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Organized crime attack strikes Toronto

by Dennis Watson | April 23, 2018

Every crime has a motive. Some lunatic drove a rental van down a sidewalk in Toronto today, killing 10 pedestrians. Canadian news outlets say no motive has been revealed, although mental illness is considered. A U.S. security source said terrorism is likely the motive. Wrong. Terrorism is not a motive because Canada is not at war. What U.S. security source? The CIA? How are they involved in this? The driver of the van has been identified as Alek Minassian.

I’m not going to minimize the tragedy. 10 people are dead. That is very real. I am going to question the motive. In October 2017 we saw a similar absurdity take place in Edmonton. A lone wolf drove a rented van into four pedestrians and stabbed a cop. Religion did not play a large role in his life. Edmonton was on high alert for a terrorist attack because the RCMP were hosting a training seminar in Edmonton at the time.

Chris Phillips, a British counterterrorism expert, was on hand to coordinate the event. He is a former cop from England who runs a terrorist training consultation firm that participated in Project Argus, which was a three-hour multimedia simulation to help various agencies learn how to deal with terrorist threats, which makes the Edmonton attack look staged.

Right now the only motive for the Toronto attack is to justify the RCMP’s task force on terrorism losing billions of tax dollars from its budget every year and to justify Bob Paulson’s move that took all the officers investigating organized crime off of organized crime and put them on the terrorist creation task force. We still need to investigate organized crime.

When the RCMP loses billions of tax dollars from its terrorism budget every year, that is organized crime. When the Commissioner of the RCMP takes all the officers off of organized crime and puts them on a terrorist creation task force fitted with terrorist quotes that bribe and threaten drug dealers into committing terrorist attacks in Canada, that is organized crime.

Update: One of the victims was visiting from Jordan. Hardly a terrorist attack. Now the police are claiming the suspect was a copycat of Elliot Rodger who in 2014 mowed down pedestrians in a vehicle in California because he was rejected by women. That is ridiculous. Surely CSIS can do better than that. The fact that CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing is not a conspiracy theory, it is a historical fact.


The Edmonton “Attack” and Project Argus

by Dennis Watson | October 7, 2017

With regards to the recent Edmonton “attack” that has been completely overshadowed by the Las Vegas shooting, I’m going to point out one simple odd coincidence. I have a source that claims higher-up RCMP and 911 dispatch workers from all over were having a conference at the Coast Plaza Hotel in Edmonton while this “terrorist attack” occurred. The hotel was front and center to the whole 3-block quarantine area the attack occurred in.

I’ve already mentioned how the timing of this attack is somewhat suspicious, given the fact that after Bob Paulson’s exit interview, it looked like all the RCMP officers that were taken off organized crime might finally be put back where they belong. I’ve also mentioned how terrorist attacks without motive are also suspicious. Every crime has a motive.

Another odd coincidence is the fact that Edmonton was prepared for a terrorist attack and was on high alert. Who tipped them off? The confidentiality agreement everyone who participated in the RCMP / 911 dispatch seminar signed is also suspicious.

The National Post is reporting that “It’s entirely possible that Edmonton could have been the victim of the worst Canadian terrorist attack since the 1985 Air India bombing. On a night with crowds packing sidewalks to enjoy one of the last snow-free evenings of the year, a man got behind the wheel of a U-Haul with an intent to kill as many of them as possible. Instead, due exclusively to the efforts of Edmonton Police, he killed none. ‘They did a terrific job, and as good as anywhere,’ said Chris Phillips, a British counterterrorism expert and consultant.”

Comparing this unarmed lone wolf to the Air India bombing is somewhat extreme. It almost sounds like a PR event to get more funding before their billion dollar a year budget gets cut. Since they did mention Air India, we need to reiterate that CSIS were the ones that provided the explosives for that heinous event and had an asset on the field that helped plan that attack.

Chris Phillips, a British counterterrorism expert and consultant, said the Edmonton Police did a great job. Just who is Chris Phillips? He is a former cop from England who runs a terrorist training consultation firm that participated in Project Argus, which was a three-hour multimedia simulation to help various agencies learn how to deal with terrorist threats. The next question we need to ask is, was this staged attack in Edmonton a training simulation like Project Argus? Please advise. Follow the money, yo.


OPINION: Toronto van attack is “as advertised” this time

Source: Jim Stone

Obviously the tech exists to remote-control vehicles in assaults like this, but there are too many differences with this event compared to others that were obviously staged.

The biggest glaring difference: The driver is alive, which means we have no patsy. If this was a setup, they would have killed him so he would not be able to talk about it. And he tried to get the cops to shoot him, and they did not. There are also eyewitness testimonies that he was actually driving the vehicle, and was not panicking. If the vehicle was remote-controlled, he would have been freaking out.

Another thing that indicates this was as advertised is the types of maneuvers the van made. Remote-control events will have control delays, and that did not happen with this. Instead he made moves that came extremely close to other vehicles in super-crowded traffic, which would not be possible unless the van was being skillfully driven live.

Another thing that indicates this was as advertised is the totally smashed-up front end of the van, which would have destroyed any cameras that would have been needed for remote control. There is too much damage there from multiple hits.

Another thing that indicates this was as advertised is the fact that the driver is an immigrant, yet they are not claiming terror, they are saying he was nuts. AN IMMIGRANT. THEY WENT THERE, and Canada is too “politically correct” to allow that, unless what happened absolutely demanded that be mentioned, despite the fact that they are not saying it was terror. Big slap in the face to immigrants, ZERO POLITICAL BENEFIT equals “They were not expecting this, and did not have a ‘canned storyline’ ready.”

No patsy, instead a live perpetrator plus precision driving plus multiple smash events that would have wrecked cameras plus zero political gain equals this happened, just as the news says.

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