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Ed.’s note: Providing your private terrorist mercenary army with munitions and weaponry is a huge business running into the millions of dollars. The United States is pulling out 5,000 US military personnel out of Afghanistan over the next five months. As these military personnel are removed from Afghanistan, one can only wonder how many US soldiers were either killed or maimed by US-purchased weapons and munitions that found their way into Afghanistan used to fight the US? There is not one single member of the US senate or congress who will address this probable scenario.

Islamic State weapons in Yemen traced back to US Government: Serbia files (part 1)

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News update edit for September 10, 2019. The terrorist US government operates the largest black market arms syndicate in the world:

US Terror Syndicate

Update for September 26, 2019:

Leaked arms dealers’ passports reveal who supplies terrorists in Yemen: Serbia files (Part 3)


Source: Fort Russ

MAJOR: Deconstructing The Grand Scheme – How US Tricks Countries Into Selling Weapons To Terrorists (VIDEO)

By Drago Bosnic | September 4, 2019

SOFIA/BELGRADE – The USA supplies and sells weapons to terrorists in Yemen under the cover of a NATO operation. Most of Fort Russ News readers, who are all quite well informed might ask: “OK, what else is new?”, and most would be right.

However, most of the evidence we’ve had so far was what could be described as “circumstantial evidence” from a rigidly and purely legal point of view. Some would even call it “anecdotal evidence”. We all know that it’s true because the US’ and NATO’s fingerprints are all over the place, but we never had any rock-solid proof. Finally, this has come to an end. And it came from an unlikely source.

Bulgarian journalists investigated the mystery of how the terrorists were getting their hands on such lethal foreign weapons. We still know who supports the terrorist groups, but we never knew the exact details on how it works. So, how does the scheme of supporting the terrorists really work?

According to the investigation, the United States acquire weapons for their client states (Afghanistan being the most prominent recipient of such weapons, officially at least) in third countries, mostly European. Since shipping the weapons is the responsibility of the buyer, in this case, the United States, much of the weapons end up “somewhere else” i.e. given to the infamous “moderates”. That’s how Serbia, Bulgaria, and most likely many other countries get tricked into selling their weapons to terrorists.


Source: Teller Report

“At least 3 million shells”: Bulgarian journalist revealed US schemes for the supply of arms to Syria and Yemen 

September 5, 2019

The United States has formed a secret task force called the Smoking Gun to transport weapons to Yemen and Syria. This is stated in the study of the Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaitanjieva. She claims that Washington, under the guise of other programs, transported at least 3 million rocket and mortar shells from the Balkans to the Middle East. According to the journalist, the ammunition that the United States bought for the needs of the Afghan army was in the hands of terrorists. Earlier, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that the United States is supplying weapons of IG *, while using third countries, including the Balkan states. According to experts, the United States was not the first time convicted of having links with militants.

In 2017, a secret U.S. task force called Smoking Gun was deployed in Croatia, according to a new study by Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaitanjieva. According to her, with the help of this group, Washington provided arms supplies to Yemen and Syria under the guise of other programs.

“These documents for the first time reveal the existence of the classified American operational group Smoking Gun, which was deployed in Croatia in 2017.She transported weapons from Croatia to Syria via Qatar, ”Gaitanjieva told RT.

According to her, we are talking about a group working under the auspices of the US SOCOM (US Special Operations Forces Command). The journalist claims that the efforts of the group formed a whole network of international arms deliveries with the participation of such states, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

At her disposal was a series of documents that described in detail the procedure for the purchase of ammunition by contractors of the US government in Eastern European arms factories. According to her, American firms Sierra Four Industries, Orbital ATK, Global Ordnance and and UDC are participating in these processes.

So, the journalist attracted the attention of a frame from the propaganda clip IG *, prepared by a cell in Yemen and published in July 2019. In one of the episodes, 82-mm mortar shells with clearly distinguishable markings M74 HE KV lot 04/18 appear on the screen.

The first five characters refer to the type of ammunition, and the letters KV, according to Gaitanjieva, indicate the place of manufacture of the shell.According to her, K is the Serbian arms factory Krusik, and V means Valjevo, that is, the city of Valevo, in which the enterprise is located.

