Neocons Preparing Offensive on Russia

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Netanyahu wants regime change in Russia

July 24, 2017

After meeting with French president in Paris, Netanyahu told reporters that he opposed the ceasefire agreement between two “friends of Israel”; Russian president Vladimir Putin and US president Donald Trump because it perpetuates the Iranian presence in the country.

On July 16, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that the Zionist regime believes that Iran is planning to build air-force and navy bases in Syria to protect its two Arab allies, Assad regime and Lebanese Hezbollah.

Netanyahu has been demanding regime changes in Iran and Syria for decades but now, the Jewish lobby groups are demanding a regime change in Russia too.

The process of regime change in Russia began not over Putin’s alliance with Assad or Iranian government but to install a Zionist Jew government in Ukraine.

On May 18, 2017, American Jewish writer, author and radio talk host, Stephen Lendman, said that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t want Syrian bloodshed to end until an anti-Iran regime is installed in Damascus – as war on Assad is really war on Iran and its Arab ally Hezbollah.

Michael Koplow of the Israel Policy Forum spills the truth on Israeli-Russian agenda in Syria. “No matter how good the coordination mechanism between the two sides – the fundamental conflict at the heart of Israeli-Russian views on Syria is that Israel’s redline is the establishment of a permanent Iranian presence in Syria and Russia’s redline is the elimination of a permanent Iranian presence in Syria.”

Christian activist and writer, Preston James, PhD, claims that Israel is the military arm of the Khazarian Mafia (Organized Jewry) which is terrorizing not only Syrian but also United States – and pulling false flag operations around the world to demonize Muslims and Islam (listen below).

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia By Preston James, Ph.D



Source: Consortiumnews

Key Neocon Calls on US to Oust Putin

Exclusive: A prominent neocon paymaster, whose outfit dispenses $100 million in U.S. taxpayers’ money each year, has called on America to “summon the will” to remove Russian President Putin from office, reports Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry
October 7, 2016

The neoconservative president of the U.S.-taxpayer-funded National Endowment for Democracy [NED] has called for the U.S. government to “summon the will” to engineer the overthrow of Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that the 10-year-old murder case of a Russian journalist should be the inspiration.

Carl Gershman, who has headed NED since its founding in 1983, doesn’t cite any evidence that Putin was responsible for the death of Anna Politkovskaya [“human rights” activist] but uses a full column in The Washington Post on Friday to create that impression, calling her death “a window to Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin autocrat whom Americans are looking at for the first time.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, following his address to the UN General Assembly on Sept. 28, 2015. (UN Photo)

Gershman wraps up his article by writing: “Politkovskaya saw the danger [of Putin], but she and other liberals in Russia were not strong enough to stop it. The United States has the power to contain and defeat this danger. The issue is whether we can summon the will to do so. Remembering Politkovskaya can help us rise to this challenge.”

That Gershman would so directly call for the ouster of Russia’s clearly popular president represents further proof that NED is a neocon-driven vehicle that seeks to create the political circumstances for “regime change” even when that means removing leaders who are elected by a country’s citizenry.

And there is a reason for NED to see its job in that way. In 1983, NED essentially took over the CIA’s role of influencing electoral outcomes and destabilizing governments that got in the way of U.S. interests, except that NED carried out those functions in a quasi-overt fashion while the CIA did them covertly.

NED also serves as a sort of slush fund for neocons and other favored U.S. foreign policy operatives because a substantial portion of NED’s money circulates through U.S.-based non-governmental organizations or NGOs.

That makes Gershman an influential neocon paymaster whose organization dispenses some $100 million a year in U.S. taxpayers’ money to activists, journalists and NGOs both in Washington and around the world. The money helps them undermine governments in Washington’s disfavor – or as Gershman would prefer to say, “build democratic institutions,” even when that requires overthrowing democratically elected leaders.

NED was a lead actor in the February 22, 2014 coup ousting Ukraine’s elected President Viktor Yanukovych in a U.S.-backed putsch that touched off the civil war inside Ukraine between Ukrainian nationalists from the west and ethnic Russians from the east. The Ukraine crisis has become a flashpoint for the dangerous New Cold War between the U.S. and Russia.

Please go to Consortiumnews to read the entire article.


To this day it is not known who ordered the murder of Anna Politkovslaya in a contract worth $150,000 carried out by five men all from the same Chechen family who did not know who it was they were paid to murder. It very well could have been western intelligence involvement to destroy the credibility of the influential leader of Russia Vladimir Putin:

Who really did kill Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya?


