.

Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)(Pro Se) and Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 could have prevented Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Speedbird 38, Colgan 3407, Turkish 1951 and Air France 447. ALPA, FBI, FAA and DOJ are well aware. They have done nothing.

When Sukhoi and Moscow were informed of the Strangler’s Suite of illegal aircraft modifications, they chose a more responsible course of action.

More to follow.

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Abel Danger

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