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August 11, 2011

How Templars’ Mad Cow Onion Route hides snuff film ‘Folded Spook’

Abel Danger believes Middle Templars equipped Mad Cow and Cypherpunk associates of Crown Agents’ Sister Kathy Lette with patented Onion Router encryption devices to hide ‘Folded Spook’ snuff film images inside a Matrix 5 Internet Movie Database (‘IMDb’).

A Middle Temple Master with a Mad Cow Mistress of the Revels

In 1999, Mad Cow patent lawyer Hillary Clinton fraudulently converted assignment of U.S. Navy’s patented Onion Router to Middle Temple hit teams

Folded Spook had hacked the Templars’ Mad Cow Onion Route

Templars’ Mad Cows sent CSI evidence via Onion Route into IMDb for post production work – a crime!

Our CSI spoliation inference shows that the Templar Mad Cows used the same Onion Router OODA loop to move snuff-film images of the murder of GCHQ Folded Spook code breaker Gareth Williams as they did with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey in 1996; a fighter pilot could have told them that repetition of OODA maneuvers is a fatal mistake.

A homophobic Templar cow using JonBenet’s father’s Sun and an Onion Router OODA loop

OODA maneuvers for Mad Cow hits on OBL and the Navy Seals

Spot the Mad Cows; Spot the Templars!

See you in Oxford on 911

A Mad Cow cold case with hot clues inside the Onion Router PKI of Matrix 5 IMDb

Feeling lucky, Punk?

Here are clues buried in chaff; otherwise known as ‘Doin’ de OODA wid We’


Mad Cow Associates – Julian Assange’s FC-KU Hackers – Matrix 5 PKI – Middle Templar Snuff Films and/or Bomb-For-Debt Swaps – Olympic Member States

PKI = Public Key Infrastructure

Matrix 5 = Banker + Anglophone + Francophone + Lesbian + Pedophile Mad Cows

Mad Cows

Mad Cows Al-Fayed Onion Route to IMDb

Mad Cows

Rebekah Skyhack Aug. 25, 2010

MI6 Murder: Post-Mortem Cannot Explain Death

Rebekah Skyhack Aug. 26, 2010

MI6 Murder: Post-Mortem Cannot Explain Death

Rebekah Skyhack Aug. 27, 2010

MI6 Worker Seen Eight Days Before Body Found

Rebekah Skyhack Dec. 22, 2010

Police: Bondage Link To Secretive Spy’s Death

Mad Cows JonBenet Onion Route to IMDb

Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder

JonBenet Matrix 5 IMDb


New Captain Sherlock eBook


Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks

“Sure thing; my sense is that McKinnon is a cut out for Assange and the IMDb snuff film database. “In an interview televised on the BBC‘s Click programme, McKinnon claimed that he was able to get into the military’s networks simply by using a Perl script that searched for blank passwords; in other words his report suggests that there were computers on these networks with the default passwords active.”

“Last week I gave a talk on the R statistics system and Perl for the Pittsburgh Perl Mongers. The example that threaded through the talk was something I have written about here before, extracting useful information from the Internet Movie Database. [what is extracted can be inserted!!!] If you’ve read my earlier blog post or have used the Grand Unified IMDB Movie Rating Decoder Ring, you might find the slides from the talk interesting. They provide some more details about the R and Perl code used to analyze the IMDB data and create the decoder ring.”

“Cypherpunks encouraged civil disobedience, in particular US law on the export of cryptography. Until about 2000, cryptographic code was legally a munition and export required a permit. Adam Back wrote a version of the RSA algorithm for public-key cryptography in three lines of Perl and suggested people use it as an email signature file”

#!/bin/perl -sp0777ilMlN/dsM0 $/=unpack(‘H*’,$_);$_=`echo 16dioU$k”SK$/SM$nEsN0p[lN*1 lK[d2%Sa2/d0$^Ixp”|dc`;s/W//g;$_=pack(‘H*’,/((..)*)$/)

Cypherpunks list participants included many notable computer industry figures. Most were list regulars, although not all would call themselves “cypherpunks”[2].

John Gilmore is one of the founders of the Cypherpunks mailing list, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Cygnus Solutions. He created the alt.* hierarchy in Usenet and is a major contributor to the GNU Project.

Julian Assange: — WikiLeaks founder, deniable cryptography inventor, journalist, co-author of Underground

Adam Back: — inventor of hashcash

Jim Bell: — author of the Assassination Politics paper

Steven Bellovin: — Bell Labs researcher, later Columbia professor

Matt Blaze: — Bell Labs researcher, later professor at University of Pennsylvania

Eric Blossom: — designer of the Starium cryptographically-secured mobile phone, founder of the GNU Radio project.

