Pedophiles in the U.S. Senior Executive Service – SOS Children’s Villages – Onion Router – conspiracy to overthrow the US Government on 9/11

How Crown Sister Marcy’s pedophile top officials staged SOS 9/11

To those awake whom it may concern
February 9, 2011

We believe that Crown Agents’ Sister Kristine Marcy and her pedophile colleagues in the U.S. Senior Executive Service, sponsored a phony TOPOFF exercise on Wednesday, May 17, 2000 when alumni of SOS Children’s Villages (cf. Maurice Strong 1950) were trained in the use of Onion Router (cf. Julian Assange, Robert Hanssen) encryption devices to conceal a pedophile conspiracy to overthrow the United States Government on 9/11.

In the excerpted notes, we remind our readers of the concepts of ‘spoliation of evidence’ and `misprision of treason’ as they apply to many common law jurisdictions in the English-speaking world and also the offence and penalties related to `murder-for-hire’ (contract killing) as recognized in the U.S. Criminal Code.


“EXERCISE TOPOFF 2000 NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION STARTEX for Exercise TOPOFF occurred on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, with the terrorist-motivated release of a biological agent in the Denver metropolitan area.” … “DHS | National Exercise Program The National Level Exercise Program is the nation’s premier terrorism preparedness … TOPOFF 2000: Coordinated, Strategic National Response. In May 2000, the Department of Justice … TOPOFF 2 … and the Canadian Government to test the domestic incident management in response to WMD terrorist attacks in the United States. The first TOPOFF exercise, TOPOFF 2000, was a …

“In law, spoliation of evidence is the intentional or negligent withholding, hiding [e.g. hiding source of commands to alleged pedophile SOS agents provocateurs in Egypt with ASSANGISTA ONION ROUTER encryption], altering, or destroying of evidence relevant to a legal proceeding. Spoliation has two consequences: the act is criminal by statute and may result in fines and incarceration for the parties who engaged in the spoliation; also, case law has established that proceedings that might have been altered by the spoliation may be interpreted under a spoliation inference. The spoliation inference is a negative evidentiary inference that a finder of fact can draw from a party’s destruction of a document or thing that is relevant to an ongoing or reasonably foreseeable civil or criminal proceeding: the finder of fact can review all evidence uncovered in as strong a light as possible against the spoliator and in favor of the opposing party. The theory of the spoliation inference is that when a party destroys evidence, it may be reasonable to infer that the party had “consciousness of guilt” or other motivation to avoid the evidence. Therefore, the factfinder may conclude that the evidence would have been unfavorable to the spoliator. Some jurisdictions have recognized a spoliation tort action, which allows the victim of destruction of evidence to file a separate tort action against a spoliator” … “Misprision of treason is an offence found in many common law jurisdictions around the world, having been inherited from English law. It is committed by someone who knows a treason is being or is about to be committed but does not report it to a proper authority. It is therefore unusual in that it is a criminal offence which may be committed through inaction .. Procedure The procedure on trials for misprision of treason is the same as that on trials for murder. It is classified as an indictable-only offence. Limitation A person may not be indicted for misprision of treason committed within the United Kingdom unless the indictment is signed within three years of the commission of that offence. Scottish Parliament Misprision of treason is a reserved matter on which the Scottish Parliament cannot legislate .. United States In the United States, misprision of treason is a federal offense, committed where someone who has knowledge of the commission of any treason against the United States, conceals such knowledge and does not inform the President, a federal judge or State Governor or State judge (18 U.S.C. § 2382). It is punishable by a fine and up to 7 years in federal prison. It is also a crime punishable under the criminal laws of many states.” .. “The “murder-for-hire” statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1958, was enacted as part of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, Pub.L. 98-473, Ch. X, Part A (Oct. 12, 1984). Section 1958(a) provides: Whoever travels in or causes another (including the intended victim) to travel in interstate or foreign commerce, or uses or causes another (including the intended victim) to use the mail or any facility in interstate or foreign commerce, with intent that a murder be committed in violation of the laws of any State or the United States as consideration for the receipt of, or as consideration for a promise or agreement to pay anything of pecuniary value, or who conspires to do so [violates this statute] .. According to the legislative history, § 1958 covers both the “hit man” and the contractor under the theory that the contractor causes the hit man to travel or use facilities in interstate commerce. S. Rep. 225 at 306. The maximum penalty for violating § 1958 varies with the severity of the conduct: a fine and/or ten years for any violation; a fine and/or twenty years if personal injury results; and a fine of not more than $250,000 and/or death or life imprisonment if death results. If the death penalty might be applicable, the United States Attorney’s Office must comply with the guidelines at USAM 9-10.000″.

