No One Saw It Coming: Rise of Christianity in Russia Baffles US Establishment

Source: Russia Insider

by Stephen Ryan (American Thinker) | March 21, 2019

Winston Churchill once described Russia as a “riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”  Churchill’s words ring true today as we see Russia, almost mysteriously, emerge onto the world stage as a military adversary; a geopolitical rival; and a vexing riddle that nobody in Washington, D.C. has quite figured out.  Obama got it wrong when he mocked Mitt Romney’s concerns that Russia was a menace to world order, calling the Russians a “regional power.” 

D.C.-based Russian foreign policy experts have a dismal track record as prognosticators.  Mr. Leon Aron, in Foreign Policy magazine, writes:  “Every revolution is a surprise. Still, the latest Russian Revolution must be counted among the greatest of surprises. In the years leading up to 1991, virtually no Western expert, scholar, official, or politician foresaw the impending collapse of the Soviet Union.

After the Soviet Union’s collapse, the conventional wisdom was that Russia would become an inconsequential, backward nation easily ignored by the developed world.  But somehow it didn’t work out that way.

We now see Vladimir Putin on CNN gleefully pushing a button launching a hypersonic nuclear missile into the stratosphere, claimed to be “unstoppable” and capable of reaching any city in the United States.  Rather than fading away, Russia is confronting the United States, and the two countries have returned to a simmering Cold War-like state of coexistence.  Princeton professor Stephen Cohen says that for the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, a nuclear war threat is real.

A greater mystery than Russia’s newfound political prominence is Russia’s sudden role as the world’s leading defender of Christianity.  It seems inconceivable that former KGB operative Vladimir Putin now chastises Western nations for abandoning their Christian roots.  Putin says:

The people in the West are actually ashamed of their religious affiliation and are indeed frightened  to speak about them.  Christian holidays and celebrations are abolished  or neutrally renamed as if they were ashamed of those Christian holidays.  With this method one hides away the deeper moral value of theses celebrations.  And those countries try to force this model onto other countries, globally.  I am deeply convinced that this is a direct way to the degradation and primitivization of culture.  This leads to a deeper demographic and moral crisis in the West.

Putin has not only talked the talk of defending Christianity; he has backed up his talk with military intervention.  Russia has repeatedly made the assertion that his country’s move into Syria to support the embattled government was, in part, motivated to protect Christians sects who were victims of genocide at the hands of ISIS.

The disturbing irony of the spiritual awakening in Russia is the sudden embrace of religious bigotry by United States media and many powerful members of Congress who represent this country with the motto “In God We Trust.”  “The dogma lives loudly within you,” opined Senator Feinstein, unhappy that the person she was speaking to was Catholic.  Senator Kamala Harris went in for her own kill shot by expressing her outrage toward a judicial nominee for being a member of a Catholic volunteer organization that would dare to have religious beliefs.

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Something to consider before we proceed:


Source: Fort Russ

Fort Russ: We need to bring Beauty back into the World

by Joaquin Flores | Support Flores’ Patreon | November 29th, 2017

Often we are asked what our raison d’être is, for at times we are accused by the left of being fascists and by the right of being communists. These are political, at best sociological categories, which represents something that really misses our total view.

It is not a mystery, nor is it lost on us. Our detractors are many but not as many as our readers and supporters. We think that showing and doing are more important than explaining. And we’ve shown our editorial line through our news and how we interpret the world.

We haven’t failed to notice our friends, readers, supporters defending our mission oriented work in countless tweets, comments, and the like, in response to various attempts to misinform the public about what we stand for.

As a spokesman and ideologist of our project, I would try to offer the following window-view from the vestibule. First and foremost, the human experience is the subject of our struggle.

Marx once said in Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right,

“Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.”

Likewise, we would humbly suggest an addition, or perhaps correction:

Religious Beauty is the expression of the yearning for real beauty in the world as we exist in it, and a protest against the hollowness of this world. The yearning for Beauty is the yearning for the greater, the Eros and the Agape, the magnificent – the spectacle of beauty in a world of despair is a glimmer of hope, revolutionary in embryo, it is the evidence of soul despite soulless conditions. It is the antidote of the people.

This is what we are anticipating when we look for the gods, for meaning, for love, for hope, for beauty in this world. It is represented, though only partly, when we seek justice. We can taste it in music, or in witnessing the birth of a child.

Please go to Fort Russ to read the entire article.



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