Reevaluating George Washington – Some Historical Truths and Reality

The Truth About George Washington

Who Was George Washington?

by Miles Mathis

First published October 11, 2016

As usual, this is just my opinion, arrived at by personal research.

Let’s go straight to the genealogy on this one. George’s maternal grandmother is given as Mary Montague, but the line stops there. This is a huge red flag, almost as big as the red flags around Lenin’s genealogy. Washington was from wealthy and prominent Virginia families, so the idea we wouldn’t know who his great grandparents were in his mother’s line is preposterous. Do you really think George’s mother didn’t know who her own grandmother was? As you will see below, Martha Washington’s genealogy goes back to the time of Joan of Arc (1400s). So how could George’s stop at this grandmother? Also preposterous is the misdirection surrounding this Mary Montague. At Geni, her dates are 1665-1743, born in Christchurch, VA. Her death is given as April 12. Her husband is given as Col. Joseph Ball and her daughter is Mary Washington. No ancestors are given. At Wikipedia, she is not listed at all. Her place is a blank. But at WikiTree, although she has exactly the same dates and place of birth as at Geni, she is given as the wife of William Johnson and Thomas Payne. There she is the mother of Joseph Ball, Elisabeth Johnson, Francis Payne, Thomas Payne, and Philemon Payne. But how can she be the mother of Joseph Ball if she never married anyone named Ball? Beyond that, the lines at Wikitree are poorly scrubbed. On the page for Mary Montague, we are told Peter Montague, Sr.’s wife is unknown, but if we click on him, we find the wife name is known—Cicely Parker. We even know her previous husband, Thomas Bailey, Jr. This is three generations before Mary Montague. She was also apparently married to a Farrar and a Jordan, unless those were middle names.

Let’s look at Joseph Ball, to see if we can shed any light on this mystery. He was supposed to be thes on of Col. William Ball, and the father by Mary Bennett of Joseph Ball, Hannah, Esther, Elisabeth,and Anne. By his second wife Mary Johnson he was the father of Mary Ball, who became Mary Washington. So it looks to me like Mary Montague, although a real person, was moved up a generation so that they could jettison Mary Bennett from the genealogy at most prominent sites. Even the link above (which claims to be following tries to make you think it wasn’t Montague but Johnson who was the mother of Mary Washington. This puts an even bigger red flag by Mary Bennett, and makes us wonder why they are scrubbing her.

Well, since we have seen the Bennetts in recent papers, we already know. Thomas Pynchon’s mother was a Bennett, and we found that she was also very well scrubbed. I suggested she was descended from the English peerage, and I suggest the same thing with George Washington. It is even more important with Washington, because they don’t want to admit he was from English nobility. That would be too big a clue. Especially when we discover which lines of nobility.

I am also reminded that there are many Bennetts now who admit they are Jewish. See Naftali Bennett, who has led the far-right Jewish Hom Party in Israel since 2012. Also Michael Bennet, Senator from Colorado, whose mother is Jewish. We are told his father isn’t, but that may be more misdirection. His mother is a Benedict, which is curious seeing that Bennett and Benedict come from the same family and are just variant spellings.* His paternal grandmother is scrubbed. And then there is Tony Bennett, who is sold as Italian, of course, but who has a Jewish daughter.

Please go to Miles Mathis’ essay Who Was George Washington in PDF format to read the entire essay.

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