Perfidious Albion: The Fatally Wounded British Beast Lashes Out


Perfidious Albion: The Fatally Wounded British Beast Lashes Out

Source: LaRouche Pac 

British Prime Minister Theresa May. Photo: EU2017EE Estonian Presidency

Skripal Poisoning a Desperate British Attempt to Resurrect Their American Coup 

by Barbara Boyd
March 18, 2018

This statement explores the strategic significance of major events in the world starting in February of 2018. Our goal is to precisely situate Theresa May’s March 12–14 mad effort to manufacture a new “weapons of mass destruction” hoax using the same people (the MI6 intelligence grouping around Sir Richard Dearlove) and script (an intelligence fraud concerning weapons of mass destruction) which were used to draw the United States into the disastrous Iraq War. The Skripal poisoning fraud also directly involves British agent Christopher Steele, the central figure in the ongoing coup against Donald Trump. This time the British information warfare operation is aimed at directly provoking Russia while maintaining their targeting of the U.S. population and President Trump. 

As the fevered war-like media coverage and hysteria surrounding the case makes clear, a certain section of the British elite seems prepared to risk everything on behalf of their dying imperial system. Despite the hype, economic warfare and sanctions appear to be the British weapons of choice. Putin, as we shall see, recently called the West’s nuclear bluff. With their Russiagate coup against Donald Trump fizzling, exposing British agent Christopher Steele and a slew of his American friends to criminal prosecution, a new tool was desperately needed to back the President of the United States into the British geopolitical corner shared by most of the American establishment. The tool is an intelligence hoax, a tried and true British product. 

According to the British spy tale, a former Russian military intelligence colonel, Sergei Skripal who spied for Great Britain in Russia from the early 1990s until 2004 was poisoned, along with his daughter, on March 4 in Salisbury, England, using a nerve agent “of a type developed by the former Soviet Union.” In 2010, Skripal had been exchanged in a spy swap between the United States and Russia. He had served six years in a Russian prison for spying for Britain. He had been living in the open in Britain for the last eight years. Skripal’s MI6 recruiter and handler, Pablo Miller, listed himself as a consultant to Orbis Business Intelligence, Christopher Steele’s British company, on his LinkedIn profile. When the Telegraph called attention to the Orbis reference, it was removed from the LinkedIn profile. Steele, who worked on the Trump dossier through his company Orbis, has denied that Miller worked directly on the Trump dossier. 

Theresa May and her foreign minister Boris Johnson insist there is only one person who could be responsible for the poisoning, described as an act of war, and that is Vladimir Putin. No evidence has been offered to support this claim. In fact, there is a substantial doubt whether the putative nerve agent, Novichok, even exists. No plausible motive has been provided as to why Putin would order such a provocative murder now, ahead of the World Cup, when the Russiagate coup against him in the United States has lost all momentum. Rather than following the protocols of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which require that evidence of the alleged agent be presented to Russia, the eccentric and unpopular May instead delivered an ultimatum to Russia and whipped up war fever throughout the UK. She now seeks to pull Donald Trump and NATO into ever more aggressive moves against Russia. 

Thus, just like Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier against Donald Trump, the British claims against Putin are an evidence-free exercise of raw power. The Anglo- American establishment instructed us, with respect to Steele:

“trust him, ignore the stinky factless content presented in this dossier, just note that he is backed by very important intelligence agencies who could cook your goose if you object.”

The same can be said for Teresa May’s crazed assertions now.

A short statement of the reasons why the British are now staging the Skripal provocation can be found in a March 14 London Sunday Telegraph call to arms by Allister Heath, who rants:

“We need a new world order to take on totalitarian capitalists in Russia and China… Such an alliance … would dramatically shift the global balance of power, and allow the liberal democracies finally to fight back. It would endow the world with the sorts of robust institutions that are required to contain Russia and China… Britain needs a new role in the world; building such a network would be our perfect mission.” 

Across the pond, as they say, a similar foundational statement was made by 68 former Obama Administration officials who have formed a group called National Security Action, aimed at securing Trump’s impeachment and attacking Russia and China. 

Please go to LaRouche Pac to read the entire article. 

Source: LaRouche Pac 

The Role of the British Has Never Been Clearer 

George W. Bush and Tony Blair shake hands after receiving notification that the Coalition Provisional Authority had returned full sovereignty to Iraq and transferred control of the nation to the Iraqi interim government, June 28, 2004.

British Role (pdf) 

First it was Tony Blair’s “dodgy dossier” on Saddam Hussein’s WMD which unleashed the pathetic George W. Bush to turn the entire Mideast (with help from Obama) into a terrorist hell hole. Then came claims of Bashir Assad’s use of chemical weapons, tricking Trump into a missile attack on a Syrian airbase. Then came British Intelligence operative Christopher Steele’s own “dodgy dossier,” launching a regime- change effort against the government of the United States based on fairy tales about Trump and Russia. Now, Prime Minister Theresa May, typically without evidence, declares there is “no alternative conclusion” but that the “Russian state” is responsible for the nerve agent attack in the London district of Salisbury, “an unlawful use of force against the United Kingdom.” We must all unite against the evil Russians, May and her controllers are screaming. 

It is all self-evidently nonsense, but there is desperation in the British Empire. For fifty years Lyndon LaRouche has documented the British Empire’s historic hatred of the United States, and the systematic takeover of U.S. government policy through Wall Street and other assets following the death of FDR and the assassination of JFK. Few listened. “The British Empire is dead,” we’d often hear, followed by the insistence that the only empire today is the Russian Empire, or the American Empire, depending on which of the British Empire’s controlled environments one chose to inhabit. 

But it is not working so easily this time. The London Guardian yesterday showed the level of panic in the Empire: “Throughout the day,” they editorialize, “the UK worked hard diplomatically in Washington to persuade Trump to set aside his desire for a rapport with Putin, and recognise that Russia was the only country that had the means or the motive to seek to kill Skripal,” the Russian double agent who was hit with a nerve agent last week together with his daughter. But, they whine, “Trump offered only a reluctant acceptance of the British case, but did not directly ascribe responsibility to Russia…. It would be a blow to Anglo-US relations if Trump refused to accept the British intelligence assessment, but since his election he has felt under siege over allegations that he colluded with Russia to win the presidency, and he believes former British intelligence officers have been feeding those allegations.” 

Indeed he does, and that effort to use lies concocted by MI6 to bring down his presidency has now been thoroughly discredited. The former Obama intelligence officials who peddled the British lies have been caught red-handed running a treasonous attack on the U.S. Government, and could (and should) soon be in jail. 

Prime Minister May is not running free within the UK, either. It is increasingly likely that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn would win an election if it comes to that, as it may, and the Tories are trailing Corbyn’s Labour Party in the polls for the upcoming local elections. Corbyn directly challenged May’s actions against Russia in the Parliament yesterday, asking if she would follow the rules of the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) and provide Russia with samples of the nerve agent and wait the required ten days. May blustered that she had given the Russians enough time, and that there was consensus from all the back benchers, that Corbyn was out of line, and that she was expelling 23 Russian diplomats. In a move that will certainly strike terror in the hearts of the Russians, May also announced that the Royal Family will not attend the World Cup in Russia. 

The British oligarchs’ fear is legitimate. The Empire will not survive the coming together of the United States, Russia, China, Africa, Ibero-America — and even the people of Europe and the U.K. — in the new paradigm represented by the spirit of the New Silk Road. They are willing to risk thermonuclear war to prevent that new paradigm, but their time is running out. It is a moment of great potential, if the human race rises to the occasion. 

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