Putin Offers Millions Of Americans With Slavic Heritage 2.5 Acres In Eastern Russia

Russian Patriarch Kirill: Godless Western Elites Want to Destroy Christianity

‘Western laws now clash with moral nature of man’ – Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill (EXCLUSIVE)

Orthodox Church expands its influence over Russian society

09/05/2017: RT’s Peter Lavelle lashed out at Western media on CGTN’s talk show

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  • The Russian Patriarche of The Orthodox Church speaks many truths about todays western culture (which has been hijacked by the Godless for $$$)—– The downfall is internal and funded by our own “Representatives” which, of course, they are not. They represent their own self interests and those of their owners–Banksters, and are all going to pay. Rand Paul is the only one I can name as MY representative. He see’s and speaks truth. All others–done.

    The open homosexuality, “Transgenderism” (which is clearly a major mental illness), atheism, satanism and greed will bring down the west IF WE ALLOW–we shall not.

    I believe this next generation are much smarter and understand the folly that has been played upon us. I also see a coming return to Jesus, our Lord for these (not Millenials–after them) have a candle to see Truth. Much more conservative and more Christian like in many ways.

    In the Truth Seeking movement we must not allow (and we have–sadly)–Narcissists/sociopaths/tyrants who spend hours telling us how great and smart they are and how they’ve suffered to get to where they are. They take great pains in reminding us that without them we’d be no where. Hogwash. These too shall be cleaned out in the coming spin cycle.

    Jesus Christ said “Love One Another”—–That was not a suggestion or a request. If one attack others who are clearly not an enemy, simple disagreements and then exercise ones Authority over another for reasons of arrogance (Pussywhipped behavior aside)–his command has been breached. That is a person of a totalitarian mindset and suffers from the onset of becoming a tyrant. Men like this have no business commanding anyone and retirement is probably best for them. Truth is like water–it finds it’s level no matter what.

  • The FIELD is too long. It must be mowed. Cut it Patriots. Lovers of God. Start the mowers. Statists are shape shifters–Liars!!!!!!, Statists.Crown agents (marriage is a sign–Crown marriage)–Zionists. Cut them down. The Field must be MOWED DOWN. I see no real love for our Father here (well, any–none.)Words are nothing. Piss off Pilot. You are a STATIST and shall be dealt with.

    Tyrants have no place in our movement.

  • Please note that “Slavic heritage” is not bound to the modern political borders of the Russian Federation.

    This does not mean that Moscow would accept applications from every “Tom, Dick and Harry” in the USA.

    Ellis Island was the entry point for the Slav immigrants to the USA in days past.

    The USA would not be the nation we have today without the skills and character of the immigrants.

    Namely The Russians, The Poles, The Czechs, The Baltic Peoples, the Black Sea peoples and Balkans both west and East. Add a few Magyars, a big contingent of Scots and Irishand you had the mix to create whatt we have today.

    Unfortunately a bunch of rogues and thugs were added post WW2 and these NAZI products also include lots of Slavs. By that time the innocent children of the first immigrants were unable to recognise the vermin. Hence the comprehensive, immoral and criminal networks imbedded into Western power elite social structure.

    For this cowardly group the only effective motivation is for themselves: driven by their own wallets and their own genitals. They are the lowest form of humanity who murdered 140 million in the last century. These psychotic animals use sophism and trickery to emote us all into self destruction.

  • However Xi Jinping delivers robust defence of globalisation at Davos but will not allow anyone to interfere with its own country . The hypocrisy of all nations including China is astounding . Democracy is nothing more than rigged elections , equal law for all , who are you kidding the elite and leaders are immune from all laws ,they only make things illegal so they can profit themselves and not have competition. both speaking perfect ENGLISH says everything ABOUT WHO IS RUNNING THESE 2 STATIONS , China is worse than anyone as far as truth goes . Chemtrails dudes , vaccine poison made in China , China pushing globalism to steal everyone’s jobs and industry ..


    Do not expect the contemporary moral Western depravity to be accepted in the RF.

    They specifically protect their women and their children. Men are essentially disposable in terms of societal value.

