New Iowa poll shows Ben Carson leading Donald Trump for first time – Evangelicals Bolstering Ben Carson Ahead of Donald Trump

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Ben Carson has overtaken Donald Trump in Iowa, 28 – 20 percent among likely Iowa Republican Caucus participants, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released Thursday morning.

This is the first time Trump has not been in the lead in the GOP field in Iowa since he entered the race. Carson has tied him twice before but has never led, CBS Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris noted.
In its last survey, Sept.11, the Quinnipiac poll found Trump leading the Republican field with 27 percent to Carson’s 21 percent.

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Marco Rubio is in third, with 13 percent, followed by Ted Cruz, who attracted 10 percent support. Rand Paul has six percent and Jeb Bush is tied with Carly Fiorina – both have five percent.

Carson’s strength in this poll lies in his appeal to women, who chose Carson over Trump, 33 – 13 percent. Among men, the two are virtually tied, with 25 percent for Carson, compared to 24 percent for Trump.

Thirty percent of likely GOP caucus goers say there is no way they’d support Trump, followed by Bush, with 21 percent who said there’s no way they’d support him.

Still, Trump is thought to have strong leadership qualities, with 80 percent, compared to Carson’s 76 percent.
And even though Bush is trailing, 76 percent of poll respondents think he has the right kind of experience to be president, topping Cruz at 70 percent, Rubio at 69 percent, Carson at 57 percent, and Trump at 56 percent.

From October 14 – 20, Quinnipiac University surveyed 574 likely Iowa Republican Caucus participants with a margin of error of +/- 4.1 percentage points. Live interviewers called land lines and cell phones.

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Second Iowa Poll in Two Days Shows Evangelicals Bolstering Ben Carson Ahead of Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump, at a campaign stop in Burlington, Iowa, on Wednesday, is in second place in a Republican presidential poll for the second time in as many days.Credit Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press
Donald J. Trump may have lost his grip on Iowa, as the second poll in two days shows the billionaire Republican presidential candidate trailing Ben Carson in the state that kicks off the nominating process.

A new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll shows Mr. Carson with support of 28 percent of the likely participants in Iowa’s Republican caucuses, with Mr. Trump at 19 percent. In August, Mr. Trump was leading Mr. Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, 23 to 18. The poll has a margin of error of five percentage points.

Mr. Trump frequently parades his strong poll numbers as a top qualification, raising questions about how he will respond if a string of polls show his support falling. In an interview with the Fox Business Network on Thursday, he maintained that he was not worried.

“We’ll see what happens, but certainly, we have a long road to go,” he said.

Friday’s survey, which follows a poll from Quinnipiac University on Thursday that showed Mr. Carson overtaking Mr. Trump in Iowa, revealed the challenges that the real estate mogul and reality television star faces in courting evangelical Christian conservatives. Only 32 percent said they were sure that Mr. Trump is a committed Christian, while 62 percent said they found it attractive that Mr. Carson was guided by his faith.

Among the other Republican candidates, Senator Ted Cruz comes in third place at 10 percent, while everyone else remains stuck in single digits.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Rodham Clinton topped Senator Bernie Sanders, 48 to 41 percent.

Mr. Carson’s recent comments suggesting that a Muslim should never be president and that the Holocaust could have been prevented if the Jewish people in Germany were armed appealed to Iowans, while Mr. Trump’s attacks on his fellow Republicans appeared to be starting to wear thin.

Mr. Trump offered his first retraction of the campaign on Thursday, apologizing on behalf of an intern who resent on Twitter an insult about Iowans eating too much corn. However, he has been working to show Iowans that religion is important to him by carrying his Bible to events and telling them how much he loves Christmas.

“I’m a good Christian,” Mr. Trump said in Iowa this week. “If I become president, we’re gonna be saying Merry Christmas at every store.”

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    The first time I came across that stunning but little-known information was 13 years ago when I still subscribed to The New Yorker. In a profile on Rev. Jesse Jackson titled “Man of Faith” in the Oct. 22, 2001 issue of the magazine, Peter J. Boyer wrote on how Jackson had built his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition (which brought in $17 million in revenue in 2000!) by shaking down corporations, hectoring them for their “economic apartheid,” which is just another expression for “racism.” In Boyer’s words:
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    1) Citigroup Inc $782k

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    5) EMILY’s List $605k

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    Hmm, curious! 5 out of her top 6 donors, throughout her political career…have been banks! Surely this is an outlier, and not really a pattern though, right?

    Let’s check and see! In fact, let’s check one from the republican party this time.

    How about Mr. “Corporations are people!” himself? Yup, Mitt Romney! How does Mitt Romney’s donor list stack up from just the 2012 cycle?

    Let’s take a look!

    1) Goldman Sachs $1 million+ 2) Bank of America $1 million+

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    4) JP Morgan Chase & Co $835k

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    Super PACs

    In fact, all the above totals we saw are chump change, compared to the real source of bribery that policitians can count on from banks and oligarchs: Super PACs! Any and all campaign finance reform or laws are totally laughable wastes of time, while things like Super PACs exist.

    “I’m sorry, Watchman, super what?

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    Steyer is approaching the $100 million given by casino oligarch Sheldon Adelson and his family in the 2012 election. This big giving is part of an emerging trend of Democratic-oriented mega-donors dominating the disclosed unlimited money scene.

    Overall, mega-donors giving solely to Democratic Party groups pumped $228.4 million into super PACs, or 62 percent of the total, compared with $109.6 million for Republican mega-donors.

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  • "Ben Carson "had a temper so violent that he would attack other children, even his mother, Sonya Carson, at the slightest provocation." His mother worked as a maid, sometimes holding two or even three jobs to support her family. Carson, in his interview with the American Academy of Achievement, recalled trying to hit his mother over the head with a hammer because of a disagreement over what clothes he should wear. In a dispute with a classmate over a locker, he cut a three-inch gash in the other boy's head. At the age of 14, Carson nearly stabbed a friend to death because the boy had changed the radio station. He said he prayed to God to help him and started reading Proverbs to overcome this terrible temper. "