NEADS (Northeast Air Defense Sector) Lost Control of 3 F16s Vectored to W386A on 9/11

What this following video clip documents is that NEADS (Northeast Air Defense Sector) lost control of Quit 25 flight of 3 F16s on their scramble out of Langley on 9/11. By causing these scrambled F16s to fly and extra 130 miles USSES (United States Senior Executive Service) ensured they would not be near the Pentagon to intercept and possibly shoot down or at least visually ID the offending aircraft as a modified A3 Skywarrior, not a Boeing 757-223 aircraft (American Airlines Flight 77) flown by Charles Frank “Chic” Burlingame III.

NEADS reaction when they find out QUIT 25/26 is in W386A on 911

Here’s the “official” version of the flying events on the three F16s that were dispatched on 9/11. Although it was referred to as “chaos in the sky”, there was no “chaos”, at least not from the perspective of the architects of the flying events on 9/11. The three F16s were intentionally vectored out over the Atlantic Ocean to W386A to prevent the pilots from either shooting down or identifying the A3 Skywarrior flown as a drone into Wedge One of the Pentagon hitting Captain Gerald F. ‘Fish’ Decanto between the eyes in an ambush (Red Team; Blue Team war games) while he was on the phone with US Secretary of the Navy Gordon R. England seeking permission to return fire on an as yet unknown enemy. Abel Danger alleges the Senior Executive Service (SES) took the Langley-launched F16s 130 miles off course to W386A.

Racing to the Pentagon | The 9/11 Tapes: Chaos in the Sky


Just in case anyone might want a refresher:

Rob Balsamo’s Physics of Conspiracy


Post 9/11:

The reason for the events of 9/11 was to create the past 16 years of warring on and destabilizing Middle Eastern countries including more recently Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan (the US is moving back into Afghanistan but this time will rely on Pentagon mercs) and Libya under the pretext of a “war on terrorism.” The Neo-cons have been behind destroying countries for the past 20 years. Finally, after 16 years has the “American empire” expended itself? Nafeez Ahmed founder of Insurge Intelligence seems to think so:

Pentagon study declares American empire is ‘collapsing’

Return of Pentagon Mercenaries Worries US Active Duty Military


However, if the Pentagon gets its way, which means massive expenditures on more weapons and munition systems, more wars are on the way this time concerning “gas wars”:

A Natural Gas War Is Brewing In The Mediterranean


And not to forget Iran; because Iran is next up on Israel’s “red line” chopping block.


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