Multi-Million Dollar Stealth Campaign – Media: Weapon of Mass Deception

Ed. note: Here’s the run down on this outfit called “The Democracy Integrity Project (TDIP) founded by a staffer by the name of Daniel J. Jones who was on the Senate Intelligence Committee (SSC) in the offices of California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. It is called a “stealth” organization for very good reasons. TDIP was financed by George Soros and started in 2017 just after President Trump’s inauguration. Stealth because even though TDIP claims it has a “non-partisan” mission, it provided false news narratives to keep the “Trump-Russian collusion” operation going by spreading lies and fake news picked up by main stream media. Fake news through “leaks” coming out of the Senate Intelligence Committee headed by Dianne Feinstein. What journalist in Washington wouldn’t want that kind of inside information fed to them for their bread and butter to run a good story on Trump?

Trump-Russia 2.0: Dossier-Tied Firm Pitching Journalists Daily on ‘Collusion’

How is that for being a “non-partisan” organization originating out of Feinsein’s offices? TDIP provided daily “research” (false stories) to known Washington-based journalists and congressional staff members. TDIP is also funded by Rob Reiner and Tom Steyer, with further donations from the social media platforms Facebook and twitter through a Silicon Valley-based foundation. George Soros, Rob Reiner (“Meathead” character in the television series All In The Family) and Tom Steyer are all Jewish not to mention Senator Dianne Feinstein. The Jewish oligarch Tom Steyer for whatever reasons yet to remain understood, wants Trump out of office in the worst way and uses his money to do that. Daniel Jones (proxy) and TDIP hired the opposition research firm Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, author of the Steele dossier, to continue anti-Trump research and fake news “leaks” to mainstream media.

Another American Jewish oligarch financially backing the “Russian dossier” provided by Fusion GPS was Paul Singer (described as a “fundraising terrorist”). Note that Singer is also heavily involved in what goes on inside Israel’s tech sector. It was Singer who apparently hired Fusion GPS with some connection to Daniel Jones at Fenstein’s senate offices. Americans are more worried about protecting their elections from Russian interference than they are concerned about American-Jewish oligarchs controlling elections. Demonstrates how the media grotesquely warps our circumstances. Often these oligarchs are extreme right wing. It’s the only way to monopolize wealth. For them its just an investment. Investment in what though? Protecting Israel’s access to money and investments in technology?

Trump dossier triggered by website funded by Jewish GOP mega-donor

Nonprofit connects Israel tech firms with investors

Daniel J. Jones established his credibility when he investigated the CIA’s torturing of suspected “terrorists” explaining how he might have gained the attention of Trump’s enemies. Knowing how these networks operate, Jones was probably used as a proxy in all this thinking he was actually working hard as a “whistleblower” just as he had blew the whistle on the CIA’s (the CIA doesn’t only torture and run surveillance on Americans, the CIA runs the country) torture operations going on all over the world through their rendition flights. Nothing in the media happens without the CIA knowing about it. We’ve heard about “Russiagate” haven’t we? What about a new gate like “Gitmogate?” This editor suspects that all those terrorists who got free rendition flights to all parts of the globe and tortured compliments of the CIA, were British and Israel intelligence assets way out on the fringe. Explains why the CIA shutdown all investigations and nothing was ever done after the CIA was investigated for torturing. What would have happened if all those “terrorists” who were tortured after being “renditioned” started divulging connections back to Britain and Israel many who were even born in Britain and in the US?

As the following Daily Caller article is read, remember this news source connects directly back to Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity of Fox News. From what this editor discovered, Fox News wasn’t being fed – or didn’t accept – any of the fake news stories being “leaked” by TDIP. News sources running with “leaked” fake news were the New York Times, Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Pro Publica, and McClatchy, and broadcast media outlets that include CNN and MSNBC. The usual media culprits explaining why Trump was so confident when he called out CNN as being “fake news.” Hannity has a direct connection to the White House and it is alleged Donald Trump consults with Hannity often of Fox News. Here we see the pro-Trump faction represented by Fox News.

Media Scam of the Century Ends. Good Thing They Won’t Do It Again

The Daily Caller is a conservative (posing as conservatives) American news and opinion website based in Washington, D.C. It was founded by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel in 2010. Neil Patel and Tucker Carlson were roommates at Trinity College. Patel served as Scooter Libby’s deputy before becoming chief policy advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney. Scooter Libby who is Jewish was at the nexus of the Neocon network in America who was one of the most powerful people in Washington serving as President George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff. Libby was at one point former attorney for fugitive Jewish financier Marc Rich (Marcell David Reich). We’re in a Zionist and anti-Zionist Jewish turf war based in America and Trump is the culmination of this war in all of its hideous forms. Don’t be fooled about all this. It is not “Russiangate”, it is “Israelgate.”

How Russiagate Became Israelgate

Spook News


Source: Daily Caller

Firms Tied To Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele Were Paid $3.8 Million By Soros-Backed Group

By Daily | Ross on April 1, 2019

  • The Democracy Integrity Project, a nonprofit that receives funding from George Soros, paid firms tied to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele more than $3.8 million in 2017.
  • Tax filings show that The Democracy Integrity Project provided its research to “government entities.”
  • The group’s founder, a former staffer for Dianne Feinstein, has described it as a “shadow media organization” that helps the government.

A nonprofit group partially funded by billionaire activist George Soros paid firms tied to Fusion GPS and dossier author Christopher Steele more than $3.8 million in 2017 to provide research and analysis to “government entities,” according to IRS filings.

The payments made by The Democracy Integrity Project are more than three times what the DNC and the Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS and Steele during the 2016 presidential campaign to investigate Donald Trump’s possible ties to Russia.

Perkins Coie, the law firm that represented the DNC and Clinton campaign, paid $1 million to Fusion GPS in 2016 to investigate Trump. Fusion GPS in turn paid Steele, a former MI6 officer, nearly $170,000 for a project that resulted in the infamous Steele dossier.

Steele’s report, which alleged a “well-coordinated conspiracy” between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, has come under intense scrutiny in the wake of the special counsel’s findings in the 22-month Russia probe.

Daniel J. Jones, a former staffer to California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein, founded TDIP on Jan. 31, 2017, seemingly to resume Democrats’ investigation of Trump’s possible links to Russia.

Please go to Daily Caller to read the entire article.


Earlier news report from the Daily Caller:

Dark Money Org Gave $2 Million To Group Working With Fusion GPS, Steele

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