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Interview with Jorge Valero, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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Jorge Valero

I am continuing to try to understand what is really happening in Venezuela by talking to those who actually know that and, following my interview with Michael Hudson, it is today it is my immense privilege and honor to present you with a full interview I made with His Excellency Mr. Jorge Valero, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. Permanent Representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva.

I am immensely grateful to Ambassador Valero for taking the time to answer my questions in extenso just a few days away from what might well turn out to be a US false flag or even invasion of Venezuela (promised to all by Trump and Guaido for the 23rd of February). May God grant him and the Venezuelan people the wisdom, courage and strength to defeat the Empire!

The Saker

My first question is about you personally. There is a Wikipedia entry under your name ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jorge_Valero ) but since Wikipedia is, at best, a hit-and-miss kind of source, what could you tell our readers about yourself which they ought to know before we turn to the issue of the current situation in Venezuela?

I was born in Valera, State of Trujillo, Venezuela on November 8th, 1946. I graduated from the University of Los Andes (ULA, for its acronym in Spanish) as a historian. I did my graduate studies at the University College London, in Latin American Studies. I am an expert in diplomatic archives. I was an undergraduate professor and the University of Los Andes and a graduate professor at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV, for its acronym in Spanish). I was elected as a Congressman to the Legislative Assembly of the State of Trujillo, and later Congressman to the National Congress. I was Venezuela’s Ambassador to the Korean Republic. When, President Chávez, was elected in 1998; he appointed me as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. I presided the Presidential Commission appointed by President Chávez, which was in charge of organizing the II OPEC Summit, in Caracas on September 2000. I have been Ambassador – Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the OAS; the UN – New York and currently to the UNOG. I have written a literary work in various genres. More than 20 essays; poetry; diplomacy and social-political analysis. Dozens of national and international conferences.

One of the major efforts of Hugo Chavez was to establish a number of multi-lateral frameworks and agreements like the ALBA, CELAC, UNASUR, and projects like the SUCRE, the Petrocaribe, TeleSUR or PetroSUR. How effective have these frameworks and projects been in supporting the Venezuelan struggle against US imperialism? Do you feel that these entities are playing a helpful role or not?

Hugo Chávez was a paradigm of Latin American and Caribbean integration. In this regard, he was a key factor in the creation of ALBA, UNASUR, CELAC, PETROCARIBE, and TELESUR. Chávez reclaimed the integrationist ideology of our Liberator Simón Bolívar, who prosed the creation of “La Patria Grande, Nuestroamericana” (Great Our American Homeland), to defend the interests of our peoples and face any foreign threat raising the flags of unity, peace, sovereignty and self-determination of the peoples. PETROCARIBE is a solidary initiative in favor of developing countries, notably, the countries of our Caribbean surroundings that benefit from an oil bill with discounts and with long payment terms. Chávez has also been a paradigm in the promotion of a multi-polar world, where foreign affairs are founded by sovereign equality of States, overcoming the decaying North American Empire unilateralism. Thus, the Empire’s fury has been unleashed against the Bolivarian Revolution: coups d’état, oil sabotage, the promotion of violence and terrorism against the Venezuelan people. Henceforth, the continuous coup d’état promoted by the supremacist-racist-xenophobic and war-mongering government of Donald Trump that aims to impose a governing puppet and the threats of a military invasion in our homeland, which are part of the above-described context.

Hugo Chávez advocated for a new type and renewed multilateralism. Respect for the founding principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations. Multilateralism is disrupted by Trump’s government, which has disregarded universal agreements on climate change; withdrawn from both UNESCO and the Human Rights Council; disregarded the agreement on the peaceful use of atomic energy with Iran, signed by USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, China and the European Union; retraced the path to normalizing the bilateral relations with Cuba; unleashes a commercial war against China, and threatens the Russian Federation with an atomic war in his dispute to control outer space. Vis-à-vis those reckless and aggressive policies that threaten human existence it is necessary to raise the flags of multilateralism even higher.

The Empire has created the so-called “Lima Group” which is just a typical trick to bypass the UN or legitimate regional organizations. This is exactly what the USA did with the so-called “friends of Syria,” and the goal is the same: to overthrow a democratically elected legitimate government and replace it with a vassal puppet regime. Yet countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, and Peru all agreed to participate in this anti-Venezuelan farce. How do you explain such a betrayal by so many of these Latin American countries? Does their agreement to betray Venezuela and serve the Empire’s interest not show that these states have no real sovereignty or foreign policy and that they are all de-facto US colonies?

Certainly, the self-proclaimed “Lima Group” is a cartel made up of satellite governments of the imperial government to break Latin American and Caribbean unity, and, due to the failure of using the Ministry of the Colonies, which is the OAS to isolate Venezuela in this organization. The empire and its minions couldn’t approve Article 20 of Inter-American Democratic Charter of the Permanent Council of the OAS and resort to the United Nations Security Council, where they also failed. The creation of puppet governments by the US is not new. It has happened in Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Syria. The puppets imposed in those countries where supported by armed terrorist groups, including, mercenary armies trained and financed from abroad.

