Ole Dammegard exposes international False Flag psyop corporate hub: Crisis-solutions.com?! – State sponsored staged terrorism

My Warning to You: They Are Using Staged Events to Strip Your Freedoms

Who Wears The Pants?

London Bridge Hoax – Police caught changing during live drill

The censorship of the state funding terrorism like the UK is glaringly obvious at the moment for anyone carefully observing what is happening in the UK.

Theresa May stated “there should be no tolerance for extremism”, yet we read the following:

Home Office may not publish terrorist funding report amid claims it focuses on Saudi Arabia.

At a hustings in Rye on June 3, 2017 a question was asked about law and order. The Home Secretary Amber Rudd, in answering the question referred to the Manchester terrorist attack. An independent anti-corruption parliamentary candidate Nicholas Wilson, is linking the Manchester bombing to Tory support for arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Home Secretary Amber Rudd can clearly be seen writing a note, passing it to the chairman and speaking to him. He then immediately intervenes to stop Wilson from speaking and takes the microphone from him.

Amber Rudd shuts down my speech about arms sales to Saudi Arabia

“We do need to have some difficult conversations starting with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states that have funded and fueled extremist ideology,” Corbyn said.


News has been injected into the discourse regarding terrorism that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are distancing themselves from Qatar. So it looks like Qatar will be the fall back position.

Descendants of Saudi Wahhabism founder distance themselves from Qatar

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  • “British Media Caught Staging Politically Correct Propaganda” at


    At a recruitment event in South Texas, a recruiter admitted on video….
    “Eyewitnesses often fail to provide the correct narritive, so FEMA trains ‘crisis actors’

    This ‘actor’ who lives in Florida then appeared on live, local TV interviews moments after the Boston bombing and later at the staged Sandy Hook events. It’s all theater, darling.