“Outback” Pedophile Networks Used for Extortion, Concessions and Blackmail – The Guardians of Pedophiles

Source: Lift the Veil

LIVE: Fiona Barnett w/ Nathan Stolpman #SurvivorStories #PedoWood

David Shurter – Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor / Franklin Cover Up #SurvivorStories #PedoGate

Fiona Barnett The ‘Candy Girl’ Documentary FULL

Pedophilia: Deep State Achilles Heel Exposed with Sacha Stone

Fiona Barnett:




Read Dope Inc. and when you do just replace the word drugs with kids and it is the exact same circumstances going on with these pedophile sex trafficking networks. Child trafficking is a single global network coordinated by the CIA.

Dope Inc.


Australian politician kept in line through pedophile extortion and blackmail:

Gough Whitlam


The Commonwealth Bank agreed to pay the biggest fine in Australian corporate history for 54,000 breaches of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws that resulted in millions of dollars flowing through to drug importers. The Commonwealth Bank was taking money from sex trafficking networks as well then pumping this money into overseas terrorist activities:

Commonwealth Bank to pay $700m fine for anti-money laundering, terror financing law breaches


Disassociation techniques that have been developed as an extremely exacting science to gain control over the human mind in very young children:

IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED…and it still is


Manipulating the natural phenomenon humans have to disassociate from trauma by cutting new neural pathways and cutting old neural pathways to achieve disassociation for a programming overlay. Amnesia walls are created based on the brains ability to disassociate into five states so that mind programming can be accomplished. The programming being sometimes based on the Order of the Eastern Star‘s pentagram shape with the different colours of green, red, blue, yellow and white with the black gatekeeper in the middle. A sophisticated technique for brain washing by compartmentalizing the brain with actual physical barriers created in the brain. It may sound primitive but it works phenomenally well.

Order of the Eastern Star


The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is a pedophile front and was originally staffed by CIA perpetrators of the MKUltra programming

False Memory Syndrome Foundation

Elizabeth Loftus

14 Facts About The McMartin Preschool Case – Rife With Sex Abuse And Satanism


It’s not the gay agenda behind this, it is the pedophile agenda including “Safe Schools” program in Australia.

ALL Australian schools will be ‘Safe Schools’ – Tim Wilson


More from the pedophile networks that run the Crown slave corporation of Australia.

4 FILTHY LETTERS: The secret codes of Australian pedophiles

Australian paedophile on the run for 22 years is found in a coma in a Brazilian hospital after being mowed down by a car on Copacabana Beach – as police reveal he used a fake passport to teach at a school in Rio

Australian child molester Peter Scully faces death penalty in Philippines




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