PizzaGate: Allison Mack Arrested, More Politicians Connected to Hollywood Sex Cult NXIVM?

Smallville Actress Allison Mack was arrested days ago over her involvement in a secret sex cult run by NXIVM founder Keith Raniere. The cult allegedly blackmailed, beat, and branded members of the group, while forcing other members to recruit more slaves. In addition to Mack and other celebrities being tied to the cult, there are several possible connections to well known politicians. NXIVM donated over $29,000 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. While Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s father lobbied for Raniere in 2004 before his arrest. Allison Mack is also a supporter of Marina Abromovic, an acquaintance of Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta who asked Podesta to participate in a ‘Spirit Cooking’ dinner in a bizarre Wikileaks emails.

Flashback: Allison Mack Breaks Down Crying While Interviewing Keith Raniere


BOMBSHELL! Allison Mack Keith Raniere “Vanguard” Indicted on CHILD TRAFFICKING! NXIVM PEDOGATE

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