Nevada ranks among worst for integrity in state government [Has anything improved since 2015 with a $120 billion gaming economy?]

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

By Felicia Mello Center for Public Integrity • November 9, 2015

It seemed like a simple rule: Don’t get involved in a political campaign while serving on Nevada’s Ethics Commission. After all, legislators created the commission as the main safeguard against misconduct by candidates and elected officials. To run for office while policing others would seem to be a clear conflict of interest.

But in 2014, no fewer than three of the commission’s decision-makers decided to do just that, seemingly flouting the law and raising the question: who watches the watchdogs?

The controversy left many political observers in the state dismayed but not necessarily surprised. Nevada’s “anything goes” mentality extends beyond the glittering lights and dinging slot machines of Sin City. While the population has skyrocketed and become more diverse in recent decades, politics here continue to reflect the state’s Wild West roots, with a strong libertarian streak and a part-time Legislature that meets for just a few months every two years.

Key decisions about everything from budgets to pension oversight are made in unannounced, late-night meetings of legislators or by citizen board members and commissioners who earn only token pay and face little accountability.

The Silver State has made strides in putting government records online and has passed strong laws protecting whistleblowers and cracking down on lobbyists’ wining and dining of lawmakers. But with a lax attitude toward verifying information provided by candidates and elected officials, a crippled ethics enforcement system and a Legislature that basically polices itself, Nevada earns a score of 57, or F, in the State Integrity Investigation, placing it 46th among the 50 states.

The investigation is a data-driven assessment of state government accountability and transparency by the Center for Public Integrity and Global Integrity.

The Center for Public Integrity, based in Washington, D.C., is one of the country’s oldest and largest nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organizations, dedicated to revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust by powerful public and private institutions. In 2014 it was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting.

Small-time Legislature

Nevada’s Legislature governs a state with a $120 billion economy that includes the epicenters of the country’s gaming and gold mining industries and one of its most-visited tourist destinations. Yet lawmakers are not subject to the same open meeting law that applies to local school boards and city councils.

With all of the state’s business crammed into one biennial spring session, the pace of decision-making can become frenetic as deadlines approach. Lawmakers sometimes hold meetings without providing advance notice or agendas to the public, while exhausted legislative staffers struggle to keep up. Budget decisions between sessions are made with little fanfare by a small group of legislators.

Readers probably get the idea just how bad the state legislature of Nevada is, but if readers want to learn more, please go to Las Vegas Review Journal to finish reading the article.


As incompetent and corrupt as the Nevada state legislature is according to the article above which was back in 2015, is it any wonder the FBI and MGM Resorts are getting away with their Las Vegas performance?

Tucker – There’s Dishonesty in Here Somewhere, 1848

Let’s not forget about Geraldo Rivero maintaining the official narrative or version of events in Las Vegas being his usual condescending self towards the idea “conspiracy theories” when the term “conspiracy theory” was an intelligence creation from the very beginning. Anyone else notice why the “Kennedy assassination similarities” are being used in the media like with Rivero on Las Vegas? That couldn’t be because the Kennedy documents are up for release and President Trump will either authorize their release or he will keep them classified for another 30 or 40 years? Las Vegas has absolutely nothing to do with the Kennedy assassination. It is the media who are putting this idea into the minds of viewers to further confuse them.

Geraldo Rivera Scoffs At Las Vegas “Conspiracy Theorists”

The FBI and MGM Resorts are guiding Jesus Campos here as an “eyewitness to America’s greatest mass murder shooting” for fear of massive lawsuits. Campos “chooses” to be interviewed by of all people a “really sharp and hard nosed reporter” like Ellen DeGeneres? Take a seat on Ellen’s sofa will you Jesus Campos? It is sort of overly dramatic isn’t it? Considering how many American soldiers have been shot to pieces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and who knows where else. Where are their interviews on what they’ve suffered and have had to endure when shot? Jesus, can you please lift up your pant’s leg to show us the bandaged wound after being hit with a high velocity military round? Now Jesus, about 200 rounds being shot down the hallway, can you explain this? Where were you Jesus when the shooter was blasting away down the hallway?

Full Ellen Jesus Campos and Stephen Schuck Interview

Basically, all news is faked and the fake news narrative to begin with was probably created by the intelligence agencies working through the media and social media platforms like Faceborg to get control of news reporting. There is absolutely no way of knowing where the ISIS connection to the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock originated from, but the reason why this ISIS connection is placed into the media and the crime scene, is because under legislation like the Patriot Act, this gives the FBI authority over local law enforcement. That’s the reason for laws on acts of terrorism. Watch this clip carefully of Sheriff Lomabardo giving this press conference with FBI Las Vegas agent-in-charge Aaron Rouse (appointed by James Comey in July, 2016) overseeing and directing Sheriff Lambardo. Lambardo knows he is totally compromised and has no authority. He is simply presenting to the best of his ability under intense pressure to present the script or narrative he has been given by the FBI.

And if readers think lack of integrity and incompetence is bad in Nevada, have a look at Illinois. Go back and read the article posted above on the Nevada state legislature being the most incompetent with a rating of 47 out of 50 states. Then ask yourselves if that “lack of integrity” doesn’t come down to the level of the Clark County Sheriff’s Department for Las Vegas? Notice the bold font in the article above where it reads: “…records online and has passed strong laws protecting whistleblowers and cracking down….” Oh really? Any whistleblowers on Las Vegas? Please don’t blow the whistle, you will probably be hunted down and end up dead.

Monday (10/9) Briefing on Mass Shooting Incident

Have a read through this short article that appeared in August, 2017 linking MGM International to providing money to The Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The FBI has had CAIR under surveillance for suspected ties to terrorist groups. What is the significance of this to Las Vegas considering there are hundreds of employees in Las Vegas who are Muslims? Did we see intelligence agencies from different countries including possibly Saudi Arabia and Israel involved in a multi-layered intelligence operation in Las Vegas that went horribly wrong?

MGM Resorts International to match employee donations to terror-listed Islamic group


It is starting to look more and more like there were multiple shooters as might be evidenced in the police radio LiveLeak video linked below. The smoke behind the stage was said to be from cooking. Cooking next to the stage at a country western concert? Listen to this linked LiveLeak of a police recording where a shooter is identified as being located “half way up the Mandalay Bay”, and another active shooter identified as being “inside the fair grounds”. The police radio recording then describes “shots coming from Gate 7.” Listen to the police describe gunshot victims.

Las Vegas PD radio shooting at Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas was a complex multi-layered operation with difficult to connect entities participating in layers of possible motives. Each individual looking at this might be trying to make sense of it looking at only one layer. It just depends on what layer you see. As we continue along here trying to make sense of all the confusion, intentional or not, news is now appearing to ramp of the fear and anxiety of a potential ISIS terrorist act in America as being reported by RT. What we are seeing here is the application of media-applied trauma-based agitation for war:

‘Severe threat’: ISIS & Al-Qaeda planning 9/11-style ‘big explosion,’ US security chief warns


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