Pretext: “Venezuela Financing Migrant Caravan” – Venezuela Invasion Now Imminent

Updated January 8, 2019: Yesterday, news was reported Christian Zerpa fled Venezuela to Miami, Florida just before the official inauguration of President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela on January 10, 2018. It is now becoming evident the US is forming “new government” for Venezuela in Miami, Florida with this news released yesterday of Juan Guaido stating that “Nicolás Maduro will be a usurper president.” The US and the Lima Group will come out and say, “yes, we agree”, as Guaido becomes the new president of Venezuela appointed by the US.

The opposition groups in Venezuela including the Lima Group are all backed by the US and big oil interests. This criminal and illegal Venezuelan government being formed in Miami will be used as a spring board to invade Venezuela. The US government will declare they have been invited by this illegal government to help them “dispose of a dictator.”

New Venezuela congress chief says Maduro will be usurper president

Maduro Urges Lima Group to Abandon Hostile Policies Threatening to Take Measures

This all came about in 2014 when the US manipulated the price of oil causing the Venezuelan economy to crash leading to all kinds of financial problems in Venezuela. The US does this as a political and geopolitical weapon. The petro dollar isn’t a currency, it’s a “weapon”.

How the United States manipulates global oil prices

Updated January 7, 2018: President Donald Trump is alleged to be considering calling for a “state of emergency” considering the circumstances at the US border with Mexico. This is related to the government shutdown unless the wall is constructed between Mexico and the US. There are now unsubstantiated claims being made the migrant caravan coming north out of Central America is being “partially financed by Venezuela”. This is the pretext that will be used as the invasion force is now moving into position to attack Venezuela.

Here’s the pretext stated by Pence in this interview with Fox News. As this interview with Pence is listened to understand Honduras has received US financing and backing to train and equip its military for a long time. Pence claims he has “first hand knowledge from the president of Honduras the migrant caravan is partially financed by Venezuela”. Honduras has always been the US military foothold into South America.

Can readers see the duplicity here of what is going on with Venezuela? Weren’t economic sanctions put in place against Venezuela? Economic sanctions were put in place but not applicable if you are in a position to personally benefit from trading with Venezuela like the prominent Florida Republican Harry Sargeant III. Sargeant is a billionaire with diversified business holdings in energy and shipping in Florida. Sargeant is part-owner of the mostly unknown U.S. energy firm Erepla Services LLC.

Erelpa just signed a deal with the Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA. The deal was said to “help increase the socialist-run country’s [Venezuela] plummeting crude oil output.” Sargeant made his billion by providing the Pentagon fuel for its invasion of Iraq through his company International Oil Trading Company (IOTC). Any other description would be “war profiteering.” The point being the Pentagon is running the show here demonstrated by this news that Sargeant’s company will be positioned to supply the Pentagon with fuel for this coming invasion of Venezuela using Venezuelan oil.

Newcomer To Help Venezuela Reverse Oil Production Drop

Let’s get this straight, Pence makes the dubious claim Venezuela is partially financing the migrant caravan coming to the US border, and yet the US continues to purchase oil from Venezuela made apparent in the two linked articles below? If this is the case and it most certainly is, these migrants from Central America should have been stopped a long time ago. This is being carefully guided on the pretext “Venezuela is partially financing the migrant caravan” to militarily target Venezuela for invasion and also blaming “leftist groups” financing this “migrant invasion.” The media creates the context by using the description of “migrant invasion” meaning this threat will have to be met with military force.

Venezuela’s PDVSA inks oil deal with firm part-owned by Florida Republican

As Maduro heads to new term, some say it’s time to stop buying Venezuelan oil


Preparations Underway For Military Assault On Venezuela Through South American Proxies Brazil and the Narco State Colombia

Updated January 8, 2018: Christian Zerpa has fled to Miami, Florida just before the official inauguration of President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela on January 10, 2018. Zerpa has been in the Venezuelan government for the past 20 years even before Hugo Chavez became president of Venezuela in 2002 until 2013. Before fleeing to Miami, Zerpa was presiding over the Electoral Council of Venezuela’s Supreme Court. He was a member of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and served as a lawmaker in both the National Assembly and the PARLASUR.

Nicolás Maduro realized when he became president the National Assembly of Venezuela it was stacked with corrupt politicians. He then set out to replace them by creating the National Constituent Assembly. Maduro realized the national legislative body was hopelessly corrupt and so called out to the different localities for them to send new people after he dismissed the corrupt members of the national legislature. Christian Zerpa was part of the supreme court that allowed for this to happen.

It very well could be Christian Zerpa was a US plant and that the charge of being under investigation for sexual harassment was the excuse. Did Christian Zerpa realize something is coming and decided to get out of Venezuela? Unlike in the US, the Venezuelans aren’t under the tyranny of political correctness so the charge of sexual harassment has even less significance. At what point here did Zerpa figure out he was on the wrong side of the opposition and decide to bail out while he could?

The government under Maduro has been arresting oil and mineral mining executives and corrupt money speculators collaborating with Colombia and the US. The US media reported that this was Maduro’s attempt to “consolidate power” completely dismissing Maduro’s efforts at bringing corruption under control. It very well could have been that Christian Zerpa suspected he was about to be arrested and fled Venezuela.

Venezuelan Ex-Magistrate Flees to Miami, Pledges to ‘Collaborate’ with US Authorities

Venezuela arrests hundreds of currency ‘speculators’

Venezuela arrests top oil officials in corruption probe

Top executives of U.S.-based Citgo detained in Venezuela corruption probe

Empire Files Under Siege: Abby Martin and Mike Prysner Speak with Freedom Now and Venezuelanalysis

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