Pretext Has Been Established – Shots Fired

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Shots Fired as Venezuela Opposition Faces Off With Maduro Near Border

Soldiers kill one, injure 15 others, during an indigenous protest against Venezuela’s blocking of U.S.-backed aid near Brazil’s border

From the beginning of the Trump administration, critics have chided President Trump for not working more closely with allies. But right now the U.S. is working with allies in Venezuela. WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib explains. Photo: Getty

By José de Córdoba and Ryan Dube

Venezuelan soldiers fired on protesters along Brazil’s border Friday, killing one woman and injuring 15, punctuating an expected showdown Saturday with a U.S.-backed opposition that is preparing to bring tons of medicine and humanitarian aid into the country.

No need to go to The Wall Street Journal to read the story because we know violence is coming to Venezuela.


There is absolutely no verification yet Venezuelan soldiers were involved. This shooting is being reported by all the major US-based media. “Humanitarian aid” is the pretext and is being used as a cynical political weapon to move towards a military attack on Venezuela. There are private mercenaries, special forces and gunmen crawling all over that border area between Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela. USAID workers are mostly military types posing as “humanitarian workers”. Basically covert military personnel working as “aid workers” to facilitate military operations. Venezuela knows what is going on at the border. Covert USAID operatives will provoke penetration of the border with Venezuela. These military types working as USAID workers will collect intelligence and more than likely provoke the Venezuelan military into firing.

Venezuelan military kills woman in standoff over international aid, mayor says

2 Dead, 14 Injured As Venezuelan Soldiers Open Fire On Civilians Near Brazil Border

Cuba Accuses US Of Preparing For Military Action In Venezuela 

US-backed opposition caught on VIDEO throwing Molotov cocktails at aid truck on Venezuela border

Updated 23 February 2019: Look what the US is willing to do to the people in Colombia. This was a cowardly event so we would like to see Marco Rubio make a comment about this. It is said that three Venezuelan troops are deserting so what does this make it now, maybe 5-6 not more than 10 deserters? This was a staged event and notice the injured girl. The US could car less about how many people are killed and injured and there will be more. There were Colombian gang members pelting rocks at the Bolivarian police and then these same gangs on the Colombian side were hitting sheets of metal with steel rods to make it sound as if shots were being fired. So we are seeing major provocations coming from the US-backed Colombian side at the border areas.

Worth listening to for a better view of the circumstances surrounding Venezuela.


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Random Guy™ Juan looks “white” doesn’t he?

Would anyone like a good chuckle today? Read this. We did and couldn’t stop laughing.

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