Organized Jewry (Subversive Cult) Perpetrates Vote Theft and Election Rigging (and Compromised Candidates) Against Americans

Source: Jim Stone

Heads up: Concerted infiltration of the Republican party underway

Nov 12-13 2018

FACT: Everyone knows that Jews are predominantly Democrat. And now that the Democrats are obviously in a losing streak, we are beginning to see many Jews “swing Republican”. Folks, that does not signal any kind of change of heart in the Jewish community: they just know that to maintain their former control, they have to more completely usurp another paradigm, so they are now running as Republican. KNOW WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR AND DON’T LET THEM OOZE INTO A NEW IDENTITY. They are not conservative, they are not liberal, they are not Democrat: they are COMMUNIST and they take on whatever identity they think will work to put them ahead, because they sure as hell know “Communist” won’t cut it.



It could not be any more obvious that the Communists were in the middle of the final phase of destroying the United States, got interrupted, and are now freaking out. They are freaking out so badly that they are calling in their own bomb threats to provide cover for continuing to finish stealing the election and burning California to provide a distraction. Quite seriously, the trends in how things developed show that they have less than 15 percent real support and probably can’t pull in more than 25 percent of the vote. They are so massively unpopular that even with all the scam advantages they set up, they still can’t steal it without resorting to exorbitant emergency measures post-election.

So the story goes that miraculously, with over 90 percent of the geographic area of the United States being red, they win with small areas that are 100 percent for them. Folks, there are no small areas that are 100 percent for them. When you look at a map that shows who “supports them”, it coincides PERFECTLY with where Jews inhabit large population centers and have the support structure in place to get away with stealing elections. The blue map is the Jew map. Try to find one place on that map that is red where Jews have a significant presence. There are none.

Yesterday I came across a Twitter by someone blowing the whistle on California, which is a red state, the same way all the other states are totally red. Here’s what they do: A few Jews sit down at tables with the ballots, with the same pens that are used to fill out the ballots, and for very long periods of time spanning months, they fill out mail-in and absentee ballots. They prepare for these elections LONG BEFORE they ever start, so smaller groups of people who do it entirely for a living can get the job done. FACT: California is red, but you’d never know it because the elections have been so perfectly stolen for so long.



The people stealing the election left a perfect way to bust them, even if they destroyed the real ballots: fingerprints

When the Broward County Sheriff’s Department shredded the original ballots over the weekend, they screwed themselves because they no longer have the original ballots with millions of unique fingerprints in sufficient numbers to help fake the election results.

In addition to illegals voting, machines flipping votes, and other things, the main method of stealing elections involves the use of teams of people who sit for weeks or months filling out ballots. If the same fingerprints or no fingerprints are on a large number of ballots, that will prove an election is stolen, complete with (via unequal representation) which candidates had the election rigged, and exactly who rigged it. You can then easily locate those who stole the election and jail them with a perfect evidence trail.

If a ballot has no fingerprints, it’s fake. Average people will not hide their fingerprints on a ballot, and they will be there on virtually all. If huge numbers of ballots have the same prints, or no prints, there’s your fraud: find out who those ballots were cast for and that candidate automatically loses and GOES TO JAIL.

The people who stole this election have put themselves in severe danger. They are in danger because we know they stole it, and now know exactly what to look for to NAIL THEM.

Folks, don’t settle for the excuse that they can’t bust fraud. If Florida and other states have stolen elections, all the evidence is right there even if they destroyed the original ballots. TAKE THE DAMN BALLOTS, SEIZE THEM, AND CHECK FOR FINGERPRINTS. THEN THROW THE F***ERS WHO FILLED THEM OUT IN PRISON FOREVER.

If there are no fingerprints on huge numbers of ballots, then throw the unequally represented candidates on the fingerprint-free ballots in prison, FOREVER. If that does not happen, no election fraud investigation of any substance happened.

Numerous poll workers have now stepped forward and stated that this is exactly what the people who steal elections do. Their pants are down, THEY LEFT THEIR FINGERPRINTS (OR LACK OF THEM, WHICH IS EQUALLY BAD) ALL OVER EVERYTHING.



An invalid recount has begun in Florida

This recount is a lie. They already counted the votes, and changed what they needed to make the recount go the right way. Even if they allow a few conservative wins, it will only be done in a calculated way to make the rest of the steal “believable”. There is absolutely no point in participating in the American electoral process, which is a total scam from top to bottom.

I will not believe nor will I honor the results of ANY RECOUNT IN FLORIDA, even if the Republicans are allowed to “mostly” win, PERIOD.


“When will Bill Nelson concede in Florida? The characters running Broward and Palm Beach voting will not be able to ‘find’ enough votes, too much spotlight on them now!”



If the synagogue shooting was real…

The timing of it suggests he caught them rigging the vote by “voting early and voting often”. He targeted mostly older people, who would be the ones assigned to do that. IF the shooting happened – doubt it, but if it did – he was probably a Trump supporter, and the “Trump-hating Nazi” crap was made up because they figured they’d get the most mileage out of it. One thing you can be certain of is that you did not get the story as it happened – they never tell the truth – so one has to wonder what really went on.



It is an abhorrent hoax, but if it did happen (doubt it), they without question deserved it.

