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FBI Brass Ran Up $65K World Series Tab of Freebies in Luxury Box of LA Dodgers Owners While Team Was Target of FBI Grand Jury Probe

May 30, 2019

Numerous FBI executives lived it up in the executive suite and lounge of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ owners during the 2018 World Series, attending the sky-high-priced event for free — at the same time the Dodgers were a target of a federal grand jury investigation.

Federal sources said a team of high ranking FBI brass from the Los Angeles field office attended a World Series game between the Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox and racked up a massive game tab rivaling $50,000 to $65,000 in freebies, including drinks, food, executive club access and mingling with baseball all stars and Hollywood celebrities in the posh owner’s digs during the October 2018 affair.

The Dodgers rolled out the red carpet for the Feds, giving a half-dozen or more FBI brass a private VIP tour of the plush stadium and locker rooms, according to sources.

Meanwhile, across town, rank-and-file FBI agents were working part of the Bureau’s investigation into Major League Baseball, especially the LA Dodgers.

In early Oct. 2018, Sports Illustrated published a report revealing that the U.S. Department of Justice has undertaken a “sweeping probe” of MLB teams’ international signing practices and corruption throughout the sport. The Dodgers are most often cited in the article, but other teams and the league office itself are also apparently involved.

In the report SI published a selection of emails and documents taken from a collection of evidence that apparently pushed the DOJ to begin this investigation in the first place, including “videotapes, photographs, confidential legal briefs, receipts, copies of player visas and passport documents, internal club emails and private communications by franchise executives in 2015 and 2016.” None of which looks like good news for the teams involved in the probe. More on that HERE.

News of the federal probe – led by the FBI in DC and Los Angeles — went public three weeks before the FBI executives received the VIP rollout at the ballpark, sources said.

Yes. You read that correctly. Three weeks.

“Many agents are sick of this,” one federal source said. “These were not seats you can even buy; they are priceless and at a World Series game in Los Angeles. Not the mention the investigation.”

FBI sources said one FBI director who attended the event instructed his federal colleagues to make a nominal $10 purchase at the ballpark so the group technically could say they did not attend the plush event for free. One FBI source estimated the ticket price for a World Series game in Los Angeles – in the team’s owner’s suite area and seating was worth approximately $7,500 per seat.

“That’s a conservative number,” he said. “Remember, we’re not supposed to take one dime (for free).”

Unless you’re corrupt. And you’re free World Series ticket in the owner’s suite and seats is worth a month’s salary. And you can mingle with Kate Upton and friends. (see the celeb guest list below)

More intriguing, however, is the timing of the free junket. And the fact that the embattled FBI is already embroiled in numerous corruption probes. But this one belongs to FBI Director Christopher Wray, according to FBI grunts.

Please go to True Pundit to read the article on this despicable behavior.



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