In turn, the digital designation 04/18 is part of the party (04) and year of manufacture (2018). It was these numbers and symbols that made it possible to track the path to the shell manufacturer and the deal to acquire it, the journalist said.

She cited copies of a document in which US contractor Alliant Techsystems, which receives government funding, purchased a batch of 10,500 M74HE shells marked 04/18 from the state-owned Serbian company Jugoimport SDPR. As follows from the publication of Gaitanjieva, the invoice for the corresponding delivery was issued on February 12, 2018.”For the needs of the US government”

In addition, according to the materials available to the journalist, at the beginning of 2017, Alliant Techsystems purchased from Serbian Krusik and Jugoimport SDPR more than 105 thousand 82-mm shells with the phrase “for the needs of the US government.” The deal amounted to $ 8,043,975.

The delivery address for this transaction was a state-owned premises in the United States in Missouri. However, as Gaitanjieva notes, during the exchange of documents between the parties, the address was changed, and the shells needed to be sent to the ammunition depot of the Afghan National Army, located in this country.

The documents also featured the supply of ammunition and weapons from Bulgaria.The journalist noted that on the frames of the IG videos in Yemen, the AR-SF assault rifles of the Bulgarian Arsenal weapons factory are visible.

“For the needs of the US government”

In addition to this, she drew attention to the differences in the amount of contracts for the purchase of weapons from Serbia. So, in the contract between the American Sierra Four Industries and the Serbian arms factory Krusik, the transaction value is specified in the amount of $ 7,841,910. At the same time, the United States registry of state contracts turned out to be almost $ 4.5 million more expensive and amounted to $ 12,417,458.

“Serbian mortar shells manufactured at the Krusik plant can often be seen in the hands of Syrian militants, including propaganda videos published by Front al-Nusra ** (the al-Qaeda unit *** in Syria was renamed to “Fath al-Sham”), the investigation said.

The author also indicates that in March 2019, in the Syrian city of El Hula, mortar shells produced at the Krusik plant in Serbia were discovered in an underground warehouse. Ammunition was found in the premises used by local armed groups.

It should be noted that official Damascus spoke of American arms deliveries to Syria. In March, the first secretary of the Department of International Relations of the Syrian Foreign Ministry Alaa Dean Saeed Hamdan spoke on this subject.

“It is obvious that the United States and its allies supply a huge number of ammunition and weapons, use third countries, such as, for example, Eastern European countries, Ukraine, the Balkan countries, to feed Front Al-Nusru and ISIS weapons,” RIA Novosti reports. his words.

In turn, the Russian side has repeatedly spoken out on the undesirability of the presence of the Al-Nusra Front and noted the possible ties of this organization with the United States. So, in July, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned Washington against intentions to remove the banned organization from the list of terrorists.

“We have reason to believe that this policy reflects the desire of the United States to keep Jebhat al-Nusra, to transfer it from the de facto terrorist structure to a political settlement process, to make it one of the participants in this process, which, in my opinion, is a time bomb, “RIA Novosti quoted the minister as saying.

Commenting on these circumstances in an interview with RT, political scientist and orientalist Karine Gevorgyan noted that the Russian side had previously reported the facts of the discovery of weapons of American origin from terrorists.

“The fact that the American arms fall into the hands of terrorists openly said the Russian side, because it was detected, including. the military of the Syrian army, after they took certain administrative units on the territory of Syria, it was obvious,” said Gevorgyan.

Please go to Teller Report to read the entire article.


This was reported on in April, 2018 but the munitions and weapons logistics continue with Yemen:

Leaked documents show how the U.S., Gulf countries ship weapons to terrorists

Keeping the “war on terrorism” pumped and primed for business:

Pentagon Paid $540mn to PR firm Bell Pottinger to Produce Fake Terrorist Videos

While the US continues to arm their proxy terrorist mercenary army operating in Syria, the Russians continue to wipe them out:

Russian Special Forces Eliminate Entire Ahrar Al-Sham Terrorist Unit in Idlib, Syria

US & Turkey Still Actively Protecting Al Qaeda, ISIS: Battle Map Update for Syria – August 22, 2019


West’s “Humanitarian” Claims Struggle as Syrian War Nears Endgame

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