Paddock, Serco & Death Pool Betting An In-Depth Conversation with David Hawkins – Jason Goodman

Source: Crowd Source the Truth

Abel Danger’s Field McConnell on Las Vegas, Paddock, Pedogate, 911 and JFK


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  • Jamie “the wall” Gorlick. Right, let’s call the FBI to investigate.

  • One thing that is seemingly certain despite Zapruder having the evidence, all the players involved an in secrecy of one kind or another is was John Kennedy assassinated at all? Body doubles, autopsy photos like his eyes, how did the fluid stay in them for hours so it appeared he had just died rather than the dried out that happens soon after ones body ceases in death, not hours later. A close analysis does bring up a lot of questions yet that particular conclusion, that Kennedy pulled it off himself, to get out of the public eye is of course dispelled immediately. Are you yourself certain? Do you know without a doubt that could not have happened? Watch Oswald wince and cry out in pain right before he was shot in the well lit basement police parking garage where microphones and a second camera for a ceiling shot were pre-placed for the big basement event.