Reconfigure Terrorism™ Against Russia – Vladimir Putin: “Foreign Intel Services Support Terrorist Groups on Russia’s Borders” – “War on Terrorism” For the Neocons is a Zero Sum Game

Shootout Aftermath: FSB kills 2 terror suspects near
city of Vladimir, Russia (GRAPHIC)

Russian security forces are well trained and prepared to take on terrorists that are now being organized by intelligence agencies (NATO-Anglo-American) to hit soft targets inside Russia and on Russia’s southern borders:

Chechnya terror attack: Heavy fighting in Grozny, fierce shootout (EXCLUSIVE)

Russian special forces against terrorists

Russian Spetsnaz Battle Jihadists In Dagestan

Russian Special Force Operations During Heavy Clashes With Militants In Dagestan

Bollyn “The War On Terror Is a Zionist/Neocon Creation To Redraw The Middle East!”


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Operational Group of Russian Forces in Tajikistan


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One comment

  • Christopher Bollyn made an excellent two hour presentation at the AustinTruthFest,

    Sept 11, 2016, along with Jim Marrs, Mark Anderson and Ron Avery, AIA

    Interesting, that InfoWars, headquartered in Austin, did NOT cover this event….