REVEALED: The Saudi death squad MbS uses to silence dissent

Source: Middle East Eye

MEE exclusively reveals details about the Tiger Squad, a team of assassins targeting Saudi critics at home and abroad

A demonstrator dressed as Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman holds ‘the royal bone saw’ outside the White House (AFP)

by Mustafa Abu Sneineh • Monday 22 October, 2018

Jamal Khashoggi fell victim to its assassins. He wasn’t the first.

In new revelations, a Saudi source with intimate knowledge of his country’s intelligence services told Middle East Eye about a death squad that operates under the guidance and supervision of Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince.

The Firqat el-Nemr, or Tiger Squad, is well-known to the US intelligence services. It was formed more than a year ago and is comprised of 50 of the best-skilled intelligence and military operatives in the kingdom.

The group was recruited from different branches of the Saudi security services, channelling several areas of expertise. Its members are unflinchingly loyal to Riyadh’s young crown prince, commonly known as MBS.

MEE can exclusively reveal details about the Tiger Squad, after speaking to a very well-placed source. The source detailed to MEE the squad’s makeup, targets, actions and personnel.

They [the Saudi leadership] have the belief that arresting critics will mount pressure on them, so that’s why they started assassinating them quietly– Saudi source

Although MEE was not able to confirm the information disclosed, the source was independently verified.

The Tiger Squad’s mission is to covertly assassinate Saudi dissidents, inside the kingdom and on foreign soil, in a way that goes unnoticed by the media, the international community and politicians, the source said.

“They [the Saudi leadership] have the belief that arresting critics will mount pressure on them, so that’s why they started assassinating them quietly,” the source said.

The Tiger Squad’s members are drawn from the military and intelligence services. (Reuters)

The Tiger Squad’s assassination methods vary.

Sometimes it gets its hands dirty, such as with Khashoggi, who was tortured, murdered and dismembered by the Tiger Squad in Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul on 2 October.

But the unit also plans assassinations that keep the victim at arm’s length, and are intended to appear as accidents, such as a car crash or housefire. The Tiger Squad has even had a dissident injected with deadly viruses as he visited hospital for a routine checkup, the source said.

The squad was named after Major General Ahmed al-Assiri, the deputy chief of Saudi intelligence, who was sacked by Riyadh last week after heavy international pressure on Saudi Arabia to take action over Khashoggi’s killing.

“Assiri is well-known among his colleagues as ‘the Tiger of the South’. Since the coalition’s war [on Yemen] the Saudi media also started calling Assiri ‘the Beast’, and he liked this nickname,” the source said.

Please go to Middle East Eye to read the entire article.

Source: tajdeed media channel

Three of the assassination squad were eliminated by MBS



Source: Voltaire Network

The Saudis are publicly divided

Voltaire Network | 20 October 2018

De-fusing the plot to bring down the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed ben Salmane (“MBS”), has caused several members of the Royal family to flee.

While King Salmane personally assured the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, that he knew nothing about the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, it was rumoured that his son, MBS, had definitely requested that he be presented with the head of Prince Al-Waleed’s right hand man.

Prince Ahmed ben Abdelaziz, King Salmane’s brother, has set up a permanent base for himself in Europe. He could even live in Paris. Former Minister of Home Affairs, he is one of the seven “Soudairis”. He has the reputation of both being a revolutionary and also unspoilt by corruption. By 2015 he had already participated in manoeuvres carried out to prevent MBS’s thunder-bolt like ascension.

Prince Ahmed ben Abdelaziz has been joined by one of the sons and former spouse of former King Abdallah.

Anoosha Boralessa



Confused reporting on Saudi butchering of WaPo “journalist” – the FINAL ANSWER

October 22-23, 2018

Recently, I have posted conflicting accounts of what went on in the white house over the killing of Khashoggi. Finally, the answer has come out.

Here is what happened: Trump wanted to destroy Saudi Arabia over it, but was then told by Kushner to handle the situation delicately. REASON:

As I had previously stated, the right thing to do in this situation, no matter how brutal it was, is back off. This is because Khashoggi really was a traitor who tried to destroy Saudi Arabia by using a prominent position to act as a spy, and rat everything to Turkey. He also tried to overthrow the Saudi Crown. When anyone does this from within a nations borders, (being from that nation to begin with) you cannot condemn the country for how it handled the situation no matter how gruesome it may have been. All countries execute these types.

So right back to my earlier posts – On the advice of Kushner, Trump, who wanted to blow Saud off the map followed outside advice and did not. And as usual, I hate Saudi Arabia and would not care at all if Trump had blown them away, if there is one hole on earth that could actually benefit from the U.S. going in, it is that place.

All media lies in favor of Saud, and lies against Iran. Unlike what you are told, Iran is a literal paradise with very educated and very capable people that gets nothing but lied about and it would be a catastrophe if the U.S. destroyed it. It goes far beyond infrastructure and buildings (which Iran has mastered, in that way it is great also) – Saud is nicely built but the people there are useless. Reason: Previous kingdom leaders were half way decent with the oil money and really did distribute it to the people, who then became so lazy that people from Pakistan do everything. Saudi Arabia is, for the native Sauds, a welfare state on steroids. This may reflect well on the kingdom for actually distributing the oil wealth but the end product was awful, where Pakis even fly the fighter jets.