    Of note has been the sexualisation of women as tradeable objects in the cities: Prague in the Czech Republic has been ruined morally.

    The Slavs are an emotive people well able to defend themselves. You will need some training to survive, on the upside the opportunity is there just as it was in 1850 on the USA.

  • Milton:

    They use wars to kill off all of the best people.

    The ones left are the scum who sent the best people into battle.

    All nations harbour people like this.

    The enemy is within all nations and cannot be nation specific.

    Nor can it be religion specific; the key is recognising the manipulation.

  • Specifically here: They kill off the best we have in war. Then they kill us at home with chemtrails and bad food.

  • I lived in Japan for a long time, East Russia is much further north than Hokkaido which is already a very cold place in winter. 2.5 Acres of frozen tundra in winter that turns into 2.5 Acres of mud in the spring sounds like a nice place to visit for about an hour a few times a year, but I’d have reservations about moving there… Not to mention the f*cked-up politics- the loved daddy-figure Putin, who’s mother was Jewish, who had an Israeli Aikido instructor, who is ex-KGB and therefore a pro at manipulating himself to appear as he likes to his hapless victims, who still has a BIS-controlled central bank in his country, who’s friend, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church who looks very Jewish and personally owns tobacco companies and vodka distilleries…
    Pass the salt, please…

  • Carl: What is your opinion on Hispanic cross bred Mutts?

    You are pure..you must be.

    Field is part North American Indian: these people can be traced directly back to Siberia.

    The last time I needed hospital treatment the receptionist advised me I had a “bad attitude”

    “I am an ethnic minority” I advised her.

    “We are all like this”

    She left the the examination room.

    The medic was a gorgeous and competent lady from India as in south Asia.

    Not as in N.A. Indian.

    Why don’t you have a personal DNA test..then you can identify with your own clan.

  • R and R time out:

  • Hi Roland,
    Mate, I don’t have a problem with “cross bred Mutts” as you called them. If a couple in love want to start a whole new tribe, good on them, go for it, I reckon. The world isn’t overpopulated with people, it’s overpopulated with a$$h*les. Because the people have been dumbed down, drugged, placated and their right to defensive arms stripped. In a PROPER world, where ALL men of common decent morality are armed to the teeth, the a$$h*le problem magically disappears.
    As for me being “pure”, I would have to say a major fraction of who I am would be New Zealand cheese, followed by beef, beer and a little bit of pheasant and hedge hog.

  • And as the flee to the mother land with their luggage full of gold diamonds and art we will set back and think of them as poor souls. nothingnewdot org. Some old shiiit different Day.

  • Thank You Peter Lavelle! Most americans don’t even leave their living room to travel abroad to expand their education of themselves or their children! Lazy “I have no interest” gluttons… The MSLSD “brainwashes” us by monopolizing the news…repetitive using the same story over and over again so we are brainwashed….dumbed down and ineffectual…are we polarized? Me thinks God’s Will is taking the lead in all of this mess we are in, worldwide, not just the U.S. … we are being enlightened…one will either “allow it” to change their will, or one will “stay constipated” in their “box” and never allow the change…left brain masculine, right brain feminine….we are not polarized by any source or force that is conducting it….we are being “separated”….those that are IN and those that are OUT…..like looking down at the inmates running the asylum…..be not afraid….there are No Mistakes….everything has a purpose…stay Opposed against the enemies of Life….live here or there, it won’t matter…its gonna happen anywhere you are!
    Russian Patriarch Krill: Ephesians 5:11 ►
    And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.
    ….we Believers In The Son Of God will shine again ….we will shine as Lovers of Christ and the Beloved of Christ…..We Are As He Desires Us To Be…..We are instruments of the Most High…..We prayed for Russia in your Hour of Darkness…we accept your prayers for us as we are being tested by the powers of darkness….Pray For Us

  • Look what we did to these people !!!! Washington should be “hanging themselves” over this……. but of course that’s a stretch….

  • Roland Edgar Dent GBR DL13 3PR

    OK not ALL Russian women are like Svetlana Kapnina