Remotely Crashing Planes and Controlling Patents

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Thursday, January 11, 2018






FIG. 1–RICHARD C. WALKER, AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES (PALO ALTO, CA) HOLDS MONSTROUS “INTERNET OF THINGS” PATENTS THAT CAN TAKE DOWN PLANES WITH REMOTE INSTRUCTIONS TO ONE LITTLE QRS-11 SENSOR IN THE AUTOPILOT SYSTEM. The global surveillance grid includes embedded chips in planes, devices, equipment and people to remotely send signals and control every element of The Internet of Things network. The QRS-11 quartz rate sensor (the diameter of a quarter; also see for more detail on the uninterruptable autopilot) is embedded in most aircraft autopilots. The intelligence version of the sensor can be turned off remotely and bring down the plane. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Hillary Clinton’s Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas handled the QRS-11 patent family. Her mentor, managing partner J. Joseph Giroiri, was on the board of the assignee of the patents – BEI Technologies, Inc. Hillary Clinton’s Rose Law Firm [AD note: Hillary Clinton was not a patent lawyer, however, she was an intellectual property lawyer at the Rose Law firm which is the third oldest law firm in the United States. How can lawyers assist Abel Danger to strip Serco – formerly RCA GB 1929, a radio patent monopoly company – out of the USPTO before Hillary Clinton builds the next death-pool patent thicket around the technology of a variable yield atomic bomb? Or how can a petition get going among patent and IP law associates to have the operations of the USPTO taken away from Serco and returned to the United States government?] in Little Rock, Arkansas was the original attorney representing the inventor of the QRS-11 sensor in BEI Electronics/Technologies (US Pat. Nos. 3,974,428; 3,976,997; 4,628,298). This sensor was so critical to national security that the State Department fined Boeing $16 million for illegal exports. After many mergers and company sales, the rights to the QRS-11 went to France for a decade owned by Schneider Electric SA. Schneider sold the rights to a Barclays Bank client in London. The Rose Law Partner who hired Hillary, J. Joseph Giroiri, Walker’s system can crash planes remotely served on the BEI Technologies board of directors. He also coordinated the Clinton’s China and Indonesia banking connections associated with their Mena, Arkansas drug smuggling, money laundering and sex trafficking.

Barclays then sold the company and the QRS-11 patent rights to Sensata, Inc. which is controlled by Mitt Romney’s Goldman Sachs-aligned Bain Capital in Boston. Tellingly, dozens of former Clinton staff have died in mysterious airplane and vehicle crashes. Also telling, the late FBI Superstar Ted Gunderson, said in 2005 that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVay had a bio chip surgically installed in him by Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West who led the rogue C.I.A.’s MKUltra mind control program. Conveniently for Bill and Hillary, the Oklahoma City bombing destroyed the records of the FBI investigation on Janet Reno’s WACO criminality. The bombing also killed former Clinton chief of security Alan G. Whicher. Four other Clinton’s bodyguards (C. LeBleu/T., T. McKeaham,, R. Williams,, S. Willis) were shot in the head by a helicopter sniper at the illegal military siege of the Branch Davidian property in Waco, Texas (1993). Some call these deaths “Arkancide” since most everyone associated with the Clintons in Arkansas, except Larry Nichols, have died. Nichols produced The Clinton Chronicles (1994) to expose the Clinton devilish corruption. Despite ill health, Larry carries on the struggle to bring the Clintons to justice.


