Pattern of the Crimes, Pattern of the Signs, and Pattern of the Times – Today’s ‘Investigative Journalism’: Aiding and Abetting a Massive Lie


Pattern Of The Crimes – Part 2

13 Aug 2011

By admin

Stacia Glenn, Staff Writer

The News Tribune

Dear Stacia:

Your news item concerning the South King County Firefighters getting ’911 steel’ seems to be very misleading and, I’m sorry to say, contributes nothing to investigative journalism, save for aiding and abetting a massive lie.

Do you know the truth about what really happened on 911? I’m an airline transport pilot, and the individual who heads up the two websites listed farther below is a 23-year career airline Captain who was basically ‘removed’ from Northwest Airlines after blowing the whistle on 911. Up until about a year ago, he was flying Airbus 320 jets for Kazakhstan’s national airline, Air Astana, flying WITH Muslim co-pilots around tall buildings, without incident and without the TSA and Homeland Security – two agencies waiting in the wings after the 911 War Game exercises, Global Guardian and Vigilant Guardian. He’s also a former Happy Hooligan F-4 and F16 jet fighter pilot from the North Dakota Air National Guard based in Fargo, pictured here during his retirement from that unit.

Pattern of the Crimes Part 1

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