Obama’s Official Portrait Reveals His Dirty Little Secret – “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing”

Source: Millennium Report

February 13, 2018

There’s something very wrong with this picture.

The Obama Official Portraits: When art imitates life and truth is stranger than fiction

“Kehinde Wiley is the “First Black Gay Artist” to be commissioned to paint a presidential portrait for the Smithsonian” — thegrio.com

First of all, why did Obama choose an artist who likes to paint black women beheading white women?

What follows are two paintings produced by the painter who Obama chose to paint his official portrait — Kehinde Wiley — which will hang in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Now here’s an enlargement of the beheading.

One can’t help but wonder who the white woman was who posed during the decapitation painting session—twice.

See what appears to be blood on the knife in the painting enlargement below.

Next we see a self-portrait of Kehinde Wiley on horseback while aggressively wielding a sword.

Here’s another dramatic self-portrait in the same vein side-by-side with a photo of the painter.

The obvious question here is: What’s with all the swords and revolutionary fervor? But, especially, why does Obama’s ‘artist’ have such a strong interest in painting black women beheading white women?

Answer: “I meant that Obama founded ISIS, literally.” — Donald Trump

Please go to Millennium Report to read the article and view the “paintings.”


Readers to AD may have read news reports the painter, Kehinde Wiley, “uses his sperm mixed in with his paint for his art”. This story cannot be confirmed, so readers should be careful about what they chose to use for their alternative news on this topic.

News reporting has deteriorated to the point now where nothing being reported can be trusted. After viewing these images and considering Obama’s background with his CIA handlers, it seems that a race war is intentionally being provoked into existence in the US. Wouldn’t Saul Alinsky and his sycophants be happy with that violent outcome?

Sean Hannity Says Obama’s Portrait Artist Included ‘Sexual Innuendo’ With Secret Sperm


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One comment

  • What evil garbage, take a look at the she-men feet…evil.
    And he likes to put Timberland boots on the guys, what’s up with that connection?

    If you carefully look under the right foot of the guy with the white tank, you will see what looks like an angel to the right, and a dark figure to the left, and a Timerberland boot above… And under the horses rear feet, there are pots and lids?

    The tree of life symbol has some meaning in these portraits…it’s being destroyed or it is the destroyer…?