Remove Erik Prince’s (Israeli Proxy?) Colombian Drug Mercenaries and the US Military Stays In Afghanistan

Ed.’s note: Finish the job America. Stay in Afghanistan then weed out the Israeli and Russian penetration. America was forced to “set Afghanistan on fire” with Erik Prince’s Mossad-like Blackwater (now Frontier Services Group) mercenaries running the drug warlords for Israel. The Navy SEALs were probably brought in to knock off competing drug warlords. Trump obliged to remove US troops from Afghanistan because he works for Israel. How many American soldiers were butchered in Afghanistan since 2003? The number is at 2,372 with two killed yesterday.

Trump, Putin and the mob. Part 7: Jared Kushner, Erik Prince & the secret meetings connecting them

America is infected with a deadly virulent disease and it is called “political Zionism.” It is destroying America and its institutions especially the military. We have a better idea for Tulsi Gabbard who wants US troops pulled out of Afghanistan. Explain to them instead, Tulsi Gabbard, Israel is the problem then go into Afghanistan and “win that war.” No Gabbard, the US military stays and then wins back Afghanistan then secures it with a big fat apology. America was welcomed when they first went into Afghanistan. The Pushtuns welcomed the US military in – until they started shooting peasant farmers. Then the entire country got turned to shit when the drug warlords and Israel started pointing their fingers at the Taliban.

That’s Israel: sucks you in; sets fire to the house; then watches you burn down. Watch closely what is about to happen: Israel under Benjamin Netanyahu will start announcing peace treaties all over the Middle East and America will be shamed. Then forced to leave the region with its tail between its legs. And Tulsi, if you run for the presidency can you secure the vote?

Watchdog says U.S. wasted more than $15 billion in past 11 years in Afghanistan

I Was a Mercenary. Trust Me: Erik Prince’s Plan Is Garbage.

One of the reasons why Erik Prince might have worked to secure the presidency of Donald Trump, was so that Trump would pull the US military out of Afghanistan leaving Prince’s Colombian mercenaries to take over the drug trade. The Colombians have been fighting in drug wars for decades and there is no better mercenary force than Colombians for that job in Afghanistan. Not only this, but Colombia is 90% Christian, which means the roughly 4,000 to 5,000 Colombian mercenaries on Prince’s payroll are in the Middle East “fighting infidels.” Another consideration as to why Erik Prince’s mercenaries are in Iraq, might be related to groups they control moving them for civil unrest in Iran.

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince’s New Company Is Operating In Iraq

Erik Prince had ties with Benjamin Netanyahu through Ari Harow, the disgraced former chief of staff to Prime Minister Netanyahu. Prince used to do business with Harow but what exactly that “business” was is not clear. Prince also has long-standing ties with the Israeli financier Dorian Barak, formerly Harow’s business partner. What were those business ties? Mining rare earth metals in Afghanistan for Israel’s high tech sector which were rejected by the US national security establishment?

Prince is tight with Israeli tech firms. He tried selling surveillance products and services provided by Israel. In 2014, he “demonstrated for some of his Frontier Services colleagues cellphone geolocation software that he said had been licensed from an Israeli company.”  Ari Harow and Erik Prince (“Trump’s Russia back channeller”) are connected to the Jewish billionaire Vincent Tchenguiz who was once the largest shareholder in the SCL Group. Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) is the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, the data mining company heavily involved in the group behind the rise of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.

Cambridge Analytica executives created a company with the Executive Director & Deputy Chairman of Erik Prince’s Frontier Services Group

The Complete Mercenary

Erik Prince has just registered a subsidiary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) with a mandate to extract minerals and timber and conduct financial operations. Will his subsidiary in the DRC supply Israel’s tech firms with rare earth metals like cobalt? Or with Prince’s close ties to China, will his subsidiary in the DRC protect cobalt production for China’s high tech sector? Persuading Trump to remove the US military from Afghanistan so that Prince’s private mercenary army could take over which would have definitely benefited Israel? To round off Prince’s investment portfolio, he is currently looking round for investments in Israel.

George Nader is an adviser to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MBZ) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and a consultant to Blackwater founder Erik Prince. In January 2018, special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators questioned Nader in connection to suspicions that the UAE had been involved with Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Nader attended a December 2016 meeting in New York between the UAE officials and president-elect Donald Trump’s associates Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, and Steve Bannon. In January 2017, he was at a meeting on the Seychelles islands between the Emiratis and Erik Prince, and was present when Prince met with officials from the UAE and Kirill Dmitriev, head of state-run Russian Direct Investment Fund.

Former key Mueller witness George Nader arrested on child pornography charges

Billionaire investor Erik Prince is looking for investments in Israel

When was the last time anyone believed a guy holding his right hand up taking an oath to tell the truth?

The Domestic Conspiracy Is Hiding In Plain Sight Erik Prince


Source: International Policy Digest

Why America Should Stay in Afghanistan

26 Jan 2019 | by Sabera Azizi

America’s longest yet forgotten war has come under the media’s scrutiny in recent weeks.

As President Trump intends to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, political pundits, politicians, and military generals have pondered the ramifications of such action.

Many of them have analyzed the impact that withdrawal would have on regional players, international terrorist groups, and the Taliban. Such analyses are mainly along the lines of an imminent Taliban takeover, Washington giving up its leverage against the Taliban, and the revitalization of Afghanistan’s territory as a hotbed for international terrorist groups. Which are all true.

But not many have thought about this: U.S. withdrawal would trigger a gruesome civil war in Afghanistan.

The current proxy war in Afghanistan is deadly as is, fueled by regional players. The annual report by the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED), an NGO that analyzes political violence, concluded that in 2018 amongst all global conflicts, the war in Afghanistan was the most violent. Fatalities in Afghanistan were as many as in Yemen and Syria combined.

U.S. withdrawal would lead to an even more lethal conflict. That’s so because Washington is the only stabilizing influential actor in Afghanistan. Washington’s diplomatic and militaristic presence has tamed Afghanistan’s warlords. Consequently, an American withdrawal would give Afghan warlords the green light to tussle for absolute power. These warlords are the most volatile domestic actors. They are players in a zero-sum game, actively searching for opportunities to grab power.

In a nutshell: Washington’s presence is preventing an Afghan civil war that would be fueled by local warlords.

Without American troops, warlords would attempt to seize power and hold various parts of the country as hostage.

Even Afghanistan’s powerful warlord, Atta Mohammad Noor, often referred to as the ‘King of the North’ admitted this.

In a recent interview, Noor implied that without Washington’s presence he would capture the presidential palace in three days. There’s no doubt that he could do that but he wouldn’t be the only one. Dozens of other warlords would also attempt to grab the president palace, plunging the country into another vicious civil war.

In the last eighteen years, Afghanistan’s warlords have failed to provoke a civil war because the United States has firmly supported the Afghan government.

Please go to International Policy Digest to read the entire article.


News update for July 2, 2019 on Trump’s policy towards Afghanistan.

Trump Describes Afghanistan As ‘Lab For Terrorists’

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