“Dwarf…..three of our videos and one where Alex Jones appears to be following us……… 1. 9/11 was a treasonous act facilitated by Senior Executive Service, which my sister appears to have ‘created’ 2. SES was acting for benefit of City of London and Vatican City 3. 1000+ years Vatican has created conflicts between Muslims vs. Judeo Christians 4. Muslims, Jews and Christians may well unite to take down Vatican City and City of London as well as SES which is the anus through which City of London inserts their enema tube to pump Vatican BS to the sheeple in USA, Mexico and Latin America. 5. Vatican City, City of London and SES v. Plum City I like my odds.”
“As a corporate partner of SOS-USA, organizations are making a public statement that they are Socially Responsible. We are grateful for their support and encourage you to utilize their products and services. Businesses participate in our program by making financial donations and in-kind product donations of which SOS-USA facilitates to Children’s Villages around the world, by providing advocacy and community awareness, by initiating cause marketing of their products and by offering SOS-USA opportunities in their corporate grant programs. SOS Children’s Villages – USA donors and partners include:

7 for All Mankind
ABB Inc.
Abcam, Inc.
Academy of Country Music
ACCO Brands Corporation
The Active Network, Inc.
Alcatel-Lucent Foundation
Alliance for Telecom. Ind. Solutions
Alticor, Inc.
Altria Group, Inc.
AMEC Earth and Environmental, Inc. [Spoliation of evidence of 8(a) incendiary bombs in WTC 1, 2, 6 and 7 and Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center on 911]
American Express Company
American Fidelity Corporation
Aon Foundation [Illinois SOS alumni in WTC#2 mass murder on 9/11]
Applied Biosystems
The Applied Materials Foundation
Arrow Fabricated Tubing
Austria Club of Washington [SOS 9/11 coordinator with Crown Agents]
Avon Foundation
Ayuda Latina, Inc.
Bank of America
BCD Travel
Bertelsmann [Carlyle CAI’s expert network hedged 9/11 with Desmarais]
Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market Inc.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minn.
Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc
Booz Allen Hamilton [Topoff pedophiles and misprision of treason]
Bridgeway Capital Management
Bristol-Myers Squibb Comp.
British Airways [Flew KSM’s Quatari and al-Qaeda surveillance teams with Conair]
Business Traveler
Capital City Chapter of The Links, Inc.
Capital One
Cavorti Plumbing & Heating
CB Richard Ellis
Cha Investments
Council of Asian Pacific Americans
Country Music Television
Daimler AG
David S. Taylor Interests, Inc.
Dawn Training Centre, Inc.
Dongan Transformers
The Eberstadt Kuffner Fund, Inc.
Edward J. Deseta Company, Inc.
Enigma Variations Inc
Epocrates, Inc.
EOS International
Esprit US Retail Limited
Evolution Business Technologies LLC
Fairfield RSL Club
Fandom Rocks
FedEx Corporation
First Data Foundation
Firstgiving, Inc.
First State Women’s Care
Fortress Investment Group, LLC [9/11 Joint Venture with KPMG and Michelle’s Obama’s Women @ Sidley Group]
Ernst & Elfriede Frank Foundation, Inc
Gate Gourmet
General Motors
Genworth Foundation
Georgia Pacific Corporation
Gibson Foundation, Inc.
Global Impact
GNLD International, LLC
Goldman Sachs [Clinton Rubin and Raines Rules for Global Financial Crisis triggered by SOS 9/11]
Golfernoggins, LLC