Add to the mix the way they handled Khashoggi (this happens often in Saud, ) we only heard about it with Khashoggi because he worked for WaPo (a subversive “publication”) and they squawked about it, and Saud was also absolutely rotten with Yemen, having no reason at all to destroy the place other than “I am better than you”. Additionally, they literally pleasure Israel, – the list of reasons why I hate Saud are endless. I am not the type that wants all Muslims dead, but the Saudi kingdom makes me want to puke.

Ok, one more perspective: The Saudi kingdom is populated with such complete idiots that they let the Jews move into all the universities and destroy the minds of the women, who are converted into rabid trolls who hate men so much they can’t possibly have a home and the kingdom was so stupid that “as long as they cover their heads, all is well!”. They never noticed what happened and now the future of Saud is over. The Jews kicked off such a social disturbance that an enormous pile of women left the country and now very large numbers of men can’t find wives. And if they can find a wife, they’ll be getting hit by a broom handle 10 times a day at least while constantly treating bite wounds. Men run countless ads: “Seeking a traditional woman” with NO TAKERS. All the while the Saudi kingdom denied women the right to drive, and got bashed for trampling “women’s rights” they let an enemy render the women worthless. None have a real education, it is all just paper and their minds are totally deleted. If you think feminism damaged America, you “aint seen NUTHIN.” Saudi Arabia is a classic example of what happens when you hand an enormous pile of cash to totally socially ignorant morons who can now do little more than suck a camel. The men there certainly won’t be sucking a woman’s face!


Source: The Hidden Tax on Humanity

Why the Leadership Crisis in Saudi Arabia? Cui bono?

November 13, 2017 by Mel Rockefeller with Jeff Gates

The crisis in Saudi Arabia confirms how those who produced the Trump presidency are using the Office of the President to advance Israeli goals. I’m confident that Israelis know they are the real target of the investigation led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller. Skilled as agent provocateurs who routinely stage crises to advance their goals, I believe Tel Aviv hopes to induce another conflict in the Middle East to divert attention from what they fear will happen when a long-deceived public grasps the costs imposed worldwide traceable to our “special relationship” with the Jewish state

Should Israel’s game theory war-planners induce another war, I believe their hope is that the U.S. will see Israel as a needed ally in that volatile region rather than holding them accountable for what my life experience proves: Israel is an enemy imbedded deep inside our government. Let me explain.

Israeli goals came sharply into focus when news reports confirmed that Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was summoned back to Saudi Arabia (its financial patron) after meeting with officials in Iran. Hariri announced his surprise resignation in Riyadh the same day that a purported Iranian missile was shot down over Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) ordered the arrest of 11 princes, four ministers and some 200 former officials. Trump senior advisers (and Chabad Lubavitch devotees) Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt were in Riyadh just days prior. U.S. officials report they are not briefed on what Kushner and MbS discuss.

Middle East specialists see a brash 32-year old Crown Prince and a 35-year old Hasidic White House ‘princeling’ operating well beyond their capacity to grasp the forces being put in motion, I believe, under the direction of Israeli war-planners. The November 4th attack on Riyadh’s airport was immediately described by the Saudi Foreign Minister as “an act of war.” Advancing war with Iran has been part of a long-sought Zionist goal of regional hegemony. A collateral crisis was created when Lebanon was thrown into disarray with the Hariri resignation. The Saudi Foreign Minister urged visiting Saudis to leave Lebanon, signaling a pending conflict consistent with Israeli goals.

The Hariri resignation triggered a political vacuum in Lebanon conducive to creating another conflict between Israel and Hezbollah while also providing a rationale for war with Iran. The most promising news in months that Israeli actions are being exposed was a report that National Security Adviser Lt. General H.R. McMaster “yelled” at a high-level Israeli delegation in August when they portrayed Iran-backed Hezbollah as a terrorist group.[1] The Zionist Organization of America sought to remove him. Failing that, MbS now appears willing to act as Tel Aviv’s proxy in advancing a conflict that U.N. General-Secretary Antonio Guterres says would have “devastating consequences.”

A Tell-Tale Silence

I believe that our true national security agencies realize that Israel has long manipulated both us and our allies to act against our interests. One recent “tell” was the forced resignation on November 8 of British MP Priti Patel when it was found that she attended 14 undisclosed meetings with Israel officials arranged by Stuart Polak, leader of the UK Parliament’s Conservative Friends of Israel. Another “tell” was how little news coverage accompanied Patel’s resignation. Much as Israel has long used the U.S. as its surrogate, the U.K. has also routinely been induced to play that role.

Akin to Sherlock Holmes’ “the dog that didn’t bark,” contrast that silence with the media frenzy in February 2009 when Israel-skeptic Chas Freeman was named U.S. Director of National Intelligence charged with coordinating the findings of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies. A former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and China, Tel Aviv knew that Freeman could not be co-opted and would candidly report how Israel manipulates the U.S. and undermines our national security. Faced with a vicious, personal and well-coordinated attack, he withdrew, citing the Israel lobby.

Please go to The Hidden Tax on Humanity to read this important work.



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