No Woman, No Crime: Israeli Men, Legally Harassed by Women

False claims in Israeli family law destroying the fabric of society as men suffer human rights abuse

Mark Latham: “The Hunting Ground” spreads “campus rape” propaganda

The Hunting Ground: Journalism or sensationalism? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Exclusive: DeVos on restoring due process rights on campus

Betsy DeVos Is on the Right Side of History


Black Pigeon Speaks: Women Destroy Nations, #VirtueOfTheWest: 3

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Motives for Filing a False Allegation of Rape

False rape allegations



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  • The demonization of smokers ( one of several steps planned and carried out) was a mass event wherein the victims, the smoker’s victimized by tobacco companies, were also the criminals. It its entirety one of the things was a mass division, building of hatred or perhaps a release of prev-iously stirred up anger of groups of people against other groups of people, an America at war with itself or anyplace participating in the event. Alaska Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, in the MSA section states the lawsuit and fund is to “protect the tobacco companies” from apparent being sued by the bar. While it cannot be proven smoking causes anything, it cannot be proven it does not. The protectors, big brother must err on the safe side or at least does, always going with what might happen that could harm the public. Insanity setting in, meddlng with people, social manipulation, belief in false gods, ( corporate and state unseen powers created in the mass mind) could it be some odd bioligical thing as simple as women and men relationship having some mathematical relation like one plus one is two that must be accepted and kept? All is one. Any other number is merely divisions , more ones yet still is a version of one. The laws of the universe must be respected and accepted. Try walking around off centered, not aligning with gravity and see how long that works, just stay aligned, and all will go well in that regard.

  • I wouldn’t trust anyone from Harvard , but they are correct about the issue .

  • You are correct about the tobacco issue , you may not know but Rothschild and Packer tried to buy out America tobacco but they refused to sell , and why would they ? They made the best cigarettes in the world and have now dissapeared from the market in Australia replaced by British crap , Economic warfare is what it is, and it wont stop with tobacco . The plan is to mke everything so expensive no one can aford it except the elite , P .Charles made a speech about it claiming that if everyone kept using everything the elites would not be able to sustain their lifestyle . No one else shuld have cars he claimed except the elite .

  • David? I love your comment. Everything right up until the advice on gravity. There is no such thing. No one has ever proven the theory that gravity even exists.

  • HMMM, All women standing up for men , didnt hear a word from them before while the Fabians were destroying everything . An Mark Latham , you put on a good show but you were leader of the Fabian rats once and now your sprking the other side as a conservative ?? I think they call it the honey pot . You have never exp[osed the chemtrails started by your team and you know as well as we do that your Labor party was run by the biggest pedo and drug dealer in Australia/s history -Dolly Dunn . Just read DIRTY WORK . Those who get attention on mainstream are controlled by the same evil as the rest . We are very alert on this blog . It is the British who are running this scam along with Harvard and the stink tanks , who should be abolished .

  • Is Harvard full of deranged elite is my question ? Skull and bones , and this My question as to whether or not Adam Bookbinder and David D’Addio have any shame seems to have been answered. These are the federal prosecutors who let $2 billion Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital torture and paralyze Justina Pelletier.

    While I was on my way into a hearing facing allegations I defended Justina’s life at the financial expense of the place that put her in a wheelchair, my lovely and very brave wife Dana was in the courtroom with a pair of enlarged pictures of Justina both before and after her medical kidnapping by Boston Children’s Hospital. As the U.S. Marshal took the cuffs off of me, Dana raised her arms holding the pictures for everyone to see (including our local ABC affiliate, WCVB channel 5 Boston).

    I, in turn, pointed at Justina’s image in her wheelchair and asked Adam Bookbinder, a Harvard Law grad and the chief of cybercrime for the Boston U.S. Attorney’s office, if he could even look at her. I also said, in a statement that I stand by given Bookbinder’s role as an accessory after the fact, that he tortured her. The education system must be fixed , no intel agencies allowed and proper education not radicalization .

  • Don’t tell me you believe the earth is flat.