Why would this be a hoax? Because the initial claims were that this was staged by a leftist. There’s not a chance in hell any leftist would ever touch a Jew: the Jews are the ultimate leftists controlling the entire leftist paradigm and they have made damn good and sure their programming would prevent this type of action against them, especially from other leftists.

So rumor has it it was a conservative synagogue. That does not count at all because right down to the last bleeding-hearted conservative rabbi, ALL OF THEM will have the “goy” be gay and abort all their kids. it is part of their war plan, so even though within their own homes they might be conservative, outwardly, to the rest of us, they are almost always the worst flaming liberals on earth, hellbent on using a weaponized ideology to wipe out what they believe is an opponent.

Back to the shooting: It is almost without question they hoaxed this because their bomber in Florida was too busted too quickly, and they pegged him as a patriotic Trumper. So they needed to have an attack from a totally opposite liberal against them, to “prove” they were not the ones who staged the bombing hoax.

They also need cover for the fact that they are ripping off this election wholesale. It will be nothing for them to fake as many shootings as needed to occupy the headlines to prevent word of their stealing the election from going mainstream. They HAVE TO STEAL IT or it is GAME OVER. They need all the cover they can get.

There is an interesting new search engine that appears to do a unique and uncensored search

It is called Gibiru. At first I figured it was using the Google engine because you can see it calling out to Google, but when I typed TDA1675 into Google and Gibiru separately (to prove Gibiru has some depth; crap would pull up nothing on that), Gibiru pulled up different results, so it is probably not just asking Google to feed it. So Gibiru asking Google for something probably has to do with stats tracking.

I could be wrong on Gibiru actually doing a unique Google-independent search, but in that regard even if it did not it would not be any worse than Duck Duck Go which definitely uses Google. And the name is easy to remember. Here are two searches of the exact same item on both, take a look.

Gibiru search of TDA1675

Google search of TDA1675

Once again, I have not confirmed for sure it is not referencing Google, but it claims to be uncensored (which would not be the case if it referenced Google) and I’d certainly use it before I’d ever use Google directly. Do a fresh uncensored search using Gibiru here.




I WON. Everyone in Alt Media WON ALSO. I won with a budget less than a single reporter in one of your fake media sites, with no other supporting overhead expense, and much of the rest of alt media is the same:

WE WON. Brenda Snipes can flip the judges and police the bird all she wants through the window, it is not going to save you from a nationwide election audit, after which you are GOING DOWN, SUCKERBERG, THE TECH LEFT, SYNAGOGUES A – Z, YOU ARE TOAST.

THANK YOU for stealing this election AFTER the cancellation of the consent decree. We can now burn you at the stake.

We won with probably less than 1 percent of the funding you have, while being slandered, censored, and sidelined. Because, well, the truth is a powerful thing.


Source: The Ugly Truth

Why the 2018 Midterms Were The Hanukkah Election

ed note–Again, a hearty round of applause for all those geniuses in ‘duh muuvmnt’ who contributed in their own special way to this ‘Hannukuh election’–wherein Judea, Inc will wind up being the prime beneficiary–for having added their own voices to those elements seeking Trump’s ouster, to say nothing of the monumental contributions made by the idiots who put together the disaster at Charlottesville, and of course, last but not least, Robert Bowers himself, the unhinged white nationalist who believed that Trump was ‘owned by the Jews’ and who personally lit the Menorah on this ‘Hanukkah election’ by shooting up the Pittsburgh Sin-a-Gog right before election day.

The Jewish Daily Forward

There is a jokey phrase circulating the headquarters of the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee, the Washington Post reports, that goes something like this: The midterms are turning out to be a Hanukkah election more than a Christmas election.

Now, that could refer to the significant number of Jews who won seats, many of them upsets, for the House of Representatives last Tuesday.

But it really is meant to capture the fact that this election is not a one-night wonder of gifts, but rather like a holiday in which the gifts last for day after day.

At least for Democrats. The party out of power needed to pick up 23 seats to take control of the House; the latest count has the lead at 30, and people way smarter than I about this stuff say it could grow to 35 or more. Democratic Senate upsets in Nevada and, now, Arizona narrow the Republicans margin of control in the upper house. Several gubernatorial races broke the Democrats’ way. And Florida still has (yet another) question mark hanging over the state.

“This was, in fact, a very good election for Democrats,” Chris Cillizza wrote on two days ago, and the news only got better since.

But this rosy partisan picture was not part of the conventional wisdom as the numbers started coming in on Tuesday night, and I was one of many armchair pundits who thought the vaunted “blue wave” was more of a ripple. That night, in fact, as the results seesawed back and forth, I started several different columns, only to finish one in the wee hours of Wednesday that captured, as best I could, worry that the mixed results would portend even more divisive discord in the country.

Please go to The Ugly Truth to red the entire article.


Feds Investigating Altered Election Documents Tied To Florida Democratic Party


Three whistleblowers in Broward County, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district, have been found dead under suspicious circumstances

Federal prosecutors reviewing altered election documents tied to Florida Democrats

ELECTION THEFT 2018: Deep State Democrats Stole Every Election In Sight

“Bomb threat” at the Fort Lauderdale Airport and Provisional Ballot Boxes Discovered Inside AVIS Rental Car


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