Missed Deadline to Suppress October 2nd Filing of NOTICE and DEMAND for $1.24848 Billion…

… in unlawful separation of UN member states couple.

Congressman Kind, Senator Grassley, Senator Johnson, President Trump and Former DHS Secretary Kelly,

I previously advised all parties that the egregious trespass upon the marriage of Field McConnell and Denise McConnell was a violation of the UN Charter. As a courtesy to Whistleblower Protection Senators and my Congressman I had posted a 1 October, 2017 deadline for any communication indicating any attempt by those 3 parties to remedy this unlawful, cruel and inhumane treatment of a US Marine Whistleblower.

I have cancelled my planned trip to visit Julian Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy in London. I was to have departed on Delta Flight 10 yesterday, 1 October at 2208 from Minneapolis. However, I had also promised to deliver a NOTICE and DEMAND for $1.24848 billion as a partial remedy for this abuse and disrespect show my wife and I.

Now I abandon any pursuit of justice from Congress and Senate and seek Whistleblower protection from President Trump or President Putin. Regarding Russian visa/citizenship please not email address at end of address bar. defattru@msn.com I will reschedule my trip to London for time after DEMAND is delivered at U S District Court and my eye injury heals.

With great disappointment,

Field McConnell
US Marine 0116513
583 09 9001
715 307 8222

1) This communication may be copied and promulgated forward by any party receiving.
2) Attached DEMAND accrues at rate of $1.44M per diem or $4.32M if RICO applies, which it does.

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  • Dear Field, Vlad Putin can let you live in his country. He (and Russia) can use their position in the UN Security Council to help you assert your Universal Human Rights (Amendment #1 in USA- to be with your wife).
    In USA, you should be able to ask your Representative in Congress to help you with federal agencies.
    Do you perceive conflicts with foreign and domestic enemies of the Constitution that Trump swore to defend?

  • Dear Field..IM so sorry you have to go through this Bull S..Denise cant come to America ?? I thought when someone married YOU or Me from another Country they become a US Citizen..IM not any where near your brains so I dont understand this mess regarding you and Denise..I knew there were many Problems..Now you have an eye injury? I hope nopt from any person..Many of us humans LOVE You Field..We Pray for You and Denise all the time..I know this will turn out with a joyful ending..WHAT Can man do to me or YOU..

  • CC Neighbor….my eye injury is simply a burst capillary in my left eye. I believe it happened in my sleep Friday night the 29th of September. God works in mysterious ways. Rather than fly on Delta Flight 10 to London on Sunday 01Oct17 I stayed home to protect my eye/vision and my lawful claim was elevated 33% to $1.66 billion according to legal precendent. I also found out that the entire Wisconsin government is controlled by homosexual/pedo friendly Kock brothers…….see ad for today’s radio show ad: https://livestream.com/abeldanger/events/7769650/

  • Do you have other papers? If you do are they in/on this web site? I know there some articles about you and Denise but I thought they just detailed the predicament the gov was propagating on you so I only read parts.

    Remember to state a claim that can be remedied by law/statute/charter. This will show the gov the way it is supposed to proceed. Case law works very well also.

    I had something different writ but for some reason my interweb connection failed and I did not notice…funny how that happens, so all of that was lost.