Monopoly Rings of Power

Source: Technocratic Tyranny

By Vicky Davis • September 10, 2018

Over the weekend I watched a couple of Alex Jones’ programs that included a segment about a media coordinated attack on Jones right before he was shut down. The following is a brief clip:

Media Monopoly on Display – Alex Jones

I know that story of coordinated media coverage because I was recruited for a coordinated media attack. The funny (not) part of it was that it was Michael Emry and TVOI News where I published the story that was the focus of the attack and I didn’t even realize it until a few months later because other events overtook my attention. The day of publication of the coordinated story was the same day that the search warrant for Michael Emry’s property in Oregon was signed. I didn’t make the connection between Michael’s arrest and the coordinated story until the end of August when I was writing stories about Michael’s case. Once I realized what had been done, I wrote the following story:

Attempted Setup of TVOI News Michael Emry – Exposed

Michael Emry owns The Voice of Idaho News (TVOI News) and I wrote stories for it. We’d had a moderate amount of success in Idaho because we covered stories that the mainstream media wasn’t covering or was covering with a slant against the interests of the citizens of Idaho. When Michael went to Burns, Oregon to cover the rally for the Hammond Family who were sent jail for being ranchers, Michael decided to stay in Oregon and to try to set up a media operation there. After the occupation of Malheur ended, one of the stories that Michael was investigating was Uranium One because there was land in Oregon that was going to be mined but there was no coverage of the story anywhere. Les Zaitz, the reporter for the Oregon Live (former Oregonian) had a media monopoly across the eastern part of the state and he was “chummy” with Uranium One so there was no news getting out about it. Michael’s arrest shut down new media in Eastern Oregon.

There is a lot more to tell about Michael’s story and my experience in new media but that’s for another day. Today, the focus of this article is monopoly corporate power by sector because America is being brought down by it. The most terrifying aspect of it is that corporate monopoly power was established by our own government under an insane theory of government that corporations can provide better service than government employees. That’s a simplification but that’s the essence of it.

The consolidation of corporate power began with President Ronald Reagan signing Executive Order 12382 establishing the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC).

“… 30 industry chief executives representing the major communications and network service providers and information technology, finance, and aerospace companies, the NSTAC provides industry-based advice and expertise to the President on issues and problems related to implementing national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) communications policy.

Since its inception, the NSTAC has addressed a wide range of policy and technical issues regarding communications, information systems, information assurance, critical infrastructure protection, and other NS/EP communications concerns.

NS/EP communications enable the Government to make an immediate and coordinated response to all emergencies, whether caused by a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, an act of domestic terrorism, such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11th attacks, a man-made disaster, or a cyber attack. NS/EP communications allow the President and other senior Administration officials to be continually accessible, even under stressed conditions.

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