Pamela Geller Stages Inept ISIS™ False Flag in Garland, TX – Jail Time Will Hopefully Shut Her Up – Challenge Jewish Hate Groups’ Double Standards and U.S. Federal Judges’ Talmudic Tactics


Jim Stone Freelance 

May 5 2015


Pamela Geller would be able to add murder to her list of slam Islam tactics, that is IF ANYONE DIED; AND IT IS VIRTUALLY ASSURED NO ONE DID, NOT EVEN THE “JIHADISTS”. This is very difficult to piece together because no news report has all the details and they are widely separated, but HERE IT IS:

Pamela Geller was holding a “paint Mohammed” festival in Garland, Texas. Lo and behold, TWO Islamic “nutcases” crashed her event and started shooting. And THESE EXACT DEAD SHOOTERS NOW CLAIM AFFILIATION WITH ISIS VIA TWEETS! Caveat: They showed up shooting, but NO ONE took a bullet except the shooters, and BOTH died! Can you say B.S. FALSE FLAG, NEVER HAPPENED, BOSTON STYLE? I KNEW YOU COULD!

It really looks like Pamela staged this phony ISIS attack to help her dry her tears ONLY FOUR DAYS after the New York transit system banned ALL political ads to block her from posting her banner ad (here to the left) on buses and in subways. The blocking of her ads, which were previously approved by a judge, no doubt gave her a setback she could not cope with, so she went for the slam dunk: AN ISIS ATTACK AGAINST HER OWN EVENT! In a city a thousand miles away! HA HA HA HA HA, HOW TRANSPARENT IS THAT? No wonder the MSM refused to put the pieces together, and instead left it all as a cattle trail of incomplete and deceptive reports. But it is my job to put it all into a cohesive picture, which in this case clearly states: PAMELA, YOU SUCK AT FALSE FLAGS!

And Pamela, IT IS VIRTUALLY ASSURED YOU STAGED THIS. If anyone really was injured, YOU are responsible and will hopefully do jail time. That would shut you up!

UPDATE: Zero Hedge has all the details of what (supposedly) happened in Texas HERE, so I do not need to fish up a bunch of MSM reports. It takes approximately 6 alert neurons to add New York to Texas and accurately output FALSE FLAG; this was a damn brazen stunt for Pamela to pull.

And how will this stunt be used? Well, figure this: Pamela managed to inject into the public conscience an “ISIS” attack on American soil, right as we were going into the dreaded Jade Helm. No doubt the FBI and CIA and all others will know Pamela scammed this, but since they are all about subjugation of the American people and false flags anyway, they won’t prosecute – they will THANK HER and use this to screwball the American people. Pamela Geller is therefore, in my opinion, PUBLIC ENEMY #1, and the VERY FIRST to be definitively identified on a personal level as a destroyer of freedom for the American people. This time, we have a face, location, name, and organization to pin the tail on the donkey with.

In Pamela’s version of a false flag, TWO armed terrorists showed up with blazing AK-47s and full body armor, gave an unarmed security guard a mild ankle wound, and were shot dead in seconds by a lone police officer with a handgun. Pamela can’t dream up a plausible plot to save her life – PLASTIC KNIVES AND BOXCUTTERS, ANYONE? Scenario matches THIS: Two paid actors nailed third unarmed actor “security guard” in the ankle with wad from blank while shooting at the ground. Sore spot only, no blood lost, looked at and immediately released from hospital. No one died; pure fiction after that.


I bet the Baltimore riots were done to justify the types of curfews that are so loved by police states. Look at every tyranny that ever existed. Curfews are the norm, and with the chief of police saying the rioters were from other places, and the mayor ordering the police to give these imported rioters “room to destroy”, it is OBVIOUS that Baltimore had IMPOSING CURFEWS perhaps as their only purpose. THIS IS A BIG BAD IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE:


Sure, infrared night technology is very common, but not every militant cop has it – a vast majority do not have it – therefore the prospect of having people bugging out or changing locations at night has to be smacked down RIGHT NOW, with a false flag precedent: the riots!


Pamela Geller needs to be taken out 

May 7 



Pamela Geller represents such a threat to American society and your own future, it is imperative you take her down. HERE IS WHY:

Anonymous did not find any ISIS in America. Do you know what “Anonymous” is? Anonymous is absolutely ANYONE making a claim and planting “evidence”.

