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Source: Russian Insider

The Russian Church’s Zero-Tolerance on Virginity – a ‘Matter of National Security’

It is necessary to stigmatize sexual relations before marriage. We need to explain to young men that it is not normal to marry a woman who has already been used by dozens of men, and that only a fool would marry a harlot. Yes, this will hurt many very deeply. The vast majority of our society will be exposed. But we simply have no other way out to save the future generation.

According to the Bible, it is the father who is responsible for the honor of his daughter. It is important for men to understand that there is no greater shame for a father, than failing to keep your daughter pure before marriage.

In less than a month, on July 8th, Russia will have its national holiday celebrating Family, Love, & Fidelity. It is also the Orthodox Church’s feast day for Saints Peter & Fevronia, patron saints for Christian marriage & family.

We asked some experts, why is it necessary to preserve virginity before marriage? How can the total devaluation of marriage among young people now be dealt with, and what should the Church and the state undertake to do so?

Priest Timothy Kuropatov, prior of the Patriarchal monastery at the church of the Tsar Passion-bearers in Anino, South Chertanovo

The disintegration of families and fornication among adolescents needs to be corrected by state policy, which today is aimed at the promotion of fornication, and morality is corrupted through television and the Internet. If we would prohibit such films, programs, and movies, and if we would reacts to divorces more harshly, the situation would change.

Most marriages today are falling apart due to the fact that people are big egoists with great pride. Responsibility for education is borne by parents, and children should receive spiritual education at the church. Let’s be honest — there are not a lot of divorces among true believers. If a person is an Orthodox Christian, goes to church, honors the Lord, and takes communion, then his family is strong. Among believers there are the least divorces, a high number of good families, and ninety percent marriages are happy ones. The church prohibits divorces, and tries to heal human souls, while the state does not give these tools to society. The state provides other opportunities: come, file an application, and “walk out happy”. Therefore, a very big responsibility lies precisely with the state. The state should take measures to help people think and live as they should.

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Source: Culture Wars


What in the hell is this? When you see junk like this know that this is a creation of the international predatory banking class to destabilize then break apart society. Much of what you will see in this clip is completely manufactured with actors and actresses. The gay mafia, the Jewish mob and pools of criminal informants are tapped into to make this kind of hideous shit possible.



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