Politics Going Theological – They Can Have the Christianity We’ll Take the Technology

Revealed: Trump-linked US Christian ‘fundamentalists’ pour millions of ‘dark money’ into Europe, boosting the far right

MEPs call for action as openDemocracy analysis reveals ‘shocking’ flows of cash crossing the Atlantic to push ultra-conservative agendas.

By Mary Fitzgerald and Claire Provost

March 30, 2019 “Information Clearing House” – US Christian right ‘fundamentalists’ linked to the Trump administration and Steve Bannon are among a dozen American groups that have poured at least $50 million of ‘dark money’ into Europe over the last decade, openDemocracy can reveal today.

Between them, these groups have backed ‘armies’ of ultra-conservative lawyers and political activists, as well as ‘family values’ campaigns against LGBT rights, sex education and abortion – and a number appear to have increasing links with Europe’s far right.

They are spending money on a scale “not previously imagined”, according to lawmakers and human rights advocates, who have called our findings “shocking”. Reacting to openDemocracy’s findings, a cross-party group of more than 40 MEPs has called on the EU’s transparency tsar Frans Timmermans to look into the influence of “US Christian fundamentalists… with the greatest urgency” ahead of May’s European Parliament elections.

Among the biggest spenders is a group whose chief counsel is also Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Jay Sekulow. Another organisation has collaborated with a controversial Rome-based ‘institute’ backed by Steve Bannon. And a number of the groups are connected to the World Congress of Families: a network of ultra-conservative activists which has links to far-right politicians and movements in several European countries, including Italy, Hungary, Poland, Spain and Serbia.

None of these American groups discloses who its donors are – though at least two have links to famous conservative billionaires, such as the Koch brothers (who helped bankroll the Tea Party Movement) and the family of Trump’s education secretary.

The increasing ties between some of these US Christian conservative groups and the European far right will be on display this weekend at a summit of the World Congress of Families (WCF) in Verona, Italy.

Right-wing politicians and their supporters from across the continent are expected to attend – including the Italian deputy prime minister, Matteo Salvini, who has described the WCF as a showcase for “the Europe that we like”.

In a letter copied to the presidents of the European Council, European Commission and European Parliament, the cross-party group of MEPs has demanded action to protect European democracy “against nefarious outside influences”.

Scottish National Party MEP Alyn Smith, who sits on the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee and signed the letter, today said: “This investigation by openDemocracy is extremely timely and shines a light on a major challenge facing democracy in Europe.”

Our findings “are highly alarming and nobody should be in any doubt as to the insidious nature of these fundamentalist groups”, he continued. “No group of any kind should be able to use dark money to distort debate and to subvert democracy in Europe, least of all group such as these whose causes are deeply regressive”.

Please go to Information Clearing House to read the entire article.



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The politics of theology in America has taken on a very weird sort of convergence of “conservatism” and fascism, something ANTIFA allegedly opposes. But ANTIFA was probably developed into existence as a false representation of what Americans should really be organized and fighting against: powerful oligarchs and debt slavery. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) puts on their annual conference where Donald Trump spoke in February, 2018. The founding of CPAC included Frank Straus Meyer,William F. Buckley Jr. and Robert Bauman. Meyer was the intellectual brains behind CPAC, Buckley wrote on conservative issues for the CIA, and Bauman appears to have been the conservative face of CPAC as a Republican congressman. Note that Frank Straus Meyer was Jewish.

Billy Graham’s son Franklin, currently is the CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and is the largest financial donor of “dark money” discussed in the article above moving into Europe totaling $23.3 million. Billy Graham complained to Richard Nixon that” Jews had too much power in the media” when Graham was White House chaplain to Nixon. In secret audio tapes from the Nixon White House that were released in 2002, Graham could be heard referring to Jews as “pornographers” and agreeing with Nixon that “the U.S. media was dominated by liberal Jews and could send the United States down the drain.”