Now, I am sure there are many hackers out there working anonymously, but there is a cold hard reason why ISIS had over 70 agents on American soil and the NSA did not know about it: it is because these 70-plus agents live in Pamela Geller’s mind, spew from Pamela Geller’s keypad, and she is also ALSO “Anonymous”.

If you want to take the real terrorists out with ease, LOOK WITHIN PAMELA’S CIRCLE OF ACQUAINTANCE AND HER IMMEDIATE FAMILY. Pamela definitely thrives as a shiny bubble at the top of the cesspool that is drowning America; Pamela definitely knows at a personal level the people who perpetrated 911, Sandy Hook, and other frauds against America, AND THIS IS NOT A LUDICROUS CLAIM BECAUSE:

We have NO BLOOD and NO BODIES in Garland, Texas. Not one shred of evidence or photo of any ISIS attack ever hit the news. It was all on Pamela’s word, and that of a few scammers at one of her “art festivals”, and a couple of liars in the parking lot.

THERE WERE NO GUNMEN – and therefore there are no bullet holes in cars, no mob of police showing up in any photos, zero ambulances in any photos, zero dead bodies in any photos, zero blood in any photos. There is NOT ONE PHOTO OF ANYTHING other than a car the FBI blew up themselves with explosives, to provide camera fodder.


Through all of this, Pamela got totally national news coverage, complete with terrorist profiles, without a shred of fact-checking from anyone – and that puts her at the peak of the pyramid. She even got the director of the NSA on board, spewing his own form of scam before there was any investigation of the “Anonymous” tips at all, which proves Pamela called the shots, all the way up to the top of the NSA. This proves corruption IN the government from OUTSIDE the government, all the way to the highest levels.


Pamela belongs to the EXACT central vampire hive that is sucking the life-blood out of America. This is easily proven by the fact that the ziopress took everything she did, said, and “discovered”, and ran with it like a herd of stampeding bulls, not questioning anything AT ALL. They instead played the role of devil’s advocate, spinning every lie to make themselves appear “tolerant”, in a way that had maximum influence and caused maximum hatred and division in the nation – AND PAMELA CAUSED IT ALL IN TEXAS, THE ONE STATE MAKING A STAND AGAINST THE DREADED JADE HELM. If you want a look straight into the eyes of the enemy of freedom, look no further than Pamela Geller.

Pamela Geller is the golden turd of tyranny sitting right on the surface of the mother load. If you wanted to clean up America and get maximum mileage with minimum effort, all any intelligence agency, police force, military unit, or ANYONE ELSE WITH THE MEANS would need to do is DIG THE GROUND AROUND HER, and I am certain they would find absolutely everything they need to WIPE TYRANNY OUT.

Pamela blew it with this one: the Garland charade was so over-the-top ludicrous that it totally blew her cover and endangered those around her. Did she really expect absolutely NO ONE TO THINK?

Texas Hebdo Redux: Free Speech for Illuminati Only

May 4, 2015

On Sunday, two gunmen attacked an anti-Islam event in Garland, a Dallas suburb, and were killed by police.

The incident reeks of another Hebdo-like false flag. Our correspondent, Dan, writes: “Media’s still trying to sell the Garland ‘terrorist attack’ story, but I think it seems to be ‘taking off like a lead balloon.’

“Cops aren’t really convincing liars. The crisis actors phoned in their performance. The whole exercise is tedious and boring, since there’s no action footage at all – and the only people killed were the alleged shooters. And they’ve not shown evidence the men were even there – or that they even exist. No interviews with parents, friends, neighbours, etc.”

FBI Groomed Patsies Shot

Garland, Tx. shooting staged event

Texas (Muhammad Cartoon) Shooting Hoax of May 3, 2015

The event, a “Mohammed cartoon contest,” defended the right to ridicule Islam in the name of “free speech.” It was organized by the Jewish hate group run by Pam Geller, left, that is planting hate messages on NYC buses. Below, Michael Hoffman points out that if the tables were turned, and the only thing sacred to Jews was blasphemed, the event would face criminal prosecution.

What Is Sacred to Americans?

by Michael Hoffman

The “free speech” fest in Texas that resulted in the police shooting of two apparent terrorists at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, marks growing prominence for the movement for free speech for anti-Muslim satire, led by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a well-financed New York Jewish group.

No similar type of organization in America dares to test free speech for anti-Auschwitz gas-chamber-hoax satire, however.

(Dutch Zionist mannequin Geert Wilders flew in for speech)

In Europe, if you mock Muhammad, the West will hail you. If you mock the gas chambers, they will jail you.

