Psyop in Paris – “Bombing”/Shooting Spree – Media Manipulation – « Je Suis Crisis Actor » – Multi-Site SAMU (EMT) Exercise on Nov. 13 – NATO–Gladio–Zionist Strategy of Tension – Trauma-Based Mind Control for the Masses – Manufacturing a Pretext for More Domestic Repression & Foreign Wars – Western “Intelligence” Agencies & “Security” Services Steeped in (Rothschild) Fraud and State Criminality – Stratégie Triangulaire, Sous Faux Drapeau (False Flag)

Paris Attacks: Staged Bombing Shooting Hoax for Syrian Invasion Exposed (Redsilverj) 

Paris Terror Hoax False Flag Fake Explosions in Stadium 
Paris Terror – Loads of men in orange jackets doing NOTHING 
Paris France Bombing “Terrorist Attack” Hoax – Death Metal Concert Alleyway Staged Scene Exposed
Paris France Bombing “Terrorist Attack” Hoax – Bionic Woman & Lonely Cell Phone Man

Paris France “Terrorist Attack” Hoax – The Amazing Spider Man & Bionic Woman

Paris France Bombing Hoax Exposed – French EMT Says Live Drill Planned on 11/13 
Paris France “Terrorist Attack” Psyop Hoax – Cafe Suicide Bombing Scene “Forensic Experts” Exposed

Geraldo Rivera Plays Along With Paris Bombing Hoax! Daughter Was There! (Redsilverj)
Paris – Hoax Is Preferred to a False Flag – Morris
Jeannette Bougrab EXPOSED! Paris Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor FULLY REVEALED
Jeannette Bougrab Rothschild Connection FULLY EXPOSED! Crisis Actor Charlie Hebdo
Alain Soral – stratégie du chaos et opérations sous fausse bannière (false flag) 
Alain Soral vs Dynovisz : l’origine hébraïque du false flag


Infamous Bloody Bataclan Photo Is a Fake That Could Have Been Staged Anytime

Another French false flag?

Paris Terror Scam – Hoax, Not Blowback – “Dead” Vicsims – Audio Soundtrack Is an Obvious Studio Job – Prepositioned Camerapersons – Mind the Cue Lines! – Hollywood-Style Script for Max Effect – Tasteless Satirical Rag “Charlie Hebrew” Produced Anti-Islamic Cartoons – I Am NOT Charlie – « Charlie Hebdo, C’est de la Merde ! »

“Conspiracy Theories: Current Status” – Political Radicalism Observatory of the Fondation Jean-Jaurès (French Socialist Party Think Tank) – Denunciation of the “Jewish Conspiracy” – Competing With the “Official Version” of an Event – François Hollande’s Pétainism and Inversion of Values – The State Is a Leviathan Which, by Nature, Abuses Those It Governs – The “Rothschild Myth” – Cromwell, Disraeli, Rhodes, Herzl… and Rothschild

Dieudonné, Soral, and the French Resistance – Struggle Between the French People and the Zionist Plutocracy – Media Censorship or Free Speech? – Inserting a Quenelle Into Zionism’s Butt – Anti-Establishment Gesture – A Political Earthquake in France – Equality and Reconciliation

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