Gruner+Jahr USA
Hambleton House, LLC/Bartlett Pear Inn
The Harkins Group LLC
Harrison & Associates
Hasbro Children’s Fund, Inc.
Herbalife Family Foundation
HIDEF Web Solutions, LLC
HSBC – North America [Canary Wharf, Sam Cam and D2 Banking snuff film 9/11]
Ibiza Restaurant & Lounge Inc.
Ichiman-Ya Corporation
Image Conscious
Inland Northwest AGC
International Foreign Exchange Concepts, Inc. []
International Monetary Fund
Independent Order of Odd Fellows [Oath taking ceremonies to hide 911 misprision of treason]
Institutional Investor, Inc.
Intrepid Capital Management, Inc.
Jennings Heywood Oil Syndicate
Johnson & Johnson Corporation
Kane & Finkel, LLC
Kentuckiana Wood Products Inc.
Koch Skanska, Inc.
KPMG [Pattern of the Times]
Kraft Foods International, Inc.
Kranz & Co.
Liberation Entertainment Inc.
Loop Installation & Repair (LIR)
Madison Performance Group
Marketing Partners, Inc.
MathWorks, Inc.
Medassist, Inc.
Medical Billing Management, Inc.
Melitta USA, Inc.
Metasparc Software Corporation
Miami Valley Hospital
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Monterey Fund, Inc.
Morgan Stanley
MSI International East
MTV Networks
Murray Hill Studios, Inc.
Nalco Company
Nantahala Outdoor Center
National Funeral Directors [!!!]
NEC Laboratories America, Inc.
Network For Good
Neuberger Berman
The Neustadt Museum of Tiffany Art
New York Life Foundation
Newsweek Magazine
Noodles & Company
Nortel [VoIP Pentagon 9/11]
North Parish of North Andover
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northwoods Unitarian Universalist
Nutricia North America, Inc.
The Oakleight L. Thorne Fund
Online Resources
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc.
Palmer Team
The Palms South Beach
PeaceArt International, Inc.
PepsiCo Foundation
Pincover Industrial Supply Co.
Precise Air Systems, Inc.
Prime Wines Corporation
Procter & Gamble Company
Quickie Manufacturing Corporation
Random House / Bertelsmann
Recon Sportswear, LLC
Red Rider Informatics
Rjeco, Inc.
Joseph Rosen Foundation
Rotary Club International
RZB Finance, LLC
S. Schneider Home Improvement
Simtec Silicone Parts, LLC
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP
Solid Ground Washington
SM International Finance, Inc.
Stargate Atlantis Pegasus Productions, Inc.
Strategy Networks
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Swarovski North America, LTD.
Swiss International Air Lines
Swissotel Chicago
Swissport North America Incorporated
Symantec Corporation
Taiheyo 3 Corporation
Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.
Tavistock Tournament Corporation
TGW Limited Partnership
Thomas J. Rusk Heights Lodge
Ticino Music
Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation
Touch Enterprises
Transat Tours Canada
Travelers Foundation [Rubin double occurrence insurance fraud on Twin Towers demolition with Smacsonic incendiary bombs]
Trumbull Pediatrics
Universal Music Group, Inc.
University Orthopedics of New York, PLLC
UVA Darden School of Business
Viennese Opera Ball
Volmar Construction Inc.
VRB Photography
Verizon Communications
The Washington Times
WDFA Marketing
World Lebanese Cultural Union
Zais Group, LLC
Zestron Corporation

For more information about our corporate partnerships and how your organization can help children in need, please contact us at 888.SOS-4KIDS or email at

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