In the late 1980s, after Zionists in Torrance, California burned hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of books questioning whether Six Million Judaics really died in World War II, this writer created a comic book, Tales of the Holohoax. In Britain, two men distributed it and went to prison. Simon Sheppard was sentenced to three years and ten months, and Stephen Whittle to one year and ten months, along with the seizure of their computers and printing equipment. (You can read the British court’s lengthy decision here.)

When the “Charlie Hebdo” people were [allegedly] massacred in Paris last January 7, we contacted major media in the US and Britain to remind them, in the midst of their stirring hoopla for the rights of “Charlie” to denigrate Muhammad, that two English guys had rotted in prison because the West does not confer that same right on satires of Holocaustianity. We were ignored.

In the U.S., there is that right in theory; but in fact, those who satirize the Talmud, the Holy State of Counterfeit “Israel,” and those miraculous execution gas chambers, most likely won’t be able find a hall or building to rent for an exhibition; they won’t have police protection or a well-funded New York “freedom of expression” organization behind them. What is the use of a right if one can’t exercise it? The level of demonization of “Holocaust” satirists is so savage, it mostly preempts our right to any meaningful exercise of freedom of the press.

So which is more sacred: the fake homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau, or the person of Muhammad? There’s no contest. Holocaustianity is the informal civic religion of the West – the last truly believed religion in the otherwise agnostic West. Woe to those who would even think of mocking it.


Yahoo state legislatures in the misnamed “Bible belt” (actually it’s the “Talmud belt”) have gone ballistic over the supposed imminent imposition of Islamic “sharia” law on America. Personally, I don’t see much sharia law in the USA, but I do see a surfeit of Talmud law.

For example, just a few years ago, even the liberal state of California passed a law prohibiting the “marriage” of sodomites. Similar enactments of the will of the majority of the American people were widespread across the nation. Then Talmudic tactics were employed by federal judges. In Orthodox Judaism, laws are not made by a legislature.

In Judaism, the law is made by judicial decision. Rabbinic courts make the laws, and it is by that law-making function of the US courts that the will of the majority of the American people has been overthrown.

Through Talmudic-style jurisprudence, the Chicken Littles who have raised the alarm about sharia law have seen their family values flushed by “gay” rights, law-making judges who have usurped the function of a people’s legislature, in line with the Talmud.

The influence of Talmudic law, like the phony homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz, is too sacred to become a point of contention in America. We have been infantilized by Big Brother to concentrate our indignation on approved targets: Muhammad, Islam, sharia law.

The Americans crying the loudest against the spectre of Islamic rule in Tennessee or Alabama or Arkansas support the Republicans in Congress who obey their Israeli god-kings. These Republicans pressure Obama to ally CIA-backed “Syrian rebels” with al Qaeda’s Nusra Front because the script decrees that, like Libya, the government of Syria must fall to an Islamic fundamentalism controlled by Saudi Arabia, a key Israeli ally.

The media’s rage is directed at Iran because that’s where Netanyahu has ordered American anger to be focused; while Saudi Arabia, which will not permit a single Christian church to exist on its soil, and whose perverse Wahhabist theology inspires and directs ISIS and al Qaeda, is presented in the media as America’s friend and ally, compared to dastardly Iran.

In Israeli hospitals, al Qaeda fighters wounded in Syria are being treated, after which those fighters are returned to the battlefield. The Israelis are aiding and abetting terrorists. Nothing new about that.

The CIA built up the Taliban prior to Sept. 11, 2001, and then American men and women were sent to fight the Taliban. The CIA is ensuring the fall of the pro-Christian government of Syria to Saudi proxies. Christians will flee and Syria will serve, like Libya, as another huge staging area for al Qaeda and ISIS. The wars and instability this will generate will cause Shiite Iran to react defensively.


74 million bucks was shelled out by thousands of suckers to sit in the presence of two pugilists doing a dance in Las Vegas over the weekend of May 2. Many tens of thousands more paid one hundred dollars to watch the charade at home on their glass toilets. Besides the Talmud and Holocaustianity, coliseum sports are the other sacred icon of Americans. This is what counts with them. This is what they will pay exorbitant prices to see.

Every four years, increasingly insane Americans pause to wonder why presidential elections offer no real choice, and why criminal politics and the Money Power continue to rise across the land.

People whose god is the Prime Minister of so-called “Israel,” or a $100-million-a-fight boxer, will get the country and the future they deserve.

+ + +

Michael Hoffman’s website. Support Michael Hoffman’s new book The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome.

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