President Donald Trump: Can You Move to Gab?

Ed. note: President Donald Trump, can you do us all a favor please? Close your twitter account and move your online social media presence along with your 60 million followers to Gab?

Here is the link:

We recognize when you said what twitter and Facebook were doing “was horrible”. Your suggestion President Trump for fighting censorship? You said you fight censorship by “just being good.” In other words, what you mean is for us to sit back and simply take it, right? Are you serious? Is this related to Silicon tech companies as well as twitter and Facebook all depending on Israel technology for their platforms? Could this also be about preventing full public discourse on Israel and powerful Jewish interests in America on social media platforms? We think so.

Here is what we’ve witnessed:

“The past few weeks bring further proof that they [twitter and Facebook] are not just collaborating, but that they’ve accepted de facto Israeli legal jurisdiction over their platform, not just in Israel but throughout the world.”

Twitter Bows To Israeli Government Pressure To Censor Tweets

Execs from Facebook, Google, and Microsoft explain why they use Israel for their R&D

Facebook, Twitter Impose Israeli Military Censorship on Their Platforms

Here is what you need to do President Trump:

Gab is a genuine free speech platform. It is free, it is simple to use, and it would send a blindingly clear message. The people who hate you will have to follow you to Gab. This isn’t going to work, President Trump. All the social media companies say they can censor whatever they want because of Section 230 of the Decency Act of 1996. This is only a law. If you are concerned about “free speech” why hasn’t your administration attempted changing this law? Americans voted for you because you mentioned something about “breaking the grip of political correctness.” This editor doesn’t see it, in fact, nothing you have done offers the American people any real substantial changes.

Why does the above book ANTIFA The Anti-Fascist Handbook remain being sold on Bezos’ Amazon, Donald Trump? Mark Bray wrote this book and he was interviewed on Meet The Press. A quote from the book: “We may not be able to change someone’s beliefs, but we sure as hell can make it politically, socially, economically, and sometimes physically costly to articulate.” “Physically costly?” On television, Bray was asked if he endorses violence. Bray responded with “fascism cannot be defeated through speech.” Even though Bray endorses violence, he of course still has his job and his book is still sold on Amazon. Why?

Amazon has been banning books recently including books that challenge vaccine dogma. Amazon has also axed the documentary Vaxxed from Amazon Prime. Amazon has also banned Jared Taylor’s books of American Renaissance, Roosh V’s books have been banned as well as many more. The US Justice Department under your administration, has done nothing to restrain ANTIFA. Instead, the US Justice Department has been using part of ANTIFA’s doxxing research to arrest members of Rise Above. That evidence to arrest them probably came out of the SPLC but we now know just how thoroughly corrupt and useless the SPLC has become. Why the selective prosecution Mr. Trump? Why didn’t you declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization with over 100,000 signatures supporting well founded accusations? ANTIFA is a front group but the question now becomes for who? And speaking of the US Justice Department doing nothing on ANTIFA, your administration isn’t really doing anything on immigration reform either are they? We’ll leave this to another post though.

Did you see what Tulsi Gabbard put up on twitter on March 14, 2019 President Trump? Here it is:

Thank you.


Here is what we are up against.

This was a set up.

What is Gab? Social media site used by Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect ‘being forced offline’


Facebook Teams up With Mainstream Media to Directly Censor News Websites

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