New Organizing Principle: Global UN-civilization

Source: The Technocratic Tyranny

By Vicky Davis • March 26, 2019

The Earth Summit which Bob Cregan, President of the U.S. Business and Industry Council called the Environmental Woodstock began on June 3, 1992.  On June 2, 1992, Senator Al Gore appeared on C-Span to do an interview about the conference.  What Gore said in that interview should have been headline news in all the newspapers and on all TV and Radio news programs.  The headline should have been:



Gore was the Chairman of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.   He led the Congressional Delegation that went to the Rio Summit because there were two treaties under consideration plus a third agreement concerning the management of forests.

The significance of what Al Gore said can’t be overstated.  At the time Gore did this interview, the organizing principle for the world was nation-states.  Nation-states were sovereign – deciding their own economic and natural resource policies.  The two treaties for Climate Change and Biodiversity were transferring sovereignty to collectivist global control by contract (treaty) essentially.  Treason by treaty.

Global Economics

About a week before Gore’s appearance on C-Span, MIT Professor Lester Thurow was the guest on Booknotes to talk about his new book: Head-to-Head: The Coming Economic Battle Among Japan, Europe and America.  Thurow explains the global economy and he offers the suggestion that what the United States needs to do is improve skills training at the bottom of the workforce.

It’s an absurd conclusion to the problem of the global economy as he describes it.  Thurow was simply adding the imprimatur of MIT to the strategy defined by the Workforce 2000: Work and Workers for the 21st Century commissioned by Labor Secretary William Brock, published in 1987.  Brock had been the U.S. Trade Representative at the time the Uruguay Round of trade was kicked off which would lead to the establishment of the World Trade Organization in 1995.  The Workforce 2000 report was equally absurd in conclusion at the time it was published.  Brock incidentally was from Tennessee same as Al Gore. You can read more about him and the labor game HERE.

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