There have been news reports appearing suggesting that Russia is preparing to reconstitute the former KGB; most news reporting from Anglo-American media sources are dismissive and condescending. If these reports are in fact true, it might indicate Russia is preparing or is ready to circumvent Neocon operatives and their concomitant networked organizations (NED and NGOs) from penetrating Russian institutions to begin destabilizing Russia.

Putin Has Finally Reincarnated the KGB


Russia banned Carl Gershman’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) from operating in Russia two years ago calling NED a “subversive organization”. Carl Gershman is of course Jewish and has been at the head of NED since its beginning in 1984. Russia isn’t interested in building “democratic institutions” dictated to it and internally driven by NED’s financed NGOs operating inside Russia. “Democracy” itself is a subversive ideology and Russia clearly has seen through this historical fraud:

National Endowment for Democracy is first ‘undesirable’ NGO banned in Russia


Related reading on the Neocon networks spawned out of the University of Chicago:

Dear President Trump: Just Say No to the Neocons – Apparently, the “Noble Lie” Cannot be Extricated


Some light reading:

Israel Caught Harvesting Organs From Dead Syrians

Rebels Admit Being On Israeli Payroll To Protect Oil Reserves


AIPAC goes on the offensive against Americans. This Act (because it really is an act) will make it “illegal” to boycott Israel:

Will the Federal Government Make It Illegal to Protest Israel?

AIPAC Seeks to Imprison Americans for Opposition to Israel


Just in case anyone has ever wondered why police in Israel are so brutal (rabbinical dictators enforcing adherence to violence), this article might make you reconsider your own relationship to police in the US of Israel:

America’s Militarized Police


Paul Craig Roberts weighs in on the Israel Lobby:

The Israel Lobby: Time for a Second Edition


Wayne Madsen runs an article suggesting the Pentagon is claiming the Neocon’s New American Century is “dead and buried”:

The End of the ‘New American Century’ Pronounced by the Pentagon


The Neocon’s up until now major agent-in-place John “Lump Jaw” McPain:

John McCain Neocon War Criminal


From an Israeli perspective the world is moving perilously close to a major war in the Middle East:

Former FM Tzipi Livni: Israel ‘Step Away’ From War With Muslim World


Ron Paul’s institute thinks a war is on the way as well:

US Ends CIA Program in Syria but Continues Preparations for Big War


And finally, for some brighter aspects of life compared to the dark brooding war-making Neocons and their networks who despise what is going on inside Russia:

Putin holds Q&A with gifted school children in Sochi






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  • “9/11 Conspiracy Solved, Names, Connections, Details” on YouTube….

    CIA Project Hammer wascto asset strip Russia. NeoCon Project for the New American Century, PNAC was to overthrow Afghanistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Syria and ultimately Iran as part of the Yinon Plan.

    “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” on YouTube…. 45 min of suppressed history

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  • Mikheil Saakashvili, once the president of Georgia, later the governor of Oddesa region of Ukraine, has announced his intention to apply to the administrative court due to the revocation of his earlier obtained Ukrainian citizenship, Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

    Maybe Tel Aviv will take him, he is a wanted criminal, then again the USA lets the CLINTONS walk free…criminal scum rules..above the law..same as EU politicians..unaccountable, immune from prosecution.

    Neanderthals in suits…

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    All of the Anglophone world is scared of Germany. They are far too able to be left to run free. The options are few. The UK allies with Germany and drags the USA with her to oppose Russia. Economically Germany has nothing to offer, the East can supply all that she once offered. If NATO lets off one missile toward Russia then as Putin has clearly stated “Russia will not fight another war on her own soil”.

    In other words it will be GOODNIGHT VIENNA for the poor souls in Poland and The Baltics.

    The UK will then have a decision to make, who will they ally with? Russia or Europe? Economics dictates Russia because Europe has damn all to offer. Merkel will use her new young immigrant men in her EUROPEAN ARMY if Mogherini will alow her. What Merkel does not realise is the reality of Russian resolve. The Russian population is 143 million and she lost 25 million in WW2, she has not recovered those losses. Merkel could well mobilise her new Muslim population to fight Russia in several locations…The Ukraine, Poland, The Baltics. The West will not engage with Russia in air combat and the West..the UK and the USA..will be happy for Europe to pay the price. The City of London and Wall St will loose little that is of concern to them.