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UPDATE! JAN. 16, 2018

IEEE 803.2 Ethernet standard

Most computer engineers have no idea how the IEEE 802.3 data transmission Ethernet standard was developed (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). We have just discovered that it was shoved down our throats by Deep State shadow government forces intent on controlling the Internet as a global spy grid and corporatist profit machine. Richard C. Walker a.k.a Rick Walker was a stooge for Agilent Technologies who was evidently tapped by the Highlands Group to seize control of technology standards needed for the takeover. This post contains hard, indictable evidence that proves the identities of the corporatists involved with HP/Agilent, including 3Com, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Cisco, IBM, Sun, Intel, NTT (Japan Telephone), Cielo, Quake, nSerial, Nortel, World Wide Packets. See Jul. 10, 2000 IEEE meeting slides where Walker’s pushes standards proposed on Mar. 06, 2000—the same day he filed for a patent (became U.S. Pat. No. 6,718,491) on the same slides. Mindspring engineer Roy Bynum complained that Walker was railroading the standard. Of course, after filing his patent, Walker had a vested interest in having it become the IEEE standard for data transmission. It did, to this day.

Patents last for 20 years from the time they are filed. Walker assigned it to HP/Agilent Technologies. Then inexplicably, on Jun. 24, 2013, the Patent Office allowed an almost identical patent U.S. Pat. No. 9,451,057 on the 802.3 Ethernet standard by a subsidiary of Marvell International, Ltd. thru inventor Brett A. McClellan, a Bahamian corporation with offices in Colorado.The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) overrode the Examiner Eric A. Myers (Art Unit 2474) who had ruled that Marvell’s filing was doubly unpatenable as being essentially a copy of Walker’s earlier dubious Ethernet patents. Walker filed eleven (11) patents assigned to Hewlett-Packard and fourteen (14) assigned to Agilent Technologies, Inc. The PTAB overruled Examiner Myers and awarded it to McClellan/Marvell anyway, void of substantive reasons, the PTAB (secret three-judge internal patent court) magically accepted ALL of Marvell’s previously rejected novelty arguments. Therefore, Marvell’s value appears to be fraudulent, yet they claim control of the 802.3 Ethernet standard driving all Internet data transmission. This evident corruption in the U.S. Patent Office shows it has become nothing but a rubber stamp for corporatists, and not a protector of American inventors.


Meet Big Brother


(JAN. 11, 2017)—What AFI and American Intelligence Media (AIM) researchers have just discovered is breathtaking, disgusting, astounding and monstrous. It is also shocking how far along the plan is. Amazingly, the Deep State shadow government, in its evident hubris, has fully disclosed their diabolical technology scheme for “The Internet of Things” in writing.

The patent actually says that their plan is to identify, tag, track and control literally everything on the planet. Their unquestioned plan is to embed micro-electronic control devices, either surgically or by injection, in every human being on the planet. To them, it’s all about “management of the world’s resources” including you. Walker Patent No. 6,965,816 Col. 118, Lns. 53-54.

Why would they publish these plans? They evidently believed that these documents would not surface until after they had seized control.

Please go to Americans for Innovations to read the entire article.


SERCO GROUP PLC: List of Subsidiaries AND Shareholders! [Note representatives of Serco’s private-equity groups, investment banker N M Rothschild (Wilbur Ross?) and shareholders, including the British and Saudi governments, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and the TIAA pension fund, met in a junket room on the 47th Floor of North Tower (WTC1) on 9/11!]

This is The Chip You Should Know About


(George W. Bush Administration)

2002 – BXA changes to BIS In April 2002, less than one year after the 9.11 terrorists attack which shook the world, the Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) of the Commerce Department announced that it had changed its name to the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). The change was made to reflect the breadth of the bureau’s renewed activities in the sphere of national, homeland, economic and cyber security.

2006 – Boeing is charged with violations of AECA/ITAR

In April, 2006, Boeing paid a $15 million fine for violations of AECA and ITAR. Between 2000 and 2003, according to the Charging Letter of the State Department, Boeing shipped overseas without license 94 commercial jets with the BEI QRS-11 quarts rate sensors, or gyro-chips, embedded in the flight boxes, including 19 to China. In July 1993 the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) of the State Department issued a Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) determination to BEI Technology Inc., the manufacturer of the device, ruling that the QRS-11 is a defense article controlled under the ITAR, being used in the guidance system of the Maverick missile.



News update on Hillary Clinton. The FBI now needs to be rebuilt from the ground up…

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