NBC: Hillary Clinton Threatened Staff Over State Dept. Pedo Ring Story

Source: YourNewsWire

July 2, 2017 • Baxter Dmitry • News, US 6

Hillary Clinton team members “threatened the lives” of NBC investigative reporters in order to shut down an investigation into a State Department pedophile ring cover up scandal, according to a member of the NBC production staff.

The day after an NBC news broadcast broke the news of a pedophile ring cover up within the State Department, “members of the Clinton team” contacted executives at NBC and threatened reporters working on the investigation with “the most serious kind of consequences“.

The infamous NBC investigation was broadcast at a time when the network was a real news organization rather than a branch of the Democratic Party’s PR department, and provided internal State Department memos to back up claims of a massive Hillary Clinton elite pedophile ring cover-up.

NBC: Hillary Clinton Shut Down Pedophile Investigation at State Department (2013)

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Here is a clip of Heather Nauert posted below at the U.S. State Department on the latest, this time trying to convince us that the Syrian government is about to use chemical weapons on civilian populations in Syria. Nobody takes the U.S. State Department seriously anymore, least of all the Russians especially on Syria. The U.S. State Department has a Fiscal Year 2018 budget request of $37.6 billion always claiming “a broad array of threats” to justify this enormous amount of money. What employees at the U.S. State Department seem to care more about is not what is going on in Syria, including falsified intelligence about the use of chemical weapons in Syria, but with their own careers, government salaries, employment status, benefits, perks (like private parties with kiddie festivities afterwards?) and pensions.

The U.S. State Department also includes USAID, however, after looking at the unbelievable destruction and loss of life in Syria, has USAID contributed to reducing or even stopping the deliberate and cynical destruction of this country? If USAID has contributed, where exactly was the $364 million dollars in additional humanitarian assistance for the Syria response used? USAID outfitting ISIS Anglo-American assets operating in Syria? Is there an accounting of this $364 million and can it be accessed?

Warning! US preparing new chemical attack in Syria (July 2017)

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