The Billy Graham Channel on SiriusXM, hosts Christian “crusade-style” events broadcasted in cities around the world. Notice that SiriusXM with headquarters in New York was started by Martine Aliana Rothblatt who is Jewish. Interesting is it not that Billy Graham accused Jews of “controlling the media and pornography”, when the founder of Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio, and Sirius XM Radio that BGEA uses for broadcasting Christian messages was founded by the Jewish Rothblatt. Martine Rothblatt is a hardcore Herzl Zionist even suggesting in “her” book “Two Stars for Peace: The Case for Using U.S. Statehood to Achieve Lasting Peace in the Middle East” as a way to “ensure the survival of Jewish national identity in a world that that must somehow be fundamentally changed so that it abandons its congenital indifference or hostility to the essence of Zionism.”

The formerly Martin Rothblatt who transgendered into Martine, is one of the highest paid female CEOs in the US who founded the biotechnology company United Therapeutics. Martine was born as Martin Rothblatt of Jewish heritage and decided to transition to a female, becoming Martine during the “height of her Sirius XM success”. There has been more than ample evidence to demonstrate much of the technology Israel has obtained over the years including biotechnology has come directly out of America much of this technology being stolen.

Where is all this astonishing technology coming from and why is Israel and not America in a leadership position with this technology? In contrast, we have incredibly motivated zealot Christian-Zionists in America all highly organized, well funded and publicized to pressure Jews to return to Israel. This includes the organization Billy Graham founded BGEA and John Hagee’s outfit Christians United for Israel (CUI) and Mike Evens’ huge Christian-Zionist operation. Do all these American Zionist-Christians after all these years committing millions of dollars to these organizations all working together to “save Israel” realize the level of technology transfers and outright theft that has been going on including American nuclear technology? No, they obviously do not. It is as if these Jewish organizations are saying to Americans, here, you can have your “Christianity” attached to Zionism and we’ll take the technology just so long as you pay to save Israel. Is it any wonder many Jews in Israel dislike Christianity? It scares them with good reason.

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Israel’s Economic Espionage in the United States

Documents from the US Espionage Den, Iran Embassy – CIA Station 1979

A secret 1979 CIA document profiling Israel’s intelligence agencies (which was “declassified” by the Iranian students who took over the US embassy in Tehran after the Islamic revolution) showed American high-tech firms were a priority target for Israeli spy agencies.


Top-paid Female CEO in the U.S. Is Martine – Formerly Martin – Rothblatt

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The Future of Medicine: new discoveries by Israeli scientists

Then to keep Americans confused about what is going on as powerful Zionists build Israel as a major regional power in cooperation with Saudi Arabia, decoys are sent out like Richard B. Spencer. Just like with Christian-Zionism, Jews use race as a distraction. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) kicked out Richard B. Spencer in February, 2017 because of “radical views”. Maybe he was too obvious for CPAC? Whether or not that was a good decision we won’t really know but what is known is that Spencer’s mentor was the Jewish historian and “paleoconservative” Paul Gottfried.

Here we have Spencer who considers himself the “Karl Marx of the alt-right movement” and claimed he created the “alt right”, with his mentor being a Jewish historian, while Israel is one of the most supremacist racist countries in existence today. We strongly encourage Americans to stay away from any organization or affiliation with organizations claiming to be “defending the rights of whites.” These organizations, think tanks and related affiliations are almost invariable run by Jews to vector your political, ethnic and religious sentiments. The same goes for other “conservative” Jewish political pundits like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos. Boosting the “far right” is like a motivator used by the Zionist-Christians to force Jews to Israel so they can initiate their Talmudic turmoil with Mike Pence being a secret Zio weapon in disguise like Richard Spencer.

The Alt-Right’s Jewish Godfather

No wonder Richard Nixon didn’t like Russian-Jews.

The Sovietization of America Is Almost Complete

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The Soviet Union and the Creation of the State of Israel


It is Christian-Zionists more than Jews themselves who are driving Jews to Israel forcing Palestinians out and brutalizing them. Christian-Zionists in America with people like Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Mike Evans and many more, are acting like a fifth column to establish the Greater Israeli Project under the false pretenses of religion and Christianity. This is a theological lie and needs massive exposure. Our recommendation is to stay away from Jews. Just like inside the Democratic Party: let them destroy themselves. Let them fight it out between themselves while pointing out to “Christians” in America the fallacy and theological lies being used to build Israel into a super state with all the accompanying technology which has nothing to do with the Abrahamic religion of Judaism. This is the religion of Talmudism.

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What in the hell is this?

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