Please go to The Unz Review to read the entire interview then forward to your networks with intensity.


It looks to us that President Trump has had Venezuelan oil deposits on his mind since 2017 when the FBI’s McCabe met with Trump in the Oval Office. This was even before Trump knew of the elections in Venezuela or the circumstances there.

Read very carefully John Bolton’s menacing tweets concerning any actions the Venezuelan military might take against any coming protests. Then consider carefully the weapons that have been discovered by Venezuelan authorities being transshipped to Colombia from the US for possible use in Venezuela. What John Bolton is actually doing is priming for violence so that when violence does break out, the Venezuelan military will be blamed. If we look on all other past “regime changes”, it was foreign mercenary gunmen who were brought in to shoot people on both sides to kick off massive violence.

US admiral threatens Venezuelan military

In March, 2011 this is precisely what happened in Damascus, Syria when three foreign gunmen were arrested for shooting at Syrian people on the streets of Damascus. The shootings were blamed on the Syrian army by the international media. The snipers were filmed moving from rooftop-to-rooftop, and when they were apprehended and video taped, they were European-looking in ethnicity. The weapons they were using were military-style sniper rifles in cases. Bolton knows this is probably what will go down in Venezuela and he is preparing people for this eventuality. This is precisely what happened in Kiev, Ukraine. That way the blame can more easily fall on the Venezuelan military for “instigating violence against peaceful civilians” as the western media goes into full swing. When reading these tweets by Bolton, always think just the opposite of what he is menacingly stating. Without doubt, Bolton knows violence is coming and could explain why Russia is shipping medical supplies to Caracas.

Important related sources to learn more about how this intervention in Venezuela is being conducted:

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If any related news article is read spend time on this article and listen to the video clip posted there at MPN:

Watch | A Millennial’s Guide to Promoting Regime Change in Venezuela

From 1992 to 1993, Ricardo Hausmann (neoliberal imperialist agenda) served as Minister of Planning of Venezuela and as a member of the Board of the Central Bank of Venezuela. Around this same time frame, he was Chair of the IMF-World Bank Development Committee. Ricardo Hausmann represents the international financial intellectual banking elite on Venezuela led by the IMF that want “regime change” in Venezuela. Hausmann brought about a lot of the neoliberal economic policies that led to massive inflation in Venezuela during the 1980s and 1990s. These were the policies the majority of Venezuelans rejected and resulted in the voting in of Hugo Chavez as Venezuela’s president.

Hausmann’s daughter is Joanna Hausmann, she is discussed in the Mint Press News (MPN) linked article above. Joanna Hausmann uses all the usual generic talking points like “restoring democracy” and “regime change” in this coordinated international neoliberal economic assault on Venezuela. This editor read the article linked here written by Hausmann, and without mincing words it is basically a lot of sophisticated sounding bullshit. Now that weapons are being clandestinely transshipped into Venezuela from the US for what looks to be a coming violent “regime change”, how does that figure into Hausmann’s version of events?

Most of Joann Hausmann’s talking points are taken from her father’s articles on Venezuela. Here’s a good one: Joanna Hausmann adamantly states that this is “not a US-backed coup.” That view doesn’t seem to fit the fact that the US is shipping weapons through CIA front airfreight companies to Colombia for a coming violent confrontation. And make no mistake about who exactly the Random Guy™ Juan is, contrary to who Joanna Hausmann tries to convince us of his being the opposition president. The Random Guy™ Juan who is the far right, will privatize the Venezuelan economy including the oil industry. Joanna Hausmann is being completely disingenuous and is falsifying her views on events in Venezuela.

Meet Juan Guaido’s First Ambassador, Fake Twitter Diplomat Slammed by Costa Rica for ‘Unacceptable Entry’

Readers would also be interested in learning that Random Guy™ Juan announced he would agree with moving the Venezuelan embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He also as a self-declared interim president appointed a Jewish envoy to Buenos Aires. What chutzpah hey? And not to be outdone, Israel just sent a 130-strong military team to aid in rescue attempts of the collapsed dam in Brazil.

Trump Likes ‘Beautiful’ Border Walls – Venezuela Should Build Him One

US Preparing to Militarily Strike Venezuela

Pierre Omidyar’s Funding of Pro-Regime-Change Networks and Partnerships with CIA Cutouts

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JCPOA to Stand, Intervention in Venezuela to Fail as US Empire on Its Last Leg: Author

Let’s spend some time with Max Blumenthal as he picks up some groceries at a supermarket in Caracas while Venezuela is experiencing a “humanitarian crisis.”:

Investigating Venezuela’s ‘Humanitarian Crisis’: Max Blumenthal Tours a Supermarket in Caracas

And finally, after watching the video above with something to lighten our day with, let’s take a look at that guy who works for Israel’s interests and wealthy Venezuelans living in Florida during his visit to Colombia as a “foreign agent” not registered…

“Little Marco here looks like he needs a giant tall glass of frosty shut the fuck up.”

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