Jon Callas: — technical lead on OpenPGP specification and Chief Technical Officer of PGP Corporation

Bram Cohen: — creator of BitTorrent

Lance Cottrell: — the original author of the Mixmaster Remailer software, and founder of Anonymizer Inc.

Kent Crispin: — researcher at Lawrence Livermore labs, later at ICANN

Matt Curtin: — founder of Interhack Corporation, first faculty advisor of The Ohio State University Open Source Club,[34] and lecturer at The Ohio State University.

Hugh Daniel: — former Sun Microsystems’ employee, manager of the FreeS/WAN project (an early and important freeware IPsec implementation)

Dave Del Torto: PGPv3 volunteer, founding PGP Inc employee, longtime Cypherpunks physical meeting organizer, co-author of RFC3156 (PGP/MIME) standard, co-founder of IETF Working Group and the CryptoRights Foundation human rights non-profit, HighFire project principal architect

Tyler Durden — “Tyler Durden” is a pseudonym. Tyler Durden was apparently a fibre optic engineer at Bell Communications Research and later worked in the financial industry.

Hal Finney — Cryptographer, main author of PGP 2.0 and the core crypto libraries of later versions of PGP; designer of RPOW

Randy French — “Randy French” is a pseudonym. French was the producer of the first Cypherpunk genre pornographic film, Cryptic Seduction[35]

John Gilmore: — Sun Microsystems’ fifth employee, one of the founders of the Cypherpunks as well as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, project leader for FreeS/WAN *

Mike Godwin: — Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyer

Ian Goldberg: — professor at University of Waterloo, designer of the Off-the-record messaging protocol*

Rop Gonggrijp: — founder of XS4ALL, co-creator of the Cryptophone

Lucky Green — “Lucky Green” is a pseudonym. Lucky was the author of the first free software implementation of ring signatures

Peter Gutmann: — researcher at University of Auckland, New Zealand

Sean Hastings: — founding CEO of Havenco and co-author of the book God Wants You Dead

Marc Horowitz: — author of the first PGP key server

Tim Hudson: — Co-author of SSLeay, the precursor to OpenSSL

Eric Hughes: — Founding member of Cypherpunks, author of A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto[11]*

Peter Junger: — Law professor at Case Western Reserve University

Phil Karn: — Bell Labs researcher, later at Qualcomm

Paul Kocher: — president of Cryptography Research, Inc., co-author of the SSL 3.0 protocol

Ryan Lackey: — Co-founder of HavenCo, the world’s first data haven

Brian LaMacchia: — designer of XKMS

Adam Langley: — Google software security engineer, author of several IETF RFCs aiming to improve TLS

Ben Laurie: — founder of The Bunker, core OpenSSL team member, Google engineer

Moxie Marlinspike: — co-founder of Whisper Systems.

Timothy C. May: — former Chief Scientist at Intel, author of A Crypto Anarchist Manifesto[12] and the Cyphernomicom[13], and a Founding member of the Cypherpunks

Jim McCoy: — creator of MojoNation.

David Molnar: — co-creator of the Freehaven project (a precursor to Tor), and currently a researcher at Microsoft

Declan McCullagh: — journalist specializing in security and privacy issues

Jude Milhon: — (a.k.a “St. Jude”) a Founding Member of the Cypherpunks and credited with naming the group and co-creator of Mondo 2000 magazine

Sameer Parekh: — former CEO of C2Net and co-founder of the CryptoRights Foundation human rights non-profit

Vipul Ved Prakash: — co-founder of Sense/Net, author of Vipul’s Razor, founder of Cloudmark

Len Sassaman: — maintainer of the Mixmaster Remailer software, researcher at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and a biopunk.

Bill Scannell: — former US military intelligence officer, public relations campaign manager involved with pro-liberty causes such as the Hiibel and Elcomsoft cases.

Bruce Schneier: — well-known security author, founder of Counterpane*

Peter Shipley: — inventor of war-driving

Bill Stewart: — organizer of Cypherpunks physical meetings, researcher at AT&T Labs.

William Allen Simpson: — designer, with Karn, of the Photuris protocol, an alternative to Internet Key Exchange

Alif Terranson: — the “Savvis Whistleblower” (see Savvis), and the current listowner of the spam-l and GasNet Anesthesia Mailing Lists

Fellow Traveler: — author of the “Open-Transactions” untraceable digital cash system

Major Variola (Ret): — Major Variola (Ret) is a Nym. Variola was active in Cypherpunks from 1999 to 2006.

John Young: — started the Cryptome web site

Peter Wayner: — author of book Translucent Databases

Barry Wels: — discoverer of lock bumping, co-creator of the Cryptophone

Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn: — DigiCash and MojoNation developer, co-designer of Tahoe-LAFS.

Eric A. Young: — co-author of SSLeay, the precursor to OpenSSL

Philip Zimmermann: — original creator of PGP v1.0 (1991), co-founder of PGP Inc (1996)”


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