“Murder in Lac Megantic – The dog that didn’t bark; the brakes that didn’t screech!”

Reconstitution de la tragédie de Lac-Mégantic


“The Dog that Didn’t Bark:” What We Can Learn from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle About Using the Absence of Expected Facts.


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  • At the time of the crash preliminary action was underway to divide Maine by a private transportation and Tar Sands pipeline corridor for the benefit of Canada and China. The train matrix had intentionally alternating cars of explosive gas and tank cars of crude oil. A curious and distracting fire broke out with the train on a grade overlooking the Town resulting in the custody of the train being taken temporarily by authorities. As the Engineer was removed from the train access was granted to, and chemicals were applied by, others. After the crash the C.E.O. blamed the Engineer and said he was lying; but never considered sabotage. (See Kelly Brief #191 by AD.) The Railroad with its right-of-ways and eminent domain is now owned